Alumni Success

Alumni Success

Welcome to the Eller family of overachievers.

Eller has had generations of breakthrough entrepreneurs, visionary business leaders and talented individuals who’ve made a difference in their own lives, in organizations of all types, even in the world at large. You too can join our family of overachievers—a family that embraces achievement however you define it, whether that’s technology innovation or personal realization, C-suite success or community revitalization.

Our recent graduates work in all aspects of business, across a huge range of industries, for global enterprises and local startups. They work for companies such as Levi’s, the Chicago Cubs, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Google, Intel and General Motors. We also have many successful entrepreneurs among our alumni—Matt Van Horn, co-founder of Lyft, Trisha Roy, founder of Barn & Willow, and Sean Conway, founder of Pillow, recently acquired by Expedia.


Instead of just being on the treadmill and pushing through, I developed the skillset to live the life that I want every single day.

Henry Hendrix '98 MBA