Business Communication Graduate Courses

Business Communication Graduate COURSES

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For MBA students, we offer a dynamic and interactive approach to mastering advanced communication practices for business leaders.You will tackle a combination of individual and team-based assignments that include practical exercises such as representing a company in crisis to multiple stakeholders. You’ll also receive 360-degree team feedback plus developmental feedback from our teaching team. 

Deliverables that Matter

Success in the job market is dependent on more than your academic acumen. Recruiters also look for communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to succeed in a team, personal integrity , and analytical skills. 

MBA Courses

BCOM 510 for Evening MBA students is a two-unit course which advances our evening MBA students’ strategic interpersonal communication skills through a compressed and curated series of simulations, role plays, and team challenges. These activities are designed to deepen knowledge of communication strategies for a competitive and evolving work environment. Students participate in hands-on workshops and scenarios to rapidly identify individual strengths and target areas in public speaking, professional writing, crisis communication, and professional persona management. 

BCOM510 for Full-Time MBA students is a three-unit course that provides learners with multiple opportunities to identify and improve critical communication skills, study the impact of communication strategy within leading companies, and practice communication skills in a variety of simulations and workshops. Designed as an experiential learning experience, students benefit from an integrated approach to shaping career path, identifying and acquiring crucial soft skills (mastering the moment, delivering dynamic presentations, negotiating interpersonal communication style, generating business documents, surviving crisis communication) as well as creating a network of professional contacts and support. Enhanced with a distinctive speakers series as well as a bench of seasoned executives to participate int  simulations, this course provides students with a semester-long immersion into the complex and exciting world of business communication strategy 

MIS 509 is an overview of the methods, processes, and functions necessary for effective communication in today's high tech, global marketplace. The goals for this course are to develop the fundamentals of the requisite skills for competent written, oral, and team communication in professional environments. 


BCOM 510F is a Business Communication lab for graduate finance students designed to provide help with professional presentations, American English writing styles, and cultural expectations of the business world today. The lab presents a strategic approach to professional communication and principles of effective writing and speaking needed in a business context.  It provides additional practice for developing a more polished and professional persona.  A combination of individual and team-based activities equips international students to successfully identify and utilize corporate communication strategies to communicate with both internal and external audiences. 

For Online MBA students, we offer a dynamic and interactive suite of synchronous and asynchronous experiences to help you master advanced communication skills for business leaders. These include individual and team-based assignments and practical exercises such as representing a company in crisis to multiple stakeholders.  You’ll receive 360-degree team feedback plus developmental feedback from our teaching team to hone your strategic written, interpersonal, and verbal communication skills. 

Definitions of leadership vary, but a constant with any successful leader is the ability to identify root cause issues of existing challenges and target opportunities and/or solutions to move your organization closer toward its overall goals. Self-identification of strengths for leadership communication and communicating change are at the heart of this course. Toward this end, BCOM 512, a two-credit course, assists participants to more effectively communicate across the corporate communication stakeholder wheel.   As communication experts Dainton & Zelly assert, “Communication is not simply one more thing that happens in a professional life; it is the very means by which we produce our professional experiences – it is how we plan, control, manage, persuade, understand, lead, and so on.”  A hands-on and project-based course, this course takes leadership communication coaching into the workplace.