Peng Wang

Doctoral Candidate

McClelland Hall 320C

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytical and empirical models
  • Sports market
  • Crowdfunding
  • Innovation
  • Competition in a digital world


Peng Wang is a doctoral candidate in Marketing at the University of Arizona. Peng is interested in applying quantitative tools in game theory and econometrics to study substantive marketing phenomena. Peng’s work includes both analytical and structural empirical approaches, along with interests in sports marketing, platform business, innovation, and digital piracy. Peng’s dissertation research focuses on the dynamics of investor behavior and business decisions in online crowdfunding. In his job market paper, Peng examines the consequences and implications when entrepreneurs run online crowdfunding campaigns to gather financial resource and to test their business ideas. The research goal is to 1) theoretically examine factors that affect the efficiency of crowdfunding as a filter for business ideas, 2) derive testable model-based implications that can inspire further empirical work, and 3) develop a better mechanism to enhance funding efficiency and social welfare. In his spare time, Peng enjoys reading, sports, and watching comedy shows.