Tech Core in the Classroom


Tech Core in the Classroom

Our student-engaged workforce supports your unique teaching and research style while providing a crucible for Eller students to learn in real-time the Digital Business skills that are driving our economy - and our college, forward. This semester, Tech Core is working with four classes: ENTR 487, ENTR 400, MIS 441, and MIS 304. We have effectively utilized the Discord platform to create a community that promotes learning and engagement during these uncertain times. Below is a description of the classes.  

ENTR 487- New Venture Development and Industry Analysis

This year the McGuire entrepreneurs are taking their venture launch dreams to new levels with a deep Tech Core Integration dedicated to prototyping and user experience design. Members from the 70+ cohort are joining with Tech Core in our Discord server to learn skills like 3D/Virtual Reality modeling with Blender, Unity, and Oculus Quest. This new "McGuire Method" powered by the student-engagement engine of Tech Core is invoking native digital business know-how to rapidly iterate and user test innovative products and services before the expense of engineering them. With specializations in Adobe XD and Premiere, NVD entrepreneurs are also taking the low-cost route to applications development and brand creation. This cohort's embrace of digital is total. This is new entrepreneurship. This is what is meant by a Tech Core Integration.


Open to all UA students who applied and were accepted into the McGuire New Venture Development Program. ENTR 487, known as New Venture Development I, is the first core course of the McGuire New Venture Development Program. 

"The cornerstone of the McGuire Center for over 30 years, the New Venture Development (NVD) program is a highly selective year-long course that takes a cohort of 75-100 students from idea to launch-ready. What sets NVD apart is the emphasis on product development that begins in the first few weeks of the NVD program. Eller Tech Core provides technology resources ranging from app development and digital literacy training to ensure that every NVD student gains exposure to a wide range of existing and emerging technologies. This emphasis on aligning product development, business model, and go-to-market strategies requires an iterative and agile approach to entrepreneurial education." - John SharpMentor in Residence of the NVD Program


MIS 441- Information Systems Analysis and Design

The Healthcare AI Project- Dr. Weisband's Information Systems Analysis and Design course emphasizes customer management, prototyping, and UI/UX development in the pursuit of client solutions. Led by Tech Core Summer 2020 interns Zixi Zhong and Kayla Lancaster, a team of Eller business students have paired up this Fall with our Emerging Tech programming group and the College of Nursing to pioneer the use of the TEMI self-navigating robot in live healthcare environments. This 8-person team works together in the Tech Core Discord server and on-site to develop the robot's LiDAR navigation and user interface. The team also features a dedicated user/research survey effort that informs the development effort with user feedback and that serves to popularize the College of Nursing's undertaking. Students are honing their web development skills in tackling website design and authoring a back-end administration console in .NET Core. Dr. Weisband herself leads the UI/UX discussion and monitors team activity in real-time via Discord. 

MIS 304

Using and Managing Information Systems Working alongside Professor Matt Hashim, we introduced 171 students to the capabilities of VR for the classroom and the workplace. Students who opted into the experience were guided through our networked VR application (Nano 2020) in groups of three and experienced first-hand what it means to collaborate with others in VR. Following the experience, the students argued for/against the business and educational utility of VR, their opinion on the state of VR today, and how VR can be implemented in business and educational settings.