Business Communication Graduate Programs


MBA Business Communication Overview

Upon entering the Eller MBA program, graduate students are immersed in a culture focused on polishing the following business communications skills:

Business Writing
Learn the best practices of written communication regardless of the audience you target. Whether you are learning to generate a proposal, recommendations report, white paper, or a high-level management summary, our support team provides you with timely feedback, templates, and strategies for success.

Presentation Skills
As you train to become a leader, your ability to finesse multiple audiences determines how your vision is received and who buys into your plan. Learn how to reach the toughest skeptic, manage a hostile audience, build rapport, and bridge any gap. We’ll train you to learn how to manage the moment, the meeting, or the mission-critical presentation through multiple simulations and coaching sessions.

Real Problems, Real People
Whether managing board meetings or executive briefings, the media or a panel of analysts, or a hostile audience, our students present in simulations that are rooted in industry. The real audiences for these simulations are comprised of experienced business leaders. Since most of us learn by doing and realizing better ways of finessing, we use the classroom as an opportunity to identify strengths and correct weaknesses.

Business Communication Graduate Courses

Managerial Communication and Professional Development is the primary MBA-level business communication course.

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Business Communication Graduate Student Assistance

The Business Communication Program offers support for the following stakeholders through tailored communications modules and ongoing consulting resources:

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