Equitable Advisors Workshop

Engage Externship - Fall 2021


5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 13, 2021


Eller Professional Development Center - Salter Room 201A


This 3-day immersive workshop (October 12, 13, 14) will kick off with a 2-hour informational session that will guide students through an interactive presentation, helping them determine what they're passionate about and where they see themselves post-graduation. Our managers will give a brief overview of Equitable Advisors, focusing on what differentiates us in the financial professional, and what made them decide to pursue this as a career. Students will also have an opportunity to network.

The second session gets into the details of Equitable Advisors, giving students more real-time information in the experience as an Equitable Advisors’ Financial Professional. The session will have breakout sessions, covering a marketing exercise, case studies to see how the planning process works, and an overview of compensation. Students will also learn the next steps in the process and what opportunities are available in the Scottsdale area.

The final event in the externship is all about having fun. Students will have a chance to interact with the management team in a more casual setting, networking while enjoying bowling! This event is intended to help students develop the necessary relationships and take their interest Equitable Advisors to the next level.

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