Tech Core Internship Program


Tech Core Internship Program

Giving students the opportunity to learn and grow is one of Tech Core’s greatest passions. We believe that allowing students to solve real world problems propels them to be successful in their future careers. Our program is a safe place for students to explore their interests and grow with the help of our Coders and team. 

What Will Interns Learn?

By the end of the internship, interns will have gained proficiency in a valuable stack of technologies and will have numerous projects under their belts to list on their portfolio/resume. They will also gain essential business, communication, and project management skills. Here are the four pillars that interns will experience and the applications they will learn.

  1. Data science and visualization: SQL Server, Excel, Tableau, and D3.js
  2. Creative design with Adobe Creative Cloud: Premiere Rush, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dimension, and XD
  3. Coding and emerging technologies: ASP.NET, MVC, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL Server, VR technologies, C#, React Native, Unity, Blender, and A-Frame/Three.js
  4. Operations, Sales, and Marketing: Salesforce, CRM, Excel, Tableau, Social Media, Hootsuite, Marketing, and Accounting

Summer 2020

Over the course of 10 weeks, our 74 interns had the opportunity to develop their technical capabilities and business acumen in Tech Core’s fast-paced, agile environment. During the first four weeks, this program fostered an environment of rapid learning and implementation by fully immersing our interns in the different projects powered by our Data Science, Creative, Operations and Emerging Tech/Coding pillars. This allowed them to not only discover new passions, but also improve their existing skills guided by the whole Tech Core community. Our interns then were able to apply these skills to one of nine client projects for the remaining five week and professionally present a deliverable to the clients at the end of the internship.