PROFESSIONAL MBA Student Experience


Open new doors in life–and do it mostly from your own home. 


The student and professional experience come together in a program set to accelerate your career path, blending online learning with hands-on workshops in downtown Chandler.

As a hardworking professional, you know all about balancing work and family while pursuing personal growth. And we know all about supporting you through it. It’s why our Professional MBA program is a hybrid blend of online instruction and in-person coursework, giving you flexibility and face time. At bi-weekly skills workshops in Chandler, along the Price Corridor’s hub of tech sector growth, you’ll master the nuances of everything from financial modeling to leading change. Just 21 months later, you’ll be light years ahead on your trajectory. 

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A Day in the Program

Since your online learning materials are available 24/7, you can work your online course credits into your day, whether that means an early morning at the kitchen table, a lunch power-learning session or a quiet evening in your home office.

During a skills workshop week (which is every other week), you can plan on spending a few hours after work at our Chandler Campus. In the classroom, you’ll get to work hands-on with faculty and experts who truly understand what you need to know to thrive—and want to see you get there. Among your classmates, you’ll find professionals just like you who are seeking change not only in their careers, but in their industries, in their lives and in the world. 

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  • Eller Military CommunityEach year we welcome a number of veterans into the Eller MBA program. These students come from a range of military branches and appreciate the welcoming community. Because of our small class sizes, veterans easily connect with other veterans and also with their other classmates.

What You'll learn

During your time in Eller’s Professional MBA, you will participate in practicums that will enhance your skills in different learning areas including:

  • SEO/Digital Tools Sets
  • Excel—building forecasting models
  • Tableau and Power BI—how to visualize data
  • AI—how it is applied in business/SQL machine learning
  • Managing virtual teams and team problem solving
  • Interpreting data and new business models—business canvas model, sustainable business platforms and ecosystems
  • Agile management/lean management/agile decision making; decisions through various scenario planning via data
  • Emotional intelligence, adaptability, how to learn new technology


Chandler, Arizona: A hotbed of innovation—and, now, education

The business experts at Eller know the importance of place. Which is why they’ve chosen Chandler’s high-tech industries and talented workforce, as the in-person learning home for the Eller Professional MBA. With many students working in the metropolitan area’s many growing businesses and leading tech-sector organizations, it makes sense for them to learn and make connections there, too

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