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Eller faculty have unique, leading-edge insights into business, and here they share information that can be immediately applied to your career and professional development.

Through webinars, white papers, blogs and more, these insights are also value-added if you are interested in learning more about Eller graduate business programs.

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The Case for High Impact Leadership

Joe Carella, Assistant Dean, Executive Education

In this webinar, Joe Carella, assistant dean of Eller Executive Education, provides practical tools executives can immediately deploy to improve specific capabilities and amplify business results.

Consumer Reviews are Key to Measure Quality

Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh, Assistant Professor of Marketing

New research by Assistant Professor of Marketing Anastasiya Pocheptsova Ghosh shows that the quantity of product reviews is often more important than higher product ratings.

Contrary to what you’d expect, higher product ratings don’t always translate into better sales. Instead, the quantity of product reviews—regardless of whether those reviews are positive or negative—is often much more important in the consumer’s decision process.

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How to Stay Ethical in an Unethical Climate

Paul Melendez, Professor of Practice in Management and Organizations

In this webinar, Paul Melendez, professor of practice in management and organizations, reviews the latest thinking on practicing ethical behavior and provides tips on how to ensure that, even on your worst days, you are not acting unethically.

Women and Leadership: Assertion and Perception

Elizabeth McClean, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

In this webinar, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations Elizabeth McClean leads you through her research on what happens when women speak up in the workplace and offers some behaviors that both women and men can adopt to support women at work.

Why a Cybersecurity Degree is Key to a Flourishing Career

Hsinchun Chen, UA Regents' Professor of Management Information Systems, Thomas R. Brown Chair in Management and Technology, Director, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Director, AZSecure Cybersecurity Fellowship Program

In this white paper, UA Regents' Professor Hsinchun Chen explores how to protect systems, networks and devices from cybersecurity threats; ways to develop skills to institute the best possible security measures; and preparing for your place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Eller's online Master's in Cybersecurity.

The Business and Application of Artificial Intelligence

Bikram Ghosh, Associate Professor of Marketing

In this webinar, Bikram Ghosh, associate professor of marketing, will walk you through the different flavors of machine learning, how they can be applied in your company and the risks and limitations of AI so that—buzzword or not—you can help your organization lead the way.

Communicating to Thrive, Especially During COVID 19

Mikel Chertudi, lecturer in business communications
Marisa Michaels, director of and lecturer in business communications 
Amber Owens, lecturer in business communications

How can we continue to build and maintain relationships in the absence of face-to-face communication? This webinar focuses on understanding our basic interpersonal needs of inclusion, affection and control, and cover how to effectively communicate our needs to others, as well as understand and accommodate others’ interpersonal needs, and how to best create immediacy and connection over screens in personal and professional contexts.

Wonder at Home | COVID-19 and the Economy

George Hammond, economic and Business Research Center director 
Price Fishback, Thomas R. Brown professor of economics
Alice Bonaime, associate professor of finance

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted nearly every aspect of day-to-day life and how the world operates, including the economy. In this webinar, Eller faculty discuss the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on the current economy, touching topics such as employment, new policies, average goods and services prices, and the predicted future of the national and local economy. 

Competition and Cooperation in the Workplace

Sarah Doyle, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

In this webinar, we will:

  • Unpack the positive and negative outcomes that predictably emerge within hierarchical and contested environments.
  • Detail some of the factors that may aid organizational efforts to maximize the beneficial, and minimize the dysfunctional, outcomes associated with these hierarchical environments.
  • Discuss how we can look ahead as COVID-19 continues to impact the way we communicate

Why Trust Matters

Oliver Schilke, Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, Associate Professor of Sociology (by courtesy), Director, Center for Trust Studies

This webinar is an opportunity for you to:

  • Recognize why trust matters in the workplace
  • Understand how trust can be produced
  • Discover what you can do to be an effective leader, employee and co-worker

The Price of Taking a Stance

Nooshin Warren, Assistant Professor of Marketing

This webinar will focus on what companies should know when they engage in corporate activism in order to alleviate any negative ramifications, including:

  • Who should deliver the message?
  • Is the stance a statement or an action?
  • Is the stance aligned with the company’s industry?
  • Are there external benefits to the stance?