Daniel Frey

Eller MBA Ambassador

Second-Year MBA, Dual Degree MSF/MBA

Daniel Frey


BA in German Studies

In 2009, I completed my bachelor’s degree in German studies hoping I would join the State Department. Not all plans come to fruition and I found my first career as a sales representative in the alcoholic beverage industry working for the makers of Steel Reserve and Black Star Beer (The McKenzie River Corporation). I later landed a position as a Market Manager at The Boston Beer Company, where I perfected my sales craft and learned how to manage the operations of a state-sized district.

During my time at the Boston Beer Company, I noticed that the founder and many in the leadership team had MBAs, and I resolved to earn my masters so that I too could achieve higher levels of success. Throughout my first year in the program, I discovered new strengths and found new areas in which I can improve. I even discovered a passion for Finance I didn't know I had and have subsequently added a Masters of Science in Finance. 

I chose Eller because it is located in my hometown, and the staff in the MBA office engaged with me immediately on a very personal and touching level. They are intimately invested in the success of each candidate which I found very appealing.

The best part of the Eller MBA has been meeting the other candidates, all of whom are incredible people I now consider close friends.

Once I complete my MBA, I hope to gain new experiences and learning opportunities in the field of corporate finance.

If you have questions about Eller, the application process or anything else, I’d be more than happy to connect!