Gerald Swanson

Professor Emeritus of Economics

Gerald Swanson is Professor Emeritus of Economics, Eller College, University of Arizona. After earning his doctorate in economics from the University of Illinois, Swanson went on to be nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in the teaching of economics. He has taught numerous specialized workshops in the United States and abroad and is the recipient of numerous teaching awards. He is past executive director of the Arizona Council on Economic Education and past president of the Academy of Economic Education. Swanson is known for his research and analysis on hyperinflation in South America and Europe. He has written numerous essays on economic issues, as well as scripts for the National Public Television series The Economic Exchange. He is the author of the books Bankruptcy 1995, a New York Times Best Seller, and America the Broke. At the University of Arizona, he held the Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Chair of Economic Education.