Emily Yang

McClelland Hall 301

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial accounting

Emily Yang is a doctoral student in the Accounting Department. Prior to the University of Arizona, Emily had held various roles in accounting and finance in commercial banking, manufacturing, and Business Service industries. She has an MBA degree from the University of Connecticut, and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Sichuan University. Her broad research interests comprise empirical financial accounting and related corporate finance and capital markets issues. Her current ongoing projects include but are not limited to:

  1. GAAP & Cash Effective Tax Rates Predictability and GAAP & Cash Effective Tax Rates Volatility
  2. CEO horizon problem and the cost of equity capital
  3. Political connections and firm financial information environment
  4. Accounting quality, information uncertainty, firm risk, and the cost of debt and equity capital in deregulated electric utilities
  5. Accounting quality and external financing choices in deregulated electric utilities
  6. The influence of IFRS adoption on foreign direct investment in the US