Andrew Gaspar

Eller MBA Alumni

Phoenix Evening MBA


Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island

I moved to Arizona after completing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Rhode Island in pharmacy. What was set to be a two to three-year plan turned into more than 20. I’ve lived in Phoenix, Flagstaff, the White Mountain area, and I truly appreciate the beauty that Arizona has to offer.

After moving to Arizona, I worked mostly retail pharmacy jobs for several years before making my way into a leadership position. An MBA program had been on my mind since I made the jump to leadership, but it took some time and persuasion from my manager for me to take the leap. My goals in the program have been to gain leadership experience and better understand the economics and financials behind healthcare.

As I decided on a graduate school, location, program structure, and class size were all important components. With the Eller MBA, the international component to the program was also an appealing option. Lastly, the class size is perfect: large enough to include many educational backgrounds and small enough that it’s easy to get to know everyone.

The program so far has been excellent. I look forward to every collaborative, engaging class. The workload is manageable with a full-time job, and the program leadership is there to ensure you have support. If you have questions about the Evening Eller MBA program, feel free to send me an email.