Denton Hatch

Fourth Year Doctoral Candidate

1130 E. Helen St. 
McClelland Hall 405UU
P.O. Box 210108 
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108 


B.S. in Psychology, The University of Arizona, 2016

Research Interests: 

Denton’s research focuses on the internal mechanism of ethical decision making, specifically the attitudinal and behavioral outcomes of unethical behavior. His main goal is to better understand not just what can cause employees to engage in unethical behavior, but how acting unethically at work can influence future behavior. In addition, he also studies the predictors of overconfidence in executives and top management teams to better understand how executives make irrational decisions.


  • Project Manager, University of Arizona Student Affairs Marketing, 2014-2016

  • Research Assistant, Psychology Lab, University of Arizona, 2013-2016

Professional Associations:

  • Academy of Management

  • Society of Judgement and Decision Making

  • American Psychological Association