Our Virtual WorkFORCe


Our Virtual Workforce

 When Tech Core first launched in 2016, the team worked together around “the bench.” The bench is a physical configuration of furniture, work stations, and whiteboards that help aid in team building and productivity. Having this highly visible display of student/faculty energy made it easy for visitors to quickly stop by and experience all that Tech Core has to offer. 

Transitioning to Online

In Spring 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic started, Tech Core began to transition their work space to become entirely virtual. A key component of this transition is the platform Discord. Discord is commonly used for creating a community space for its users, ranging from gaming to education and business purposes. We have adapted the server to reflect our previous bench concept and provide a workspace where team members can interact with each other by hopping in different office/room channels, send each other messages, video chat, and share content with each other through streaming. 

Another one of Tech Core’s commonly used platforms is Trello, which is a collaboration tool that utilizes ‘boards’ to organize projects. Here, our team keeps track of our tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines. In addition to these applications, Tech Core has developed its own virtual tools such as a Project Board for our organization along with a backup server for reinforcement measures.

Future Plans

Virtual workspaces have become increasingly prominent in the last few years, and especially since the pandemic. As organizations adapt to and transition from this era, many of them will probably continue to utilize remote work concepts and implement them into their businesses. Since Tech Core strives to embody an agile environment and focus on what lies ahead of us, our team will openly embrace this change and continue to employ the advantages of an online workspace by remaining virtual.