Annual Dean's Report

The Eller Way

Eller College's Annual Report

As a member at the Eller College community, you embrace a long and sustained culture of excellence.

Our college is nationally recognized, and your contribution is critical to our continued elevation. Our standards are high and call you to:

  • Do the right thing 100 percent of the time: INTEGRITY
  • Consistently surpass ordinary standards: EXCELLENCE
  • Create a community where everybody thrives: INCLUSION
  • Creatively anticipate and leverage change: INNOVATION 
  • See challenges as opportunities: DETERMINATION

This is The Eller Way

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The Eller Way  |  Create a community where everybody thrives: INCLUSION


The Eller College of Management is genuinely committed to enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at our organization. This is part of the Eller Ideal: Inclusion | Diversity | Accessibility | Leadership

While working with students, staff, faculty, alumni, industry experts, and peer institutions, we aim to heighten DEI at Eller by not just following trends but commit to being thought leaders.

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Coordinated trainings on QPR Gatekeeper which is for suicide prevention
  • Awarded Eller Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awards to Alfredo Cuestas’23 BSBA (Accounting), EK Green ’23 PhD (Economics), Briana Fulp, Career Coach & Undergraduate Diversity Coordinator, and Katie Maxwell, Associate Director of Dhaliwal-Reidy School of Accountancy
  • Created “The IDEAList” Newsletter in July 2022
  • Updated the Eller website adding the Diversity Dashboard, Reporting Options, and McClelland Hall Accommodations

At Eller, we use the AIIM framework:

(A) Augment Awareness by conducting surveys and exit interviews, gather data, present DEI information at Eller meetings

(I) Increase Understanding of the Underlying (root) Causes by analyzing the data, define issues to be addressed, and examine root causes of the issues

(I) Implement a Strategy for Change through a new DEI committee, increase curricular offerings that integrate DEI knowledge, schedule DEI related training sessions, increase the diversity of search committees

(M) Measure and hold Accountable by instituting methods to collect data that informs and ties DEI efforts to performance evaluations

 Learn more about Eller's DEI Efforts Here

Investing in the Future of Eller

The Eller Way  |  Creatively anticipate and leverage change: INNOVATION


Eller College National Board of Advisors Members

The Eller Way  |  Do the right thing 100 percent of the time: INTEGRITY

Meet the National Board of Advisors

Thank You to Our Donors

Nothing we've accomplished would have been possible without tremendous support from donors like you.

$600,000 - $101,000

Stevie Eller
Philip Hagenah

Susan Hagenah
Angela Knauf
Noah Knauf

Kristina Lundgren
Terry Lundgren
Celia McClelland
Kent McClelland

James Muzzy
Pamela Muzzy
Catherine Muzzy

Stephen Muzzy

Gail Stoner
Mike Stoner
Charles Tyler

Kerry Tyler
Deborah Arnold
Walter Zipperman

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. The individuals with bold names represent University of Arizona alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Hsinchun Chen
Hsiao-Hui Chow

Gary Chiate
Peggy Chiate
Barbara Dawson

Clyde Dawson
Steven Hilton
Suzanne Hilton

Leonard Huck
Suzanne Huck
Jon Kipnis

Risa Kipnis
Raymond McGrath
Patricia Murer

John Switzer
Johnna Switzer

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. The individuals with bold names represent University of Arizona alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Susan Allen
William Allen
Joy Bidwell
Michael Bidwell
Leonard Bower
Marcia Bower

Teresa Briggs
Catherine Butler
Ronald Butler
Andreas Coumides
Mary Coumides
Amarjeet Dhaliwal
Anne Dupont
Lisa Marie Eckert

Robert Eckert
Christine Fapp
Daniel Fapp
Price Fishback
Pamela Slaten
Jay Jennings
Jennifer Kroner

Kenneth Kroner
Paul Li
George Livermore
Laura Livermore
Patrick McDonald
Carol McGuire
Christopher McGuire
Michael Myers

Michelle Myers
John Panhuise
Vicki Panhuise
Keith Renken
Laura Ospanik
Stephen Robbins
Douglas Rogers

Mary Rogers
Scott Bonar
Leigh Weisshaupt
Gregory Wells
Michelle Wells
Brad Wolk
Linda Wolk

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. The individuals with bold names represent University of Arizona alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Christopher Ackerley
Diana Ackerley
Marie Archibald
Kristen Arendt
Timothy Arendt
David Baggs
Leigh Baggs
Phillip Baker
Deborah Barrie
Michael Barrie
Chris Benson
Joelle Benson
Nancy Blute
Ryan Blute
Roy Brown
Vivian Brown
Kevin Burnett
Lois Burnett
Brian Christensen
Donna Christensen
Lara Compton
Timothy Compton
Susan Cooper
Michael Coumides

Juan Dahdah
Ralph DeCesare
Sari DeCesare
Janice Diamond
Sherry Duncan
Thomas Duncan
Laurie Eccard-Ellerman
Brian Ellerman
Beverely Elliott
Robert Elliott
Aleksander Ellis
Patricia Engels
Richard Medland
Merle Erickson
Darlene Felix
William Felix
Lane Gaddy
Allison Glass
Paulo Goes
Mara Salles
Ronald Grodsky
Susan Grodsky
Edwin Hale
Sally Hale
John Hambacher
Nancy Hambacher
John Hamilton

Colleen Hernandez
Jason Hernandez
Stanley Hilkemeyer
Susan Hilkemeyer
Todd Horton
Brian Huston
Stuart Kasdin
Sue-Ann Kasdin
Jeff Fuld
Carla Keegan
Arthur Kerckhoff
Aamir Khan
Mehreen Khan
Lauren Kordalski
Dennis Kuhl
Jane Larson
Jacob Lassiter
Mary Ann Laubacher
Alison Levine
Eric Lewis
Nicole Lewis
Halbert Lindquist
Edward Long
Hillary Long
Virginia Lusch
Mark Macaluso

Sanita Macaluso
Edward Maxwell
Katie Maxwell
Paul Mayfield
Susan Mayfield
Amir Mazarei
Michael McDonald
Stephanie McDonald
Kevin McHolland
Becky McHolland
Peggy McKennon
Robert McKennon
Philip Mckenzie
Tracy McKenzie
Julian Mintzis
Fabio Mire
Cory Older
Danielle Older
Barbara O'Rielly
Richard O'Rielly
Dominic Ortega
Theresa Ortez
Timothy Ortez
Christy Piti
Michael Piti
Brian Pittluck

Robyn Pittluck
Mary Ann Purcell
William Purcell
Jason Ranne
Katie Ranne
Virginia Reidy
Michael Reilly
Kent Rollins
Margaret Rollins
Melanie Ross
Robert Ross
Lisa Rulney
Ross Rulney
Edlin Garcia
Sagar Samtani
Brad Sarnoff
Lesley Sarnoff
Brett Schneider
Carmela Schneider
Margaret Schneider
Michael Schneider
Cynthia Fielding-Singh
Arvind Singh
Christine Smith
James Smith
Adam Stafford

Kari Stafford
Jay Stein
Kevin Stombaugh
Teresa Stombaugh
John Stransky
Pamela Stransky
Christopher Todaro
Katie Todaro
Mary Turner
Michael Turner
Jon Underwood
Tamsinn Underwood
Derek Visocky
Laurel Visocky
William Waller
Andrea Weiss
Scott Weiss
David Weitzenfeld
Melanie Weitzenfeld
Barbara Wiess
William Wiess
Harry Wilcox
Wink Williams
Sandra Williams
Kimberly Yin
Steven Yin
Jianghong Zhao
Alan Ziblat
Stephen Zipperman
Ned Zolman

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. The individuals with bold names represent University of Arizona alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Claudia Adams
Florence Adamson
Larry Adamson
Saeed Al Mutawa
Todd Allen
Arthur Altvater
Ebitie Amughan
Lynda Applegate
Paul McDonald
Michael Arko
Nichole Arko
Peter Badenhuizen
Matthew Bailey
Nick Bajema
Tessa Bajema
Nancy Baldwin
Roger Bamberger
Tony Barbieri
Catherine Sang
Craig Barker
Paige Bausman
Kimberly Beaton
Scott Beaton
Allyson Beckham
David Beckham
Travis Beeman
Barbara Bendalin
Marshall Bendalin
Edward Bennett
Aimee Bernstein
Steve Bernstein
Andrew Bess
Jessica Bess
Bonnie Betz
Diane Biagianti
Alan Bramoweth
Ellen Bramoweth
Makoto Braxton
Carolyn Bried
Stephen Bried
Michelle Brooks
Scott Brooks
Anita Brown
Arch Brown
Laura Brown
David Brown
Wanda Brown
James Brown
Susan Brown
James Brushwood
Kaylan Brushwood
Elizabeth Bryant
Joel Burstein
Mary Calegari
Michael Calegari
Angela Campbell
Bailey Cardwell
Jesse Carlaftes
Yolanda Carlaftes
Matthew Carr
Jenaya Carter
Brent Causey
Kaleigh Causey
Mary Cavanaugh
William Cavanaugh
Christopher Bozorth
Shuyuan Chen
Shannon Chen
Ben Van Landuyt
Marilyn Chorak
Mario Chorak

James Chyz
Somer Chyz
Robert Clarke
David Cohen
Stacey Spink
John Coleman
Kathleen Condon
Christy Cooper
Jason Cooper
Janet Corson
Rodney Corson
Jeffrey Cosper
Olivia Cosper
David Cowen
Lori Cowen
Joseph Crowel
Caeli Croxton
Jay Croxton
David Curto
David Damron
Kelly Damron
Nicholas Dapser-Sullivan
Stephen Dee
Tammy Dee
Brian Delghiaccio
Rebecca DelGhiaccio
Ashley Dembowski
Joel Dembowski
Gregory Depaul
Luke DeVault
Owen Devlin
Sandra Devlin
Jason Di Francesco
Deo Diaz
Sarah Diaz
Erika Dickey
Russell Dickey
Debbie Donahue
Hugh Donahue
Anne Douglas
John Drachman
Laura Drachman
Katharine Drake
Kevin Dueck
Allison Duffy
Basel Skeif
Jack Dunn
Rosemary Dunn
Susanne Eaton
Matthew Erickson
Michelle Erickson
Ryan Evans
Maryam Fathollahi
Frederick Feinsinger
Hayley Feldman
Andrew Feng
Natalie Fernandez-Lee
Andrew Finley
Craig Fleischer
Vicki Fleischer
Samuel Flores
Teresa Flores
Bradley Fox
Robin Fox
Christa Friedlander
Leonard Friedlander
Mark Fusler
Samantha Gallegos
Julie Gal-Or
Ronen Gal-Or
Daniel Gannon
Beth Ann Jamison
Justin Garcia
Eleanor Garrow-Holding

Katherine Geise
Robert Gentile
Christa Gentile
Sally Gestautas
Erin Glockner
Lindsay Goldman
Nathan Goldman
Kathy Golz
Robert Golz
Sarah Goodhue
Scott Goodhue
Eugene Graham
Jeri Vitello
Audrey Gramling
Joel Greenberg
Michelle Greenberg
Elise Grossnickle
Kenneth Grossnickle
Sondra Harrington
Ann Harris
Chris Harris
Peter Harrison
Mary Ann Murray
Grant Hawgood
Nancy Hawgood
Susan Hawkins
James Hay
Dean Haynesworth
Angela Heitzman
Shane Heitzman
Nancy Heller
Jean Herber
Nancy Hernandez
Dylia Hernández
Valerie Derryberry
Paul Herrera
Kevin Hill
Tasha Hill
Catherine Hogan
David Hogan
Robert Hogan
Julie Hughes
Julie Hughes
Sharon Huie
Stephen Lew
James Hunter
Janette Hunter
Oilien Intintoli
Vincent Intintoli
Grant Isakson
Mitchell Joffe
Vicki Joffe
Bradley Johns
Jacqueline Johns
Everett Johnson
Elizabeth Jones
Ivan Jones
Karen Kalinske
Thomas Kalinske
Paul Kaneb
Steven Karbal
Bipin Karunakaran
Allison Kaufman
Jason Kaufman
Kristi Kawamoto
Erin Kelly
Henry Kenski
Vijay Khatri
Riem Kidane
Hyo Jung Kim
Nathan Kometh-Fillion
Prabhudev Konana
Suchetha Konana

Hamid Koroma
K. Andrew Kroese
Elizabeth Motter
Frederick Lassiter
Hye Lee
Marie Lee
Margaret Leitner
Mark Leitner
Massimo Lesti
Nathaniel Lewis
Xiao Li
Disen Liu
Leonard Lizardi
Rachelle Lizardi
Heather Locke
Carol Lomicka
William Lomicka
Linda Loop
Cathy Lundeberg
David Lundeberg
Stephen Lusch
Eric Lyons
Marisa Michaels
Andy Lytle
Barry Mac Ban
Laura Mac Ban
William MacKay
Deborah Maddox
John Maddox
Dhananjay Mahajan
Lalitha Mahajan
Thomas Mahler
Yegor Makhiboroda
Chris Mann
Matthew Masters
Danielle McCormick
Matthew McCutchen
Diana McCutchen
Kambri McDonald
Brenda Mcdowell
Crosby McDowell
Lawrence McEver
Raymond Mcintyre
Nancy Meech
Terry Staten
Adam Meinstein
Jaydlen Melendez
Paul Melendez
Ellie Mendelsohn
Alexis Messinger
Michael Messinger
Elyse Meyer
Leslie Michael
Todd Michael
Allison Minarcik
Elizabeth Mittelstaedt
Reed Mittelstaedt
Scott Molos
David Monheit
Melissa Monheit
Julia Monteverde
Rene Monteverde
Chad Montgomery
Miguel Montiel
Yvonne Montiel
Maxwell Morgan
Heather Morton
Dorothy Moses
Leonard Mott
Nancy Mott
Katherine Mundinger
Richard Mundinger
Francis Murphy

Katherine Murphy
Rachel Murphy
Senad Mustafic
Steven Myerthall
Gregory Nahass
Shelly Nahass
Nancy Nason
Robyn Nason
Bruce Nelson
Ellen Nelson
Leslie Newell
William Newell
Nancy Nichols
Charles Nicolai
Emily Oceretko
Timothy Olson
Julia Preston-Olson
Cameron Omoto
Christopher Osmond
Tyler Page
Brent Papek
Julie Pardo
Ronald Pardo
Leila Parmee
David Parmenter
Marianne Parmenter
Amy Patel
Devesh Patel
Brett Payne
Judith Peecook
Paul Peecook
Garth Perry
Chuck Pettis
John Pinkham
Amy Pitman
Candy Poels
James Pohl
Amy Poindexter
Michael Poindexter
Adolfo Girala
Michael Randall
Alexandra Ratzan
John Ratzan
Chassaddi Rice
Donald Riegger
Mallory Riegger
Thomas Rike
Larry Robbins
Aaron Roeschley
Melissa Rose
Mark Ross
Bernard Ruhl
Sandra Ruhl
Patricia Sable
Ronald Sable
Dee Ann Sakrison
Jim Sakrison
Maciek Sarnowicz
Ashley Sauciuc
Vlad Sauciuc
Brenda Schmitz
Wolfgang Schmitz
Brady Schneider
Noelle Schneider
Natalie Scibilia
Sarah Shaikh
Waqar Shaikh
Patrick Shanovich
Stella Shanovich
Mark Sharfman
Teresa Shaft
Michael Skibo
Alexandria Sloan

Lauren Sloan
Bradley Smith
Kristen Smith
Jason Smith
Lena Smith
Joey Snyder
Erin Snyder
Richard Snyder
Eric Splaver
Jennifer Splaver
Samuel Sroka
Nea Stack
Paul Stack
Christina Staring
Dean Staring
Mark Stephens
Brenda Strutz
Eric Strutz
Angela Styczykowski
Freddy Subia
Cheryl Sweigard
Douglas Sweigard
Daryl Tanita
Annette Tanori
Mark Taylor
Philip Thornton
Mark Timms
Lillian Bazan
Henry Tom
Adrienne Torre
Eva Torre
Gabriel Torre
Johnny Torrez
Winkfield Twyman
Renae Urie
Steven Urie
Garienn Van Parys
Garret Van Parys
Earl Van Swearingen
Elroy Voss
Julia Voss
Susan Wadman
Gina Wallen
Lucas Watanabe
Mark Webb
Vanessa Webb
Timothy Weiderhoft
Duncan White
Kelley White
Cale Whittington
Katherine Whittington
Ethan Widdes
Marian Wilfert Beauchamp
Frederick Williams
Janet Williams
Mary Williams
Thomas Williams
Ajaa Wingate
Anthony Wingate
Jan Winston
Stephen Winston
Shira Wood
Lora Wright
William Wright
James Wyatt
Lilly Yam
Yuzhi Yan
Jasper Yildirim
Joseph Yob
Joyce Yob
Jianzhong Zhang
Weimin Li
Huimin Zhao
Mark Zupan

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. The individuals with bold names represent University of Arizona alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Ummi Abdul Rahim
Betelehem Abebe
Trenton Abramovitz
Deborah Abrutz
Joseph Abrutz
Sherri Adame
Jessica Adani
Jonathan Adani
Amber Adil
Faisal Adil
Kelly Ahuja
Romina Ahuja
Fernando Alandia
Alejandro Alcantara
Rodney Alday
Wesley Alexander
Chelsea Allen
Cameron Allen
Elizabeth Alloway
Andrew Althaus
Karen Althaus
Heather Altman
Jeffrey Altman
Delia Amparano
Vicente Amparano
Frank Anchondo
Maurine Anchondo
Nancy Anderson
Meredith Anderson
Mary Ann Arboit
Thomas Arboit
Kelly Armstrong
Angus Aron
Suzanne Arons
Lisa Ashmore-Goos
David Goos
Damian Avalos
Elizabeth Azan
Soo-Hyun Baek
John Bagalini
Elsa Baker
Christopher Baldwin
Lori Baldwin
Bryan Baldwin
Haluk Balkan
Sule Balkan
Patricia Ballew
Michael Bandelt
Adam Barea
Stephanie Barea
Kasey Barghout
Christine Barnes
Nicholas Barnes
Mary Barneyback
Stephen Barneyback
Paula Bartholomew
Warren Bartholomew
Jeffrey Bast
Nancy Bates
Marlano Batson
​​​​​Daniel Baur
M. Susan Baur
Christopher Beadles
Bradford Beake
Kimberly Bealle
Preston Bealle
Amy Becker
Jackie Beeghley
Steven Beeghley
Hilary Beggs
William Beggs
Adam Begody
Rina Begody
Donald Behnke
Madelyn Beier
Dorothy Bejarano
Miguel Arenas
Katie Belk-Arenas
Scott Bell
Sharon Bell
Michael Bellovin
Lea Rudner
Dustin Benadretti
Brian Bennett
Lisa Bennington-Skay
Janine Berbeco
Rosemary Berg
Leif Bergquist
Fernanda Bermudez
Bill Berndt
Kathy Berndt
Aaron Betson
Bryan Binney
Cameron Birchen
Laura Birkholz
Judy Black
Kevin Black
Roman Black
Sunny Bliss
Todd Block
Helene Blumner
Sidney Blumner
Mary Bock
Sarah Boerner
Betsy Bolding
Doris Bollinger
Judith Bologna
Rafael Bologna
Anthony Bonadonna
Christian Bowers
Leslie Bowers
Sara Boyd
William Zimmerling
Roy Bracken
Bert Braden
Mary Braden
Carl Brandt
Lynn Brandt
Henry Brandt
Martha Braun
Stephen Braun
Tamarra Breiner
Robert Bresler
James Brintnall
Marilyn Brintnall
Seymour Broder
Charles Brookfield
Arthur Brooks
Rebecca Brooks
Heidi Brousse
Stephen Brousse
Collette Brown-Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez
David Brown
Patricia Brown
Kevin Brown
Madeline Brown
Robert Brown
John Brychel
Tanner Bryson
Paulina Bueno
Daliah Bui
Amy Bulgheroni
Will Bumpus
Timothy Burgett
Yanka Burgos
Gary Burke
Sharon Burke
Stacie Burke
Elvira Burruel
Alexander Bussoletti
Jody Butera
Sara Byrne
Thomas Byrne
Salvatore Cabibo
Christopher Campbell
Claire Campbell
Rikio Campbell
Tammy Cantin-Cober
Robert Cober
Desiree Capuano
Demetrius Carbin
Diego Cardenas
Chris Cardwell
Joe Cardwell
Mason Cardwell
Cory Carlson
Eric Carlson
Lana Carouba
Michael Carouba
Brian Casey
Stacy Barnett
John Casey
Jessica Cassidy
Norma Castaneda
Richard Castor
Carol Catherall
Michael Catherall
Richard Catlin
Elizabeth Cazel
Gina Ceola
Sotero Cerda
Paul Cervantes
Phoebe Chalk-Wadsworth
Earl Wadsworth
Christopher Chapman
Laurie Charow
Tim Charow
Charles Charvoz
Jodi Charvoz
Travis Chavez
Bing Chen
Brad Chester
Jonathan Chevalier
Christophe Chiesa
John Chiorazzo

John Chiorazzo
Kim Chiorazzo
Onyedikachi Chi-Ukpai
Harry Christopher
Toni Christopher
Jason Christopher
Angela Chu
Breanna Cicinelli
Adam Cissell
Jacinda Clark
Sophie Clark
John Clow
Pamela Clow
Leslie Cohen
Michael Cohen
Louis Cohn
Mika Cohn
Jule Cole
Mercedes Conklin
Michael Conklin
Kathryn Conn
Paul Conn
Claudine Conover
Duane Conover
John Contos
Robyn Contos
Christine Conway
Kevin Conway
Courtney Cook
Bradley Coons
Kristin Coons
Carol Copeland
Lindsay Copeland
Jesus Cordova Corimaya
James Coreno
Bernadette Cornelison
Christopher Cornelison
Charlize Cortez-Lusky
Phil Coulolias
Daniel Cox
Winni Cox
Kristine Cracknell
Daniel Craig
Kelly Craig
Glenn Crane
Helen Lacey
Graham Crouse
Dorcas Culross
Francis Culross
Nancy Cummings
Robert Cummings
Don Currie
Vena Currie
Russell DalMolin
Michael Danies
Gilbert Davidson
Paige Davidson
Yvonne Davila-Paredes
Alan Davis
Desiree Davis
Jeffrey Davis
Margaret Davis
Anne Davis
Zachary Davis
Justen Dawson
Lisa De Groot
Rachael De La Rosa
Robert De La Rosa
Jean De Simone
Joseph De Simone
James Deal
Julie-Anne Dean
Timothy Dean
Dan Deatrick
Kimberly Deatrick
Julie Debolt
Pete Debolt
Alyse Dehn
John Dehn
Gabriela Del Castillo
Peter Del Castillo
Kelly Delforge
Dale Deming
Deborah Denenberg
Jennifer Denny
Hannah DeSanto
Heidi Desimone
Roberto Desimone
Brian Dessoy
Charles Dickinson
Christina Dickinson
Joe Dickinson
Samuel Dickinson
James Diegel
Julie Diegel
George Dimpfl
Linda Dimpfl
Travis Dollarhyde
Kathleen D'Onofrio
Vincent D'Onofrio
John Donoghue
Jill Dorflinger
Steve Dorflinger
Donna Doss
Melanie Douglas
Robert Douglas
Brian Dowdy
Sarah Doyle
Charlotte Driggers
Elton Dsouza
John Dufficy
Cameron Duffill
Joan Eaton
Colleen Echeveste
James Edwards
Janet Edwards
Charles Eggers
Robert Ehrenreich
Leslie Eisner
Scott Eisner
Margie Ello
Dennis Endres
Stacey Endres
Amy England
Andy England
Amy Enos
Craig Enos
Victoria Erickson
Jennifer Erlandson
Rudy Erm
Simona Erm
Roman Eskue
Tanya Eskue
Palmer Evans
Sara Evans
Ryan Evans
John Eyre
Delaney Fabian
Deborah Fabish
Patricia Fackler
Ellen Fagin
Robert Fagin
Ilona Fague
Joseph Fague
Francis Fahey
Christopher Fammartino
Daniel Fapp
Pamela Fapp
G. Kevin Fechtmeyer
Holly Fechtmeyer
Brennen Feder
Joseph Ference
Lori Ference
Courtney Ferer
Matthew Ferer
Irene Fernandez
Ruben Fernandez
Donna Fessenden
Gary Fessenden
Alexandra Fiandaca
Michael Figueroa
Cassandra Filippone
Ryan Finchum
Tricia Finchum
Aaron Finley
Cali Fisler
Rachelle Fleischman
Todd Fletcher
Vicky Fletcher
Thomas Flynn
Kellan Flynn
Christopher Fonseca
Karen Ford
Tom Ford
Sorale Fortman
Veronica Fox
Alan Frankle
Patricia Frankle
Christopher Franta
Kelly Franta
Maria Frazier
William Freitag
Daniel Frey
Donald Friedman
Cassandra Fuentes
Elizardo Fuentes
Eduardo Fuentes
Todd Fujiwara
Stephen Fung
John Gallagher
Catherine Gallagher
Benjamin Gamez
Frances Gamez
David Garbarino
Heather Garbarino
Joseph Garcia
Scott Gardner
Laury Gelardi
Robert Gelardi
Richard Genova

Elizabeth George
Meredith Gertz
Diane Gill
Grant Gill
Catherine Gillett
Jena Gillette
Chelsea Goergen
Christopher Moulton
Richard Goldman
Terri Goldman
Miriam Gomez
Ruben Romero
Jose Gonzalez
Mario Gonzalez
Nora Graf
Michelle Graf
Susan Gralla
Jose Granda
Christopher Graves
David Gray
Kay Gray
Marisol Greco
Claire Green
Audrey Greenberg
Debra Greene
Adam Greenlow
Amy Greger
Krista Gregory
Madison Gregory
Bryan Gregston
Susan Davids
Daniel Grellinger
Juliana Grenier
Eva Gresham
Melanie Gribbin
Robert Gribbin
George Grisaffe
Mary Grisaffe
Donald Grissom
Coby Groth
Kim Grusenmeyer
Robert Grusenmeyer
Michael Guarino
Eric Gumbs
Sharon Gumbs
Mary Gutierrez
Rod Gutierrez
Kenneth Gyure
​​​​​​Christopher Hackney
Louis Haggerty
Edward Hair
Mary Halbach
James Hale
Jane HaleMeagan Hall
Laurence Hall
Patricia Hall
Kevin Halle
Sharon Halle
Suzanne Hamel
Laura Hamill
Keith Rettig
Norma Hamilton
Richard Hamilton
Ryan Hamilton
Alan Hanaoka
Myrna Hanaoka
Daniel Hanesworth
Margaret Hanesworth
Bob Hanson
Elaine Hanson
Sharon Hargrave
Steven Harmes
Serena Haroian
Sandra Harrington
Yolanda Harris
Gary Harwin
Lucinda Harwin
Suzanne Hasbrouck
Ryan Hass
Carol Hausler
George Hausler
Natalie Hayashi
Dorothy Aukeman
Kenneth Haydis
Ralph Barrera
Gretchen Heber
Kenneth Heck
Mary Heeringa
Thomas Heeringa
Teresa Hegyi
James Helsdingen
Kaleb Hendrickson
David Henrich
Marjorie Henrich
David Henz
Kelsey Lewis
Mary Hepsen
Andrew Hertzfeld
Karen Hertzfeld
Marchelle Heslep
Max Hewitt
John Heydt
Jaryd Hickman
Kristen Hill
Marci Hill
Scott Hill
Carl Hilliard
Janet Hilliard
Diane Hillman
Caitlin Hills
Lin Hines
Jarrett Hines-Kay
Howard Hinson
Stacy Hintermeister
Brian Hirsch
Jeanette Resnik Hirsch
Tommy Ho
Allyson Hodnik
Gary Hoeferkamp
Laura Hoeferkamp
Kendra Hoefs
Marston Holben
Gregory Holmes
Renita Holmes
Clifford Holtz
Thomas Hood
Michael Howard
Cheryl Howell
Victoria Howell
Jean Howie
Richard Hoy
Peter Hradilek
Rosalie Hufnagel
Wayne Hufnagel
Darrel Hund
Ashley Hunley
Leslie Hunter
Mary Hunter
Martin Hunter
Karen Hupp
Randy Huston
Dianna Hutmacher
Laura Hydukovich
Calder Hynes
Lisa Hynes
Nicholas Incrocci
Holly Inglish
Dilnozahon Inoyatova
Juan Iruretagoyena
Craig Iwata
Joy Iwata
Arthur Jacobson
Jacqueline Jacobson
Kirk Jacobson
Sarah Jaeger
Ankur Jain
Meenu Jain
Prakhar Jain
Spencer Jarvis
Scott Jensen
Roshan Jessani
Petra Jobst
Amy Johnson
Scott Johnson
Cassandra Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Debra Johnson
Janee Johnson
Jason Johnson
Leora Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Terrence Johnson
Amy Johnston
Tom Johnston
Colby Jones
Ben Jordan
Mayumi Jung
Steven Jung
Srujan K S
Dagmar Kadula
Brittany Kagele
Jacob Kagele
Susanna Kahn
Varun Ashok Kamatar
Lynne Kanatas
Bryan Karas
Dawn Kaufman
Jackson Kavrell
Hillary Kay
Theodore Kay
Ashley Kayser
Jenni Keatseangsilp
Ralph Keele
Donald Keller
Spencer Kelley
Jamie Kelley
William Kelley

Justin Kesner
Afeworki Kidane
Michele Kilo
Sijun Kim
Diane King
Jeffrey King
Susan King
Francis Kittredge
Jacob Klemm
Thyge Knuhtsen
Lois Koepke
Rohit Kohli
Kriste Kolasa
Wiran Korala
Shelly Kornbluth
Diana Kostas
James Kostas
Anastasia Kotsakis
Louis Kotsakis
Vicky Kotsakis
Ariel Krape
Kevin Krause
Nichole Krause
Coleen Krogen
Lisa Kroll
Travis Kroll
Natalie Kujawa
Cassie Kunschke
Kathryn Lachenmaier
Thomas Lachenmaier
Frank LaFerlita
Gina LaFerlita
Peter Chan
Susan Lai-Chan
William Lamb
David Lancisi
Janine Lancisi
Craig Landon
Creighton Lang
Linda Langer
William Langer
Brenda Lara
Morgan Larson
Kelly Latimore
Chen-Yi Lee
Carol Lee
Jenna Lefkowits
Cheryl Legan
Alan Leiwant
Joseph Lessard
Christine Levin
Michael Levin
Aaron Levine
Marion Levy
Martin Levy
Scarlett Lewis
Rachel Li
Dan Liao
William Linardos
Candace Lindell
John Lindell
Lance Linn
Sheri Lipscomb
Jeff L'italien
Yanguang Liu
Martin Lizarraga
Francesca Lombardo
Frank Pasacreta
Anthony Lonigro
Mary Lonigro
Gina Losole
Shannon Lougee
David Lowe
Shari Lowell
Thomas Lowell
Alan Lowy
Michele Loya
Yanfang Lu
James Lukban
Barbara Lundquist
Marcus Lundquist
Sandra Lusky
David Lussier
James Lynch
Michelle Lynch
Donald Mabry
Scott Macdonell
Ian Maddock
Ajay Madhvani
Atsuko Magick
Brad Magick
Mike Maguire
Peter Maguire
Cherie Malkoff
Scott Malkoff
Courtney Maloney
Patrick Maloney
Leonard Mandel
Phyllis Mandel
Sandra Manfrin
Ian Manger
Cheryl Mantia
Constantine Mantz
Thomas Marchal
Gabrielle Marino
Jason Marquez
Steve Martin
Charles Martindill
Torey Masamitsu
Megan Masters
Mark Mattis
​​​​​​Landon Mauler
Melissa Mauler
Amethyst Maxson
Megan Mayer
Emily McCarthy
James McCarthy
Robert McCollister
Richard McCrory
Deborah Mcdermott
Ann McGrath
Susan McGuigan Stange
Patricia McKee
Donna McKee
Ronald McKee
Deborah McLaughlin
James McLaughlin
Carole McLean
James McLean
Kristina Medina
Lawrence Medina
Brad Mehrkens
Kara Mehrkens
German Mendoza
Amilcar Menichini
Lyell Metcalf
Sandra Metcalf
Alyssa Meyer
Keith Meyer
Mary Meyer
Jason Michaels
Bridget Michelsen
Kenneth Middleton
Traci Middleton
Joseph Mikelaitis
Cynthia Miller
Jennifer Miller
Thomas Miller
Rebecca Mars
Justin Miller
George Milman
James Mincks
Shelley Mincks
Matthew Minerva
Carol Mingus
Michael Mingus
Demetrius Minos
Jennifer Mitchell
John Mitchell
Fang Liu
Nitin Mittal
John Mitzel
Susan Kaleita
John Moeller
Jane Moen
Kennon Moen
Mollie Molin
Allison Monroe
Deonte Moore
Kathleen Moore
Steven Moore
Christopher Moran
Monica Moran
Hayley Miller
Andrew More
Eugene Moreno
Lynn Morog
Elisa Morris
Mark Morris
Ivette Moses
Mark Moses
Elizabeth Mosher
James Mosher
Jennifer Motyl
Deborah Moynihan
Michael Moynihan
Anuj Mulik
John Mullens
Lori Mullens
Jesse Munoz
Melinda Munoz
Benham Murphy
Brenda Murty
Charles Murty
Michele Muskat
Suze Nabayan
Kiana Nakamura
Ted Naone
Kim Nelson

Beverly Nelson
Janet Neuenschwander
Paul Neuenschwander
Suzanne Neuhaus
Lauren Newby
Jamie Newell
Margaret Newell
Jacob Newsome
Tyran Nguyen
Gordon Nielsen
Christine Niezgodzki
Lisa Nilsson
Matthew Noble
Risa Noble
Beth Nolan
Gregory Nolan
Charles Norton
M. Long Nygaard
Anne O'Conor
Robert O'Conor
Janet O'Hare
John O'Hare
Eiji Okuyama
Gabriela Olmos-Hill
Kenneth Olson
Gina O'Neill
Tim O'Neill
Alicia Orabuena
Jason Orabuena
Claudine Ortega
Allison Pache
Tristan Pachorek
Polly Pack
Vichtoria Paglia
Katherine Palmer
Steven Palmer
Dante Paluselli
Eileen Paluselli
Lauren Pancrazi
Kevin Pantera
Socrates Papadopoulos
Stephanie Papadopoulos
Danny Papakalos
Tina Papakalos
Antony Karton
Irene Pappas
Lari Parich
John Parker
Lucille Parker
James Pate
Sameer Patil
Derek Patla
Olivia Smith-Patla
Leigh Pattalochi
Kelly Payne
Almog Paz
Michele Peavy
Tracey Peckham
William Peckham
Guy Pence
Lucette Peralta
William Perius
Amanda Perkins
Marie-Claire Péron
James Petrie
Kristen Pierson
Nicolas Pierson
Chelsey Pings
Christopher Pings
Ryan Pinkerton
Philip Pins
Lesli Pintor
Brett Pitts
David Platt
Bernard Pliska
Pamela Pliska
Christopher Pogson
Courtney Pogson
Mariah Pollock
Bernice Poloniak
Lois Postil
Steven Postil
Kirk Poteet
Marie Poteet
Miles Potter
Chanel Power
Daniel Powers
Christopher Powers
Robert Prael
Maria Preda
Graven Prest
C. J. Prettyman
Gina Prettyman
Morgan Prettyman
Jeremy Prinsen
Carol Rainey
John Ramirez
Richard Rathbun
Mary Seger
David Rau
Jacqueline Reaney
Christian Reaney
Karrie Reaney
Fred Reddel
Janet Reddel
Art Reichert
Miranda Reinhardt
Neil Reinhardt
Robert Requa
Amie Rettke
April Rhodes
Eileen Rice
Lindsay Rice
Lynne Rice
Richard Rice
Kep Rich
Gary Richards
Evan Richardson
Rebecca Richmond
Thomas Richter
Elke Riley
Robert Riley
Henry Rillos
Kara Rillos
Ryan Ring
Miguel Rivas
Alfonso Rivera
Edward Rivera
Josie Rivera
Brett Roberts
Nicole Roberts
Haley Roberts
Desmond Robinson
Patricia Robinson
Giselda Roche
Steve Roche
Todd Rockoff
James Cordova
Renee Rodda
William Rodes
Deanna Rodolph
Gregory Rodolph
Nancy Rodowsky
Duane Vincent
Beth Roe
Rex Roe
Anne Roediger
Alba Rojas-Sukkar
Nizar Sukkar
Shavanh Romero
Lauren Rosales
Sophia Rosas
Matthew Rosenmayer
Sayeh Rosenmayer
Marianne Ross
Randy Rubin
Julia Wada
Hunter Ruetz
Christopher Ruocco
Tina Ruocco
Michael Russo
Amora Rust
Eduardo Saavedra
Vicky Saavedra
Kathryn Safford
Thomas Safford
John Salcido
Julie Salsbery
Jamie Sampson
Bert Sanchez
Paula Sanchez
Diza Sauers
William Saul
Douglas Scherer
Teresa Scherer
Amy Schlitt
Henry Schneider
Jacqueline Schneider
Hubert Schneider
Peggy Schneider
Martha Schnurr
Ronald Schnurr
Frank Schoonover
Alyssa Schore
Dana Schrock
Judith Schuch
Richard Schuch
Trevor Schwartz
Don Sellers
Chuck Serventi
Melisa Serventi
Darlene Seufert
Neil Seufert
Michael Severson
Divesh Sharma
Amit Sharma
Mark Flamm
Christen Shelton Flamm
Joshua Makhoul

Alexandria Shinn
Nan Shoeib
Michael Shoemaker
Marq Short
Lise Sieber
Jeffrey Siegler
Christopher Siek
Lelan Simpson
George Sims
Aditya Singh
M. Dean Sives
Elizabeth Skirven
James Skirven
Jerel Slaughter
Nicole Yuan
Rosemary Slavin
Stephen Slavin
David Slomovic
Tammy Slomovic
Leslie Small
Susannah Small
Jack Smith
Janet Smith
Millard Smith
Amber Warrick-Smith
Sandra Smith
Rebecca Bigler-Smith
Tyler Smith
Matt Soldo
Andre Solis
Sherry Somerville
Luis Soto Carrillo
Ronald Spangler
Teresa Spangler
Sarah Sparks
Leslie Spelts
Trevor Spelts
Matthew Spicer
Robert Spiers
R. Scott Evans
Kelsey Spies Evans
Raluca Spirea
Melissa Splaine
Teague Splaine
Elizabeth Spohn
Shweta Srinivasan
Beatriz Stamps
Michael Stamps
Kathryn Starling
Desiree Steele-Zinger
Daniel Zinger
Benjamin Steers
Caleb Stephens
Kathleen Stevens
Clyde Stephens
Victoria Stephens
Gina Stewart
Gayla Stewart
Jack Stewart
Jacob Stone
Katrina Stoner
Bill Stordahl
Julie Stordahl
Cami Stosic
Nicholas Stosic
Eugene Stout
Eustaquio Suarez-Bernier
Joyce Suber
Tom Suhy
Sonia Susac
Marisa Allen
Tyson Swetnam
Hector Swidzinski
Matthew Swinford
Delinda Talbott
Lawrence Talbott
Jufang Tan
Mary Tatusko
Michael Tatusko
Gustavo Tavera
Rebecca Tavera
Oscar Tena
Gregory Thalmann
Lori Thalmann
Mathew Thalmann
John Thomack
Patricia Thomack
Allison Thompson
Carolyn Thompson
Anthony Tivnan
David Townley
Phyllis Townley
James Tribolet
Michaela Trimmer
Richard Tritchel
Melissa Tront
Julie Tung
Billy Turnage
Douglas Turner
Gayle Turner
John Turpen
Deepak Udupa
Karl Ulbrich
Marie Ulbrich
Laura Ullrich
Armando Urias
Alberto Urquidez
Kasey Urquidez
Cheryl Valdez
Annabelle Valenzuela
Jennifer Van Horn
Karen Van Steyn
Scott Van Steyn
George Vance
Robert Vanderhei
Felicia Vanterpool
Momo Vasilic
Vivi-Ann Vasilic
Tina Venable
Marsha Versen
Neil Versen
Patrick Viadero
Ben Vijayakumar
Kathleen Hamilton
Gus Vlahakes
Garrett Voge
Richard Vogelheim
Casee Vreeburg
Stuart Vreeburg
Clark Wager
Tara Walden
Daniel Walsh
Ling Wang
Nanjing Wang
Qin Wang
Yajie Wang
Haiqing Wu
Ye Wang
Tabitha Warner
Adam Waslefsky
Brent Watkins
Jennifer Watkins
Maile Weigele-Wolfe
William Welch
Jeffrey Welter
Carrie Wilkinson
Christopher Wilkinson
Adana Williams
Anne Williams
Keisha Williams
Kyle Williams
Lindsay Williams
Mel Williams
Scott Williams
Tyra Williams
Kyle Wilson
Randy Wilson
Kenneth Winkelmann
Nancy Winkelmann
Kristina Winkler
Gail Wirth
James Wirth
Judy Wisansky
Ronald Wisansky
David Wittmeyer
Nancy Wittmeyer
Shih Chang Wong
Jacy Woodruff
Evan Worle
Kelly Worle
Eleanor Wrenn
Kevin Wrenn
Shuping Wu
Youchen Wu
Donald Wynne
Mark Yampolsky
Martha Yarington
Sidhardha Yepuri
Erica Yngve
Richard Yngve
David Young
Jiewei Yu
Sarah Zacharias
Erin Zeller
Paul Zeller
Anne Zemberi
Haobo Zhang
Huacheng Zhang
Ye Zhang
Mike Zheng
Jay Zickerman
Stacey Zickerman
Jeffrey Zimmerman
Jill Zimmerman
Trent Zottoli
William Zukerman
Amy Zurlo

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. The individuals with bold names represent University of Arizona alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Addison Group
Allsup Family Charitable Foundation
Altria Group, Inc.
American Endowment Foundation
American Express Foundation
APS Foundation, Inc
Arizona Entrepreneurs' Organization
Arizona Public Service
Arthur and Joan Funk Charitable Foundation
Autodesk, Inc.
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Bank of America
Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund
BeachFleischman PC
Bell Landscaping, LLC
Bergen County United Way
Better Business Bureau of Tucson
Bourn Companies, LLC
Bright Funds - Employee Giving and Matching Gifts
Bud Kuhl Wood Bat Foundation, Inc.
Buggy Whip Enterprises
Caterpillar Inc.
CFA Society of Tucson
CFA Society Phoenix
Charities Aid Foundation Of America
Chicago Community Foundation
Cisco Systems Foundation
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Cushman & Wakefield

Dell Inc.
Deloitte & Touche
Deloitte Foundation
Deloitte LLP
Eide Bailly LLP
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Ernst & Young Foundation
FactSet Research Systems
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Fisher Investments
Frank, Rimerman & CO. LLP
Freeport-McMoRan Foundation
Geico (Tucson)
GEICO Direct
Genentech, Inc.
Ginger and Barry Ackerley Foundation
Goldman Sachs & Co
Grant Thornton LLP
Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc.
Haynie & Company
Heinfeld, Meech & Co, P.C.
Hock Bratcher Llp
Honeywell International Charity Matching
Honeywell International Inc
House of Broadcasting, Inc.
Hughes Federal Credit Union
Hyland Software
Ingram Micro
Insight North America, Inc.
Intel Foundation

Jewish Community Foundation Of Greater Phoenix, Inc.
Jewish Community Foundation Of Los Angeles
Karl & Stevie Eller Family Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Kroner Family Foundation
Line and Space LLC
Ludwig Klewer & Rudner, PLLC
Macy's / Bloomingdale's
Meritage Homes Corporation
Microsoft - Matching Gifts and Giving Campaign
Microsoft Corporation
Modern Mobility Systems Inc
Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc
Moss Adams LLP
National Philanthropic Trust
Nelson & Kennedy Financial Services
Neon Logistics
Northrop Grumman Charity Custodial Account
Pima Association of Governments
Pinterest Inc.
PNC Bank, National Association
Protiviti, Inc.
R & A CPAs
Rare Earth Financial Llc
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Raytheon Missiles And Defense
Raytheon Technologies
Red River Resources

Redwood Investment Management
Rees Literary Agency
Regier, Carr & Monroe LLP
REM Investment Management LLC
Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Riehm Family Foundation
Robbins Investment Company
Roberto Foundation
Rsm Us Llp
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sempra Energy
Shamrock Foods Company
Silent Partner Grants
Smith Family Foundation
Southern Arizona Leadership Council
State Street Bank & Trust Company
Stordahl Capital Management, Inc.
Sun Corridor, Inc.
Texas Instruments Inc
The American Online Giving Foundation
The Associated Inspiring Jewish Community
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
The Boston Consulting Group
The PIMCO Foundation
The Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation
Tucson Electric Power Co.
Valley of the Sun United Way
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Vanguard Group, Inc
Visa Inc
Weingart Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Williams-Sonoma Foundation
WorkDay, Inc.

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2021-June 30, 2022. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.

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Newly Endowed Funds

Arizona Legacy Scholarship

Mehar, Kamal, Yasser, Assad and Alayna
Endowed Scholarship

Stafford Family Scholarship

Artesian Endowed Scholarship

Native American Business Education Scholarship

Stevie Eller Endowed Faculty Professorship

Colonel Allen K. McDonald,
U.S. Army, Retired Memorial

Rachel Sarah Kipnis Memorial Scholarship

Tina and Terry J. Lundgren
Endowed Chair in the Eller College
for Marketing and Retail

Corson Family Endowed Scholarship

Riegger Family Scholarship

Schneider Family Scholarship

Madge and Zip Lesher Endowed Scholarship at Eller

Schneider Family Scholarship

Ye Fang Memorial Scholarship

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