Aashish Harneja

Eller MBA Alumni

Dual-Degree MBA/MS MIS

Aashish Harneja


BS in Computer Science, Maharishi Dayanand University, India

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I was born and raised in New Delhi, India—the land of good food, wonderful history and a zeal for cricket. Following my undergraduate experience, I started my professional career as an educational content creator at a company that offered learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, institutions and individuals. After working for seven years in various projects in the IT services industry in India, I felt that the time was right to explore new industries, cultures and roles. Upon research, I realized that an MBA abroad would help me do just that. Hence, I started my MBA journey at the University of Arizona in the beautiful desert city of Tucson.

Tucson is a breath of fresh air with its own unique culture, food and natural environment. Tucson has hot summers, rain during the monsoon season and, if we’re lucky, some snow on the surrounding mountain ranges in winter.

Professionally, I wanted to use an MBA as a springboard to a managerial career. However, a year into the program, I realized that there are several career options that students with business degrees and specialist concentrations can get into apart from the usual “people management” roles. The flexibility of converting my information systems concentration into a dual master’s in management information systems and business administration has helped me prepare myself for the roles of the future where business models and technological advancements intersect.

The highly learned and engaged cohort reinforced my belief that the MBA program will help me achieve both my short-term goal of a transition into a new career and my long-term goal of establishing a sports-based venture. So, as a first step, I set up my own podcast with a friend to talk about soccer with regards to the famous Manchester United Football Club.

At Eller, we have an extensive network of alumni who work in a range of companies and industries all over the United States. Be it entrepreneurship, healthcare, telecom, computer networks, cloud  computing, sports management or defense, there’s always an Eller alum you can reach out to and connect with.

At Eller, I have transformed myself and will be more than happy to connect with you regarding the application process, specifics about the program and other Eller MBA topics. Feel free to email me and connect on LinkedIn!

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