Fall 2021 Programs List

Economics Summer Institute
Live and Online Teacher workshops; Locations & Links upon registration


4 p.m. July 1, 2021 to 4 p.m. Aug. 1, 2021


Live and Online: Locations or Links will be provided to registrants

For K-12 Educators:

Individual program dates are not yet finalized, but watch this site for additions of new programming in the coming months. A partial list of future programs includes:
For Elementary Teachers:
  • Fall Virtual Book Fair for Elementary Teachers
  • Active Econ for Elementary Educators Series
For Middle and High School Teachers:
  • Econ 101 Series
  • Economics in World History
  • Jacob Goldstein - Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing
  • Bakenomics 350: The Sweeter Side of Economics
  • Jedi-Nomics: What the Invisible Hand Teaches us about The Force
  • Join the JET Set: The Journal of Economics Teaching
  • Book Club for Secondary Teachers
  • The Economics of Baby Booms & Busts
  • VOTE: Agriculture and Product Safety
  • Economics in Early US History
  • Personal Family Mini-Unit
  • Seas, Trees, and Economies
  • Economics of Costco
  • Understanding Fiscal Responsibility
  • Turkey-nomics
  • VOTE: Livelihood and Housing
  • Six Econ Books in Sixty Minutes
  • Classroom International Economic Summit
  • Deck the Halls with...Economics!
  • And more!

Program descriptions and registration links will be posted on the main Current Programs Page as each program is ready to accept registrants.

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