Purchasing SAS

Purchasing SAS for Your Computer

Site licensing for SAS software at The University of Arizona is controlled by the Computing and Technology Store (CATS) in the basement of the main UA bookstore (at the Union). Purchase the license there, and, if SAS CDs are currently not checked out, they should offer them to you for checkout. If they are not currently available, your name will be placed on a waiting list and you will be contacted when the CDs become available for your use.

CATS will process your SAS license (normally the day you purchase it) and when the processing is completed, CATS will send you an email with a special file attached called the setinit file. This file serves as the "key" to the CDs. You will not be able to do your SAS installation without it.

Once you have the SAS CDs and the setinit file, you are ready to begin the SAS installation. If you need assistance with your installation, email the Data Czar at lixx2167@email.arizona.edu and he will set up a time to help you.

A few things to remember...

  1. Keep your receipt! This is your proof that you own a valid SAS license and if you need installation assistance, the Data Czar will ask you to display it before assisting you.
  2. When you purchase your license, CATS will ask you to provide a completed registration form. This form can be downloaded at:


  3. It is best to return the SAS disks as soon as possible to the bookstore. Rumors are circulating that they are now charging large late fees for individuals that check out SAS disks and keep them for longer than a few days. Ask when you check out the disks what the CATS return policy is.
  4. If you have a question about installation, contact the Data Czar or for questions about your specific license, contact Gale Elliott at CATS.

Related Information and Questions

For more information, look at The UA SAS website at: http://uabookstore.arizona.edu/technology/stulicense.asp

How long does the typical SAS installation take?
Expect the SAS installation to take between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer.