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The Eller Business Consulting Program provides an opportunity for Eller graduate student teams to work directly with companies on semester-long consulting projects. Projects are unique to each company’s real-world business challenges and opportunities.


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The Business Consulting Project provides an excellent opportunity for companies to leverage high-caliber student talent to solve a business challenge. The students I’ve interacted with are phenomenal! Their fresh ideas, innovative thought leadership, enthusiasm and data-driven approach have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend the program, and am very impressed with the students I’ve interacted with.

Utaukwa Allen, Director, Workforce Development, Global Datacenters, Microsoft

Project Summaries

View Eller Business Consulting Project summaries by industry and sector. Use the industry name to view sectors and project scopes of work:

Sector Scope of Work
Consumer Goods and Services Create new sales forecasting model for company’s customer care unit that reduces complexity and increases efficiency and accuracy. 
Energy Create an economic model, conduct competitive analysis, analyze ecological impact and refine web-based smart phone interface. 
Manufacturing Create a financial model for future relocation and M&A activity based on an analysis of relocation costs, overhead reduction, machinery performance and labor costs associated with a consolidation. 
Technology Build a financial model that will help the client better understand the costs associated with software releases and hosting products.


Sector Scope of Work
Consumer Goods and Services Develop a model to track and monitor employee resources related to strategic projects based upon best practices for optimizing workforce performance. Create a change management plan to most effectively communicate the model’s benefit to the employee base.
Healthcare Create a comprehensive Healthcare Workforce Retention Plan to include key satisfaction drivers among current and past associates. Develop best practice summary complete with recommendations and steps for implementation.
Higher Education Create a business plan that includes a set of recommendations for addressing  future strategy to achieve sustainable revenue and operational efficiency.
Technology Develop CIO-level (POV) whitepaper and structured framework reflecting the key CIO considerations for planning and executing a set of organizational activities across a number of IT domains in preparation for a carve out, spin-off, split-off or divestiture.

Sector Scope of Work
Healthcare Identify best practices landscape for healthcare providers via web and mobile capabilities. 
Technology Create model for client’s IT project portfolio prioritization, helping them prioritize IT strategic initiatives based on their unique business needs.

Sector Scope of Work
Consulting Analyze the current statistical methodology used to assess the impact of advertising on consumer purchasing/usage behaviors and brand perception. Provide recommendations to enhance the data analysis and create clearer and more concise reports for clients.
Consumer Goods and Services Gather data and create a customer recruitment plan focused on improving customer service, developing a marketing strategy and improving the quality of the services provided.
Consumer Goods and Services Perform market research on industry utilization of social support channels (social media) to reduce traditional contact support. Identify how companies develop effective social support channels in a free-of-charge software environment. Include metrics utilized by companies to assess effectiveness of social support channels.  
Consumer Goods and Services Conduct an in-depth market segmentation review and analysis and provide recommendation to increase the efficiency of defined independent food service operator customer/segment dynamics.
Defense Create a strategic marketing plan for internal and external constituents that identifies commercial small space capabilities.
Healthcare Determine viability of a new product based on market analysis, product costs and revenue sources. 
Healthcare Create a social media strategy (in alignment with client communications strategy) that incorporates technology, value proposition/ROI, look and feel, infrastructure needs and a global launch strategy.
Healthcare Develop a comprehensive social media strategy for client that supports current brand initiatives and focuses on patient education. The strategy will enable the client to more effectively interface with patients and the medical community to enhance its brand presence and increase patient satisfaction.
Healthcare IT Determine the market needs for services in the laboratory and diagnostic software space.
Municipality Perform market research to determine overall branding effectiveness and service satisfaction for fire district residents.
Technology Develop a business proposal outlining a market strategy for data enrichment services.
Telecommunications Identify market segment with high potential for client products; within the market segment, identify market size, competitors, barriers to entry and client’s differentiators.  

Sector Scope of Work
Healthcare IT Assess client-customer contract addendum process and provide recommendations to reduce timeframe from customer purchase to contract addendum. Final deliverable is creation of a streamlined process.  
Manufacturing Provide an overview of current global manufacturing strategy and analyze and propose an improved strategy for two manufacturing locations.
Senior Living, Real Estate Provide recommendations regarding the control versus autonomy balance between client’s corporate headquarters and outlying facilities within five specific underperforming company processes.  

Sector Scope of Work
Consumer Goods and Services Develop a business plan for a new product launch under an existing brand, which includes recommendations for product positioning, package structuring, sizing, pricing strategy, distributing/shelving and key marketing mix elements.
Defense Develop a model that assesses the optimal support service delivery method for services in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia with the intent to apply the model in adjacent geographic regions. 
Energy Develop a statistical time-to-failure analysis of data on the operations of the charging pumps that can be used to make predictions about the life span of equipment, its reliability and probability of failure in different time periods. The data can then be used to compare the costs of different schedules for preventive maintenance and repair.   
Healthcare Analyze client internal, state and national healthcare data to identify insights from the data. Conduct industry analysis and track current developments in the healthcare policy.
Healthcare Develop a data-driven business case for recommended surgical service lines and major regional operating room expansions by analyzing the market for international patients seeking sophisticated surgical procedures.
Manufacturing Conduct a market environment analysis study on the trends/opportunities of the energy storage market within the telecommunications sector, identifying potential growth and potential competitor profiles.
Technology Perform analysis of competitor search capabilities and methodologies to identify client opportunities; formulate and prioritize key strategies for client implementation. 
Technology Create a sales forecasting model to predict inorganic growth for the medium business segment across two regions.

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