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There’s a way for all of us to be a part of the bigger impact Eller makes.

It’s a difference that changes students’ lives long after they leave the classroom. When you support Eller, you make a mark on businesses and communities—thanks to the ideas and actions that are born right here. This is more than a school, and more than a network—and your gift, whether of time or expertise or funding, is much more than a gift. It’s a tradition of paying it forward.


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How to Engage with Eller

Be a part of the transformational magic that happens here. You might serve as a mentor, competition judge, guest speaker or interviewer. You can host a project with Eller Business Consulting and consider Eller students for internships and full-time jobs at your company. However you dive in, your experience and expertise will serve as a valuable tool to help forge Eller students’ futures.

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Eller College Associates

Are You an Eller College Associate?

Eller College Associates work to improve the Eller College experience for students, faculty and our broader community. ECA members may interview undergraduate students for professional admission, mentor undergraduate students, host externships and more.

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Eller College National Board of Advisors

This network of alumni, donors and friends of the Eller College plays a vital role in our resource development, communications and policy. They help shape who we are—and offer support along the way to help see it all through.

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