Current Projects


Current Projects

Health Care AI

The Health Care AI team at Tech Core is working with the College of Nursing to pioneer self-navigating robots in nursing environments.

VR for Education

​​​​​​Our VR for Education initiative is raising a cohort of VR ambassadors and content creators to bring next-generation classroom capabilities to UArizona faculty.

UI/UX Testing Capabilities

Tech Core is growing an in-house capability to continuously survey our user community and test applications from our bench, McGuire's entrepreneurship program, and UArizona.

McGuire External Relations

The McGuire External Relations team is bringing together McGuire alumni and aspiring entrepreneurs in an online community dedicated to imagination and entirely new approaches to media and collaboration.


​​​​​​The Tech Launch Arizona sponsored Defuse project is the world’s first dispute resolution tool designed to provide the fastest source of mediation in the marketplace and is leading our tech evolution with React Native.

Lemur ID

​​​​​​Lemur ID is an innovative cloud deployed machine learning application for wildlife enthusiasts and educators working in species discovery and animal welfare in Sub-Saharan Africa.