Business Communication Undergraduate Student Assistance


The Business Communication Program offers tailored communication workshops, modules and ongoing communication consulting to support undergraduate major-specific communication and capstone projects.

Grammar Games

Every semester, up until the final Writing Assessment, the Business Communication Program offers Grammar Games on Fridays at noon to students who want to improve their grammar and punctuation skills. These hour-long workshops focus on weaknesses in student writing and offer a chance for all students to talk about issues in their writing. We play games and take a really relaxed and fun approach to fixing those pesky little comma problems and other annoying glitches that so often plague student writing.

The Grammar Games are also the perfect place to ask the questions you have always wanted to ask but were too embarrassed to ask: 

  • When do I use a semicolon?
  • How do you use parallel structure in a sentence and in bullet points?  
  • What does it mean when my professor tells me I need more transitions?

The Grammar Games are a  great way to wrap up your week with some fun activities that actually improve your writing and get you ready for the Final Writing Assessment. Everyone is welcome and there is candy for all — and swag for the winners!  

Watch the Toolkit for announcements on Blackboard for the specifics time, date and location for the Games.

English As Second Language Support

These workshops are designed to assist students who need more customized feedback as you continue to deepen your practice with English as a Second Language. Bring your current assignments to receive customized one-on-one feedback.