Business Communication Program

Business Communication Program

It’s about what you say and how you say it.

The Business Communication Program helps all Eller students develop the communication strategies to excel in a global business environment.

Eller students step right into business communication their first semester, building essential written communication skills they’ll need to stand out. Business Communication is an important ongoing resource for Eller students at undergraduate and graduate levels. Business writing, presenting, digital communication and group communication will serve our graduates throughout their careers.  


Master the basics. Polish the details. Repeat.

Formal Presentations

You’ll learn about impactful slide design and helpful oral presentations that complement your slide content.

Business Writing

Get the practice and instruction you need to craft clear, concise, and compelling business documents.

Digital Communication

Work with virtual teams across multiple digital channels—while ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. 

Interpersonal and Group Communication

Practice collaboration and communication in unstructured environments, while embracing diversity and inclusion. 

Individual and Team Projects

Build experience scoping, designing, managing, and delivering work plans for team and individual projects.

Real Problems, Real People 

Most of us learn by doing. Use the classroom as an opportunity to identify strengths and correct weaknesses in a safe, supportive environment. 


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