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Dynamic Learning Community : Eller Accelerated MBA Program Attracts Focused Professionals

Eller Accelerated MBA students
The inaugural Eller Accelerated MBA class began this summer with a 10-week intensive review.

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September 2010

By Liz Warren-Pederson

This summer, the Eller MBA program introduced a new, 12-month program designed to serve focused professionals who already hold undergraduate business degrees.

"Earning my MBA in one year and entering the workforce a year ahead of my peers made the accelerated program the obvious choice for me,” said Aimee Schattner, who came to the program after completing a Peace Corps Fellowship.

At least three years of work experience — combined with an undergrad business degree and a 10-week intensive review — prepares Accelerated MBA students to step into the second year of the traditional Full-Time MBA curriculum, where they focus on the elective coursework they need to reenter the job market with targeted skill sets.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my work in sales, but I needed more challenges and opportunities for professional growth,” said Daniel Henry, who earned his BSBA in marketing at the UA in 2002. As an undergraduate, Henry interned with two bio-pharmaceutical companies in his hometown of San Diego, and set his sights on working in the health care industry.

“I wanted to work towards an analyst position out of college,” he said. “I sought feedback from industry professionals and mentors, and the majority recommended that I pursue a position in sales, because it would provide me with face-to-face interaction with customers and give me a viewpoint that many company executives did not possess.”

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