Kristen Lane

Doctoral Candidate

McClelland Hall 320C

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer psychology
  • Consumer information behavior


Kristen is most interested in questions concerning consumer information behavior. She is particularly interested in how important psychological motives underly how consumers interact with information. Her main area of research focuses on consumer responses to threatening information in increasingly dynamic information environments. She has presented her work at academic conferences in Europe and North America, including the American Psychological Association (APA), the Association for Consumer Research (ACR), and the Brands and Brand Relationships conferences, and at symposiums including the Yale Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference and the Robert Mittelstaedt Doctoral Symposium. Kristen currently serves as the Experimental Marketing Research Laboratory Manager at Eller.



Lane, Kristen and Sidney Levy (2019), Marketing in the Digital Age: Information Communication and Social Connection, forthcoming in Aric Rindfleisch, Alan Malter (ed.) Marketing in a Digital World (Review of Marketing Research, Volume 16) Emerald Publishing Limited.

Reimann, Martin and Kristen Lane (2017), “Can a toy encourage lower calorie meal bundle selection in children? A field experiment on the reinforcing effects of toys on food choice,” PLOS ONE, 12 (1), e0169638.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Lane, Kristen, Jennifer Savary, and Jesper Nielsen, “Seeking Negative Information about Self-Connected Brands: How External Symbols Drive Information Choice,” preparing manuscript for submission. 

Lane, Kristen and Merrie Brucks, “A Framework for Information Behavior in a Social Age,” manuscript in preparation.

Conference & Symposium Presentations

Lane, K. (presenter) and Brucks, M. (2018). A Framework for Information Behavior in a Social Age. Paper accepted for presentation at the Association for Consumer Research Conference, Special Session: What Can we Trust? Perceptions of, and Responses to, Fake Information. Dallas, TX.

Lane, K. (presenter), Savary, J., and Nielsen, J. H. When Ignorance is No Longer Bliss: Consumers Seek Threatening Information about Self-Connected Brands.
  • (2018, May) Brands and Brand Relationships Conference. Member of Conference Organizer Team. Boston, MA.
  • (2018, April) The 14th Annual Yale Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference. New Haven, CT.
  • (2018, April) Eller College Doctoral Student Research Workshop. Tucson, AZ.
  • (2018, March) The 27th Annual Robert Mittelstaedt Doctoral Symposium. Lincoln, NE.
  • (2017, October) Association for Consumer Research Conference, Special Session: On the Unique Effects of Self-Connected Brands. Co-chair with Dr. Jennifer Savary. San Diego, CA.
Reimann, M., and Lane, K. (presenter). Happy Meal, Healthy Child? Reinforcing effects of toys on meal bundle choices.
  • (2016, August) Paper and poster presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention (APA Division 23 and 54). Denver, CO.
  • (2016, October) Paper presented at the Association of Consumer Research Conference, Special Session: Contemporary Issues in Healthier Food Choice. Berlin, Germany.

Academic Awards & Recognition

  • AMA-Sheth Doctoral Consortium Fellow (2019)
  • Yale Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference Fellow (2018)
  • Robert Mittelstaedt Doctoral Symposium Fellow (2018)
  • Selected Representative: Eller College Doctoral Student Research Workshop (2018)
  • Selected Representative: 35th Annual University of Houston Doctoral Symposium (2017)
  • Designing a Career in the Marketing Academy Fellow (2016)
  • Acceptance into the professional organization Beta Gamma Sigma (2015)
  • Thinking Forward Award: Leadership in Innovation in Marketing, Eller College of Management (2015)
  • Pillars of Excellence Award (in Scholarship, Service and Research): University of Arizona, Honors College (2014)
  • Kissling “Spirit of Inquiry” Award: University of Arizona (2014)
  • McCord Honors Business Scholarship: University of Arizona, Eller College of Management (2013)


  • Experience: Marketing Information and Analytics (Marketing Research), in the Eller Professional Marketing Minor Program (2017, 2018)
  • Interests: Consumer Behavior, Social Media and Information Technology