Business Communication Undergraduate Program

Business Communication Undergraduate Program

Business Communication Cohorts

Upon entering the Eller College of Management, all undergraduate students participate in a semester-long course (BNAD 314) in a selected business cohort, each with a unique focus:

BCOM 314 introduces students to the skills needed to communicate effectively in a team-based, technologically enhanced environment. This course focuses on the communication strategies that are essential for success in a global business environment, while providing a small-class structure for exchanging ideas and building skills. As an exit measure, all students must demonstrate their writing proficiency in an electronic, in-basket exercise—the Mid-Career Writing Assessment—and demonstrate their presentation skills in a company-based or project-based case competition. A supplementary writing course (BNAD 315) is offered to provide additional support for those who need it.

Corporate Communication

The Corporate Communication track of BCOM 314 focuses on the challenges facing high-performing, publicly traded companies.  This track of BCOM 314 gives students the opportunity to develop fluency in an industry of their choice.  Students can further tailor their experience by focusing on a company’s domestic (US-based) or international business issues. 

The Corporate Communication track moves students purposefully through a process of analyzing, strategizing, and executing professional written messages and presentations, both individually and as part of a team.  At each stage in the process, instructors challenge and coach their students to develop the critical thinking, professional writing, and presentation skills they will need to succeed in the work place.



My business communications class gave me the opportunity to exercise my favorite aspect of business: presentations! It was the perfect environment to practice my speaking skills and work within a team.

Mimi Do, Corporate Communication Cohort

Consulting Communication

Students develop resume building experiences and professional communication skills valued in the work place through live consulting projects. The consulting track of BCOM 314 provides Eller undergraduate students with a challenging and dynamic classroom experience.  Through consulting projects, students work with local businesses and non-profit organizations to solve business challenges and implement effective strategies on real-world projects. The business communications programs offer two consulting tracks, Honors Consulting and College Social Responsibility (CSR) Consulting. Through consulting projects, Eller students contribute to making a positive impact on the Southern Arizona Community while building their professional expertise.

Over 1,500 Eller undergraduate students have participated in the consulting track. Since the inception of the BCOM 314 consulting track in Spring 2011, Eller undergraduate students have collectively provided over 20,000 hours of support to over 50 distinct client organizations.

Students in the consulting track work in teams on a joint project with a cross-curricular approach in their Business Communications, Marketing, and Management courses to assist local organizations in implementing successful business practices.

BCOM 314 consulting projects bring together Eller students and Southern Arizona organizations to make a measurable impact in our community.

Eller Students Learn

As students work with organizations in the community, they benefit from the chance to apply their knowledge and skills in consulting, business-related research, client management, presentation, and professional writing. Eller students also benefit from the opportunity to network with Tucson’s business professionals.

Tucson Organizations Benefit

As businesses and non-profits partner with Eller through CSR Projects, they benefit from Eller’s expertise as well as our students’ enthusiasm and professionalism. Most importantly, organizations come away with smart, implementable business solutions.

Our Community Improves

The success of the consulting projects is not only measured in business improvements or student learning, but community impact as well. Every project that students complete for local organizations contributes to the betterment of our community. Positive community impact is at the center of all our projects.

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Business Communication Undergraduate Courses

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Business Communication Undergraduate Courses

Business Communication Student Assistance

The Business Communication Program offers support for the following stakeholders through tailored communications modules and ongoing consulting resources:

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