MBA Global Business Experience


Transformation beyond the classroom and around the globe.

It’s the hands-on experiential learning our MBA programs prepare you for: a trip abroad to a global business center like Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Chile. You’ll visit facilities and organizations where you can speak with leadership and gain their unique perspective on business issues. You’ll also soak in the cultural setting that shapes these organizations. Go abroad—and come back a better leader.

Olá Brazil! Eller MBAs Visit Rio and Sao Paolo

With the 39 other members of his cohort, Eller Full-time MBA students flew into Brazil, just two days after taking fall semester finals. Although exhausted from his demanding schedule of MBA core classes, the Global Business Experience trip was the perfect way to start winter break.

The global experience your coursework has prepared you for.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us—putting successful businesses at the confluence of the digital, physical and biological worlds. It’s now more imperative than ever to think beyond borders, in every way. Which is why our MBA students travel with their class to an emerging marketplace where they can examine and understand the competitive challenges of the global market. (The trip is optional but encouraged for Online MBA students and required for all other MBA programs’ students.) Get more details for your program’s experience and get ready to get inspired.

See the world. Shape the world.

Have questions about the MBA Global Business Experience? We’re right here to help explain everything from travel details to what you’ll learn—and why it adds so much depth and value to your MBA program.

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