The Bloomberg Terminal

General Information
The Department of Finance maintains access to a number of Bloomberg Terminals for use by faculty and researchers. In addition, undergraduate and graduate students in various finance classes make use of the Bloomberg Terminals to provide them with real-time financial data and economic descriptors for class projects.

Bloomberg terminals for undergraduate students are located in the Financial Markets Center, Room 136. Bloomberg terminals for graduate students are located in the Graduate Computer Lab, Room 335. The terminals are distinctive because of its "dual display" configuration.

The Bloomberg service provides comprehensive quotes, financial data, and news on numerous companies, as well as data on equity and debt securities and markets.

Access and use of the Bloomberg terminals is restricted to authorized users (faculty members and approved student users). A username and password is required for access, which (if you are using Bloomberg for a class) will be given to you by your professor. If you are a faculty member and need assistance with accessing the Bloomberg terminal, please contact the Data Czar.