Ignacio Luri

Doctoral Candidate

McClelland Hall 320C

Areas of Expertise

  • Language and consumer behavior
  • Brand loyalty
  • Sustainable consumption and health well-being


Ignacio joined the marketing Ph.D. program in 2015. He has assumed teaching, student and researcher roles at the University of Arizona, but his past experience also includes marketing-related internships and consulting work.

Ignacio's research examines the interaction between linguistics and consumer behavior using multiple methods. Some of his past research includes studies in health behavior and social marketing. Before joining the doctorate program, he presented a paper on breastfeeding promotion at the 12th International Congress on Public and Nonprofit Marketing. He had also coauthored one Journal of Social Marketing paper and one chapter in the textbook Innovations in Social Marketing and Public Health Communication, edited by Walter Wymer. More recently, his work broadly tries to uncover the powerful ways in which the language used in the market shapes relationships among consumers, brands, and firms. Ignacio always seeks to conduct research with marketing implications and, specially, implications for public policy and consumer well being.