K Krasnow Waterman

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

K Kransnow Waterman

McClelland Hall 202B
1130 E. Helen St.  
P.O. Box 210108 
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0108

Areas of Expertise

  • Big data
  • Legal Tech
  • Startups and entrepreneurship


BA, University of Pennsylvania

JD, Cardozo School of Law

MBA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

K Krasnow Waterman specializes in quickly building and revamping organizations in data-intensive environments and creating new functions, products and organizations, both within existing entities and as new ventures. She spent a decade developing and managing technology at IBM and JPMorgan and a decade practicing and teaching law (she was an assistant dean at the UA College of Law) before joining the two fields in 2001. Since then, she has most often worked with big data activities in highly regulated environments.  

Krasnow Waterman has served as a chief information officer, chief operations officer and assistant general counsel in large organizations, such as Citigroup and the FBI, and she has founded and served as chief technology officer, chief executive officer and advisory board member at several new ventures. She has been responsible for budgets from $100k to $1B; teams of two to 1,500; and servicing (or analyzing) millions of customers. 

She received a bachelor's from the University of Pennsylvania, a JD from Cardozo School of Law and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (where she also qualified for an SM in Management of Technology). She has been a visiting fellow and a visiting scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory for more than a decade. At MIT, she also founded a cross-disciplinary course, merging Computer Science and Entrepreneurship, entitled Linked Data Ventures. 


  • ENTR 487 New Venture Development and Industry Analysis
  • ENTR 485 Innovating: Creating the Future