Business Communication Undergraduate Courses


Undergraduate Courses

The following undergraduate Business Communication courses are offered by the Business Communication Program:

Students in BCOM 214 develop internal messaging skills primarily through a series of professional writing exercises. The course provides students a simulated work environment including emerging technologies, a hybrid remote setting, and a robust team experience. Students master stakeholder engagement through simulations and assignments designed to replicate work place documents.  With a focus on written deliverables, students learn to respond appropriately through a number of channels and mediums. A pre and post writing assessment tracks students’ skill acquisition and determines placement into the next course sequence.   The course culminates in a case competition, where students analyze a data sets and use their findings to drive recommendations for messaging to key stakeholders.

Usually offered: Spring and Fall

Units: 3

BCOM 314 introduces students to the skills needed to communicate effectively in a team-based, technologically enhanced environment. This course focuses on the communication strategies that are essential for success in a global business environment, while providing a small-class structure for exchanging ideas and building skills. As an exit measure, all students must demonstrate their writing proficiency in an electronic, in-basket exercise, the Mid-Career Writing Assessment and their demonstrate their presentation skills in a company based or project based case competition.

Proudly known as Eller College’s flagship 100% Engagement course, BCOM 314 provides students with a "live" framework of small interdisciplinary teams to collaborate and innovate solutions to a real business challenge. This design thinking challenge ends in a case competition where students present their creative solutions to the corporate partner facing the challenge, who often implements one of the solutions. Further, throughout the semester students, their teammates, and professors conduct 360 degree feedback evaluations and work to enhance their self-awareness as well as communication style and methodology.  

Certain sections of BCOM 314, have been designated with distinct areas of concentration to provide students with more opportunity to select the track that best suits their interests and learning style. Undergraduate advisers can provide more information on how to pre-select your section of BNAD 314.

100% Engagement Course

Engagement Activity: Professional Development

Engagement Competency: Innovation and Creativity

Usually offered: Spring and Fall

Units: 3


For students who need additional practice and coaching to pass the Mid-Career Writing Assessment, the Business Communication Program offers a two-credit course in managerial writing. With a small class size and one-on-one private tutorials, students gain confidence in their ability to generate effective business documents.

Units: 2

BCOM 214 and 314 Course Pathway