K-12 Economics Education Instructors



Our instructors include advanced placement economics teachers and professors from the University of Arizona and Arizona community college system:

Deirdre Calhoun

Outreach Instructor

James Lerch

James C. Lerch

Outreach Instructor

Additional instructors are drawn from regional classrooms. 



In 2003 the Thomas R. Brown Foundation began funding economics education initiatives for teachers. In 2009 they funded the University of Arizona Office of Economic Education. Together with colleagues at the Arizona Council on Economic Education, the three agencies provide programming based on the most recent iteration of the state social sciences curriculum standards, including economics and personal finance across the entire K-12 spectrum. Today’s mission is based in helping students have the economic decision-making tools they will need in their futures, by helping their teachers understand economic principles through our programs.

Since 2012 the UA Office of Economic Education has taken programs to outlying areas across southern Arizona, serving teachers in Yuma, Pinal, Santa Cruz, Cochise, Graham and Greenlee Counties, filling 4,000 seats in over 150 workshops.