Heritage Food Startup Series

Heritage Food Startup Series



Heritage Food Startup Lab – Spring

Introduces concepts of heritage foods and how to incorporate that into a food business as well as basic entrepreneurial concepts to food entrepreneurs. 

Heritage Food Startup Challenge – August/September

Dives deeper into the lean canvas and storytelling aspects of developing a food business. Focuses on pitch preparation and ends in a pitch competition. The winner gets an automatic bid into the food pitch room at TENWEST. 

Integration with Entrepreneurship Day at TENWEST

TENWEST Integrations

  • Tucson Meet Yourself: Popup Heritage Food market in the TENWEST pavilion during Tucson Meet Yourself and highlights of the workshop participants in the pavilion and on the Culture Kitchen Stage
  • IdeaFunding Pitch Competition: The winner of the Heritage Food Startup Challenge receives an automatic bid to the finals for the food pitch vertical for IdeaFunding