The Eller Way

Eller College Dean's Report 2019-20

Eller students

As a member at the Eller College community, you embrace a long and sustained culture of excellence.

Our college is nationally recognized, and your contribution is critical to our continued elevation. Our standards are high and call you to:

  • Do the right thing 100 percent of the time: INTEGRITY
  • Consistently surpass ordinary standards: EXCELLENCE
  • Create a community where everybody thrives: INCLUSION
  • Creatively anticipate and leverage change: INNOVATION 
  • See challenges as opportunities: DETERMINATION

This is The Eller Way

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From the Dean

To say that 2020 has been a year of tremendous change and uncertainty is an understatement.

In March, as COVID-19 emerged, the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona acted swiftly, moving hundreds of courses online in a matter of days and ramping up both resources and training for faculty to ensure seamless quality in our delivery of business education. A short few months later, the country was confronted with grief, rage and a sense of urgency around systemic racism and injustice—and in the Eller College of Management, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee launched the first of a series of facilitated conversations with students and alumni as well as developed and distributed a climate survey. These are just two efforts among many in the College’s contribution toward progress and peace.

In the midst of these watershed moments, Eller persevered with its important work—graduating hundreds of new alumni in May via a virtual graduation, hosting companies and organizations at our virtual career fairs, offering advanced technical skill-building through our Digital Innovations Track and contributing to thought leadership and policy change through academic research.

We are deeply grateful to all our alumni and friends who supported us through these ups and downs—please read some of your stories in this year’s annual report. The new year will continue to bring its own set of challenges and opportunities. We have no doubt that the Eller College will always find ways to thrive.

We remain committed to our mission of being a catalyst in transforming the future, and we invite you to join us

Paulo B. Goes
Dean and Halle Chair in Leadership
Eller College of Management
The University of Arizona

Where Our Alumni Go

The Eller Way  |  Create a community where everybody thrives: INCLUSION

Total alumni as of June 30, 2019.

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Investing in the Future of Eller

The Eller Way  |  Creatively anticipate and leverage change: INNOVATION


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New Eller College National Board of Advisors Members

The Eller Way  |  Do the right thing 100 percent of the time: INTEGRITY

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Thank You to Our Donors

Nothing we've accomplished would have been possible without tremendous support from donors like you.


Lisa Marie Eckert Robert Eckert

Karl Eller
Stevie Eller

Brian Franke
Clara Franke

Philip Hagenah
Susan Hagenah

Barbara McClelland
Celia McClelland
Kent McClelland
Seth Mones

Gail Stoner
Gates Stoner

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. The individuals with bold names represent UA alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Mary Bernal
Raymond Bernal
John Drachman

Laura Drachman

Chester Goldberg
Jay Hernandez 

Mark Macaluso
Sanita Macaluso
Virginia Macaluso

Melanie Ross
Robert Ross

David Smallhouse Sarah Smallhouse

Anthony Wingate Walter Zipperman

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. The individuals with bold names represent UA alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Susan Allen
William Allen

Joy Bidwell
Michael Bidwell Lindsay Bishop
Teresa Briggs Catherine Butler Ronald Butler

Hsinchun Chen
Hsiao-Hui Chow
Amarjeet Dhaliwal
Kirk Drummond
Yvette Drummond
Anne Dupont

Christine Fapp
Daniel Fapp
Bruce Ganin
Elizabeth Ganin
Bruce Gissing
Edythe Gissing

Gautam Gowrisankaran
John Hamilton
Steven Hilton
Suzanne Hilton
Catherine Jenkins William Jenkins

Carol McGuire Christopher McGuire
Michael Myers Michelle Myers

Laura Ospanik
John Panhuise
Vicki Panhuise
Keith Renken

Stephen Robbins
Douglas Rogers
Steven Russo
John Slosser
Joseph Soldwedel
John Switzer

Johnna Switzer
Brad Wolk
Linda Wolk

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. The individuals with bold names represent UA alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Venkat Badinehal
David Baggs
Leigh Baggs
Craig Barker
Morgan Barrick
Aaron Iffrig
Bruce Beach
Julie Beach
Chad Becker
Dena Becker

Kate Bello
Lawrence Bello
Barbara Bendalin
Marshall Bendalin
Edward Bennett

Andreas Blume
Leonard Bower
Marcia Bower
Alison Bratcher
Kevin Bratcher
Scott Brittenham
Kevin Burnett
Lois Burnett
Scott Cannon
Gary Chiate

Peggy Chiate
Andreas Coumides
Mary Coumides
Michael Coumides

Courtney Crosson
Juan Dahdah
David Damron
Kelly Damron

Robert Davis
Ashley Dembowski
Joel Dembowski
Owen Devlin

Karin Dufwenberg
Martin Dufwenberg
Laurie Eccard-Ellerman
Brian Ellerman
Beverely Elliott
Robert Elliott

Pat Engels
Richard Medland
Matthew Erickson
Merle Erickson

Michelle Erickson
Cheng Fang
Lisa Fannin
P. Robert Fannin
Darlene Felix
William Felix
Andrew Feng
Cynthia Fielding-Singh
David Fleming
Amanda Friedenberg
Lane Gaddy
Allison Glass
Antonio Galvao
Brian Gentile
Sarah Gentile

Paulo Goes
Mark Gonzalez
Audrey Gramling
Karen Greenlow
Marty Greenlow
Ronald Grodsky
Susan Grodsky
Lauren Gross
Sheldon Gross
Elise Grossnickle
Kenneth Grossnickle
John Hambacher
Nancy Hambacher
Ann Harris
Christopher Harris
Peter Harrison
Angela Heitzman
Shane Heitzman

Maxine Henig
Ralph Henig
Daniel Herbs
Nancy Hernandez
Karen Hoffman
Raymond Hoffman
Edith Hund
Brian Huston
Grant Isakson

Linda Johnson
Ray Johnson
Stuart Kasdin

Sue-Ann Kasdin
Carla Keegan
Alix Kelsey
Lyric Kite
Steven Kite
Julie Kyte
William Kyte
Colleen LaMantia
Thomas LaMantia
Cynthia Lazarz
Michael Lazarz

Derek Lemoine
Eric Lewis
Nicole Lewis
Halbert Lindquist

Carol Lomicka
William Lomicka
Czarina Lopez
Humberto Lopez
Ashley Lorimer
Matthew Lorimer
Virginia Lusch
Matthew Masters

Paul Mayfield
Susan Mayfield
Virginia McCoy
Scott McFetters
Raymond McGrath

Becky McHolland
Kevin McHolland
Jeffrey McKeever
Tahnia McKeever
Peggy McKennon
Robert McKennon
Philip McKenzie
Tracy McKenzie
Elizabeth Mittelstaedt
Reed Mittelstaedt
Leonard Mott

Nancy Mott
Patricia Murer
Mary Ann Murray
Bruce Nelson
Ellen Nelson

Charles Noussair
Dominic Ortega
Theresa Ortez
Timothy Ortez
Juan Pantano
Amy Patel
John Payne
Stacia Payne
Christy Piti

Michael Piti
Brian Pittluck
Robyn Pittluck

Candy Poels
James Reidy
Virginia Reidy
Michael Reilly

Joan Renken
Stanley Reynolds

Donald Riegger
Mallory Riegger
Kent Rollins
Margaret Rollins
Bernard Ruhl
Sandra Ruhl
Pamela Russo
Dee Ann Sakrison
James Sakrison

Arvind Singh
Albert Small
Bradley Smith
Kristen Smith
Zachary Snickles
Kevin Stombaugh

Teresa Stombaugh
Christopher Todaro
Katie Todaro
Mary Turner
Michael Turner
Jon Underwood
Tamsinn Underwood

William Waller
Andrea Weiss
Scott Weiss
David Weitzenfeld

Melanie Weitzenfeld
Cale Whittington
Marian Wilfert Beauchamp
Joseph Yob

Joyce Yob
Ned Zolman
Mark Zupan

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


John Abraham
Mary Abraham
Deborah Abrutz
Joseph Abrutz
Andrea Acosta
Florence Adamson
Larry Adamson
Jessica Adani
Jonathan Adani
Raiyyan Ahmed
Sara Aivazian
Tayo Akanni
Jonathan Alden
Dale Alimena
Heather Altman
Jeffrey Altman
Arthur Altvater
Luis Alvarez
Frederic Amberg
Holly Amici
Jason Amici
Paul Anderson
Jennifer Andreson
Meredith Ann Andrews
Michael Andrews
Robert Ansani
Ryan Appel
Lynda Applegate
Michael Arko
Nichole Arko
Tara Armstrong
Renee Aro
Thomas Aro
Beverly Assmar
Richard Assmar
Susan Athey
Dawn Avenida
Ron Avenida
Kregg Aytes
Peter Badenhuizen
John Bagley
Laurie Bagley
David Bailey
Matthew Bailey
Christina Baker
John Baker
Bruce Balder
Elyse Balder
Shawn Ballard
Patricia Ballew
Keith Bardel
Sharon Bartholomew
Warren Bartholomew
Ian Barton
Maura Battista
Carie Baumann
Michael Baumann
Barbara Baume
Ernest Baume
Daniel Baur
M. Susan Baur
Paige Bausman
Christopher Beadles
John Beeler
Travis Beeman
Donald Behnke
Kay Benedict
Louis Benedict
Kaitlin Bennett
Lehman Benson
Akweta Bereal
Bea Berg
Rosemary Berg
Leif Bergquist
Eric Berkley
Donald Bernheisel
Alaina Bernstein
Ron Bernstein
Steven Bertram
Bradley Beyer
Diane Biagianti
Lynn Binnie
David Bitner
Ilamin Bitoka
James Bjornholt
Lynn Bjornholt
Judy Black
Kevin Black
Roman Black
Eric Blazer
Joshua Blumenthal
Steven Boatright
Natalie Bohnet
Douglas Bollermann

Laura Bollermann
Judith Bologna
Rafael Bologna
Debra Bond
Susanne Borchaloui
Bret Borg

Nancy Borg
Judith Boros
Herbert Borovansky
Sara Boyd
Alan Bramoweth
Ellen Bramoweth
Joel Bramoweth

Linda Bramoweth
Henry Brandt
Martha Braun

Stephen Braun
Makoto Braxton
Tamarra Breiner
Patrick Brem

Derek Briese
Lauren Bringhurst
James Brintnall
Marilyn Brintnall
Kenneth Brooks
Justin Brossart
Dee Ann Brower
Andrew Brown
Anita Brown

James Brown
Karen Brown
Robert Brown
Susan Brown
Carol Bruneau
James Brushwood
Amy Bulgheroni
Legh Burke
Sean Burke
David Burnham
Alexander Bussoletti
Melissa Butsback
James Byrne

Marcia Byrne
Michael Calegari
Lisa Calkins
Ryan Calkins
Scott Campbell
Smyth Campbell
Silvia Campos-Mcdaniel
Christine Carbajal
Jaime Carbajal
Eric Carlson
Matthew Carr

Arlene Carroll
Jenaya Carter
Kathryn Carter

Robert Carter
John Casadei
Lori Casadei
Robert Caton
Mary Cavanaugh
William Cavanaugh
Anthony Chandler

Traci Chandler
Judith Charles
Linda Chen

Shannon Chen
Lin Cheng
Michael Chester
Michael Chin

Karina Chow
Christopher Churchill
James Chyz

Somer Chyz
Brandon Clarke
Kelly Clarke
Robert Clarke

Chandra Claw
Ryan Claw
Bruce Clayton
Niccolle Clifford
David Cohen
Louis Cohn
Jule Cole

James Collini
Karilyn Collini
Daniel Collins
Roseanne Collins
Tyler Cone

Christine Conway
Kevin Conway
Janet Corson
Rodney Corson
Eva Cota
David Cowen

Lori Cowen
James Coxon
Robin Coxon
Victoria Coxon
Joseph Crawford
Ronald Crowe

Sheila Crowe
Patricia Crowell
Stephanie Cunningham
Jeffrey Currier
Marissa Currier
Jennifer Dahlgren
Glenn Daluz

Michael Daly
Nicollette Daly
Matthew Damiano
Michael Danies
Clinton Davis

Paul Davis
Tyger Davis
Michelle Dawn
Rachael De La Rosa
Julie-Anne Dean
Timothy Dean
James DeAnda
Paula DeAnda
Nathan Debacker

Attilio Degiuseppe
Lori Degiuseppe
Alyse Dehn
John Dehn
Kelly Del Monte
Timothy Del Monte
Dana Delduco

James Delduco
Brian DelGhiaccio
Rebecca DelGhiaccio
Valerie Derryberry
Indraneel Dev
Jeffrey Deville

Deo Diaz
Sarah Diaz
Laura DiChristofano
Michael Dichristofano
D. Joseph Dickinson
Danelle Dobbins
Amy Doherty
Ann Doherty
Shawn Doherty
Holly Dolgaard
Travis Dollarhyde
James Donegan

Vincent Donofrio
Kathleen D’Onofrio
Vincent D’Onofrio
Sheila Donohoe
Frederick Dooley
Jennifer Dooley
Kevin Dooley

Kevin Dooley
Tracy Dooley
Ann Douglas
Katharine Drake
Kimberlyn Drew
Sean Drew
Kevin Dueck

Karen Dumelie
Lawrence Dumelie
R. Kirk Dunbar

Jack Dunn
Rosemary Dunn
Lisa Duran
Patricia Dye
Rick Dye
Charles Eggers
Bert Ehrmann
Courtney Ek
Wesam Eljerdi
Amy England

Andy England
Roman Eskue
Tanya Eskue
Helen Evers

Julie Ewing
Ilona Fague
Joseph Fague
Francis Fahey
Chet Farnsworth
Michael Farrow
Amah Fayosseh
G. Kevin Fechtmeyer

Holly Fechtmeyer
Frederick Feinsinger
Margaret Feinsinger
Mary Kay Feirson
Robert Feirson

Irene Fernandez
Ruben Fernandez
Donna Fessenden

Gary Fessenden
Paulina Fife
Terry Fife
Michael Figueroa
Carlos Fimbres
Kevin Fincher
Staci Fincher
Andrew Finley
Olivia Fleck
Kathryn Flynn
Kellen Flynn
Say Kin Foo
Karen Ford

Tom Ford
Sorale Fortman
John Fournier
Danielle Fowle

Izzy Freeman
Marilyn Freeman
Rodney Freeman
William Freitag
Stephen Fung
Mark Fusler
Samantha Gallegos
Julie Gal-Or
Ronen Gal-Or

Lauren Gammill
Michele Ganon
Yong Gao

Carla Garcia
Gary Garcia
Justo Garcia
Kassandra Garcia
Mark Garcia

Ramon Garcia
Theresa Garcia
Russell Garner
Holly Gatesmith
Jeffrey Gatesmith
Charles Gatwood

Karen Gatwood
Rebekah Gebing
Steven Gebing
Loren Geesey

Susan Geesey
Christa Gentile
Robert Gentile
Tara Gentry

Christopher George
Elizabeth George
Elizabeth George
Louis George
Sally Gestautas

Mrinal Ghosh
Julie Giachetti
Adolfo Girala
Gary Gitlitz
Sandra Gitlitz
Erin Glockner
Richard Goldman
Terri Goldman

Gabrielle Gore
Douglas Gorthy
Kathryn Gorthy
Glenn Grabski
Timothy Graunke
Christopher Graves

Tami Gray
Jon Green
Audrey Greenberg
Debra Greene

Juliana Grenier
Donald Grissom
Courtney Grossman
Lara Grossman
Marianne Grote
Britta Grubin
Peter Grubin

Kim Grusenmeyer
Robert Grusenmeyer
Estela Guerra
Eric Gumbs
Sharon Gumbs
Martha Hafen

Richard Hafen
Joseph Haines
Jordan Haley

Marc Haley
Andrew Hall
Catherine Hamilton
Norma Hamilton
Richard Hamilton

Tyler Hampton
Scott Handler
Joseph Hanna
Sean Harding
Arielle Hardy
Jason Harkness
Shalini Harkness
Sondra Harrington
Sydelle Harrison
Dustin Harshman
Harriet Harshman
Abigail Harvey
Gary Harwin

Lucinda Harwin
Hilla Hascalovici
Anne Haskins
David Hastings
Diane Hastings
Carol Hausler
George Hausler
Joe He
Aaron Heater
Matilda Heenan
Rory Heenan
Adolph Helgeson

Edna Helgeson
Nancy Heller
William Heller
Krista Henderson
Timothy Henderson
Dena Herbolich
Drew Herbolich

Joseph Hernandez
Kathleen Hernandez
Marcela Hernandez
Paul Herrera
Andrew Hertzfeld

Karen Hertzfeld
Max Hewitt
Ann Hickey
Thomas Hickey
Jay Higgins
Marci Hill

Scott Hill
Rachel Hinchman
Lin Hines
Tommy Ho
Kenneth Holbert
Marta Holl

Robert Holl
Marvin Holland
Allison Holly
Rebecca Holmes
Clifford Holtz
Thomas Hood

Myla Hooker
Marla Hoyle
Suzette Hoyt
Thomas Hoyt
Jessica Huber
Robert Huber
John Hudson

Rebecca Hughes
Sharon Huie
Darrel Hund
Harold Hunt

James Hunter
Janette Hunter
Catherine Hyatt
Craig Hyatt
Eric Iffrig
Tamara Iffrig
Dilnozahon Inoyatova
Jack Ittel

Patricia Jackson
Richard Jackson
Camryn James
Edward Janoff
Jordan Janoff
Thomas Jenkins

Linda Jernigan
George Jiang
Mitchell Joffe
Vicki Joffe
Bradley Johns
Jacqueline Johns
Everett Johnson
Janee Johnson
Krystle Johnson
Shimeka Johnson
Alexander Jones
Ryan Jones
Brandon Kaehr
Brittany Kagele

Jake Kagele
James Kastella
Linda Kastella
Jackson Kavrell
Kristi Kawamoto
John Keeler
Donald Keller

Merlene Keller
Jamie Kelley
William Kelley
Monica Kemsley
Katharine Kent
Allison Keuth
Hyo Jung Kim

Jeffrey King
Susan King
Charles Kinnard
Matina Kleiner
Matthew Kleiner

David Knox
Robin Knox
Kriste Kolasa
Linda Krull

Nancy Krywonis
Natalie Kujawa
Bhavana Kulangaroth
Hareesh Kumar
William Lamb
Asaf Plan
Ashley Langer
Andrew Langmade
Kathryn Langmade

Wyatt Langs
Brenda Lara
Dennise Larios
Morgan Larson
Phillip Lauterbach

Patti Lawhon
Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence L’Ecuyer

Retha L’Ecuyer
Joseph LeDuc
Marie Lee
Richard Lee
Robert Lee

Jenna Lefkowits
Margaret Leitner
Mark Leitner
Alan Leiwant

Anthony Leone
Sara Leone
Christine Levin

Michael Levin
Lawrence Levy
Marion Levy
Martin Levy
Mark Lew
Stephen Lew

Nancy Liang
Larry Lippow
Lila Lippow
Jeff L’Italien
Disen Liu
Shi Liu
Michael Loeschen
Christopher Long
Edward Long

Hillary Long
Anthony Lonigro
Mary Lonigro
Gabriel Lopez
Isabel Lorence
Alan Lowy
Elena Luevano

Elaine Lufkin
Roland Lufkin
Lynn Luger
Matthew Luger

Sandra Lusky
Leanne Lutkus
Ron Lutostanski
Binh Ly

Kelly Lyons
Barry Mac Ban
Laura Mac Ban
Elizabeth Macaluso
Samuel Macaluso
William MacKay

David Madden
Josie Madden
Judith Madden

Deborah Maddox
John Maddox
Ajay Madhvani

Atsuko Magick
Brad Magick
Thomas Mahler

Cherie Malkoff
Scott Malkoff
Christopher Mallory
Courtney Maloney
Patrick Maloney

Kim Mann
Peter Mantas
Christopher Marin
Jennifer Marshall

Keith Marshall
William Marshall
Sharon Martin
Steve Martin
Charles Martindill
Matthew Martinez

Raysa Martinez
Mark Mattis
Janet Mawson
Michael Mawson
Edward Maxwell
Kathryn Maxwell
Brian Mayhew
Rebecca Mayhew
Nancy McClure
Diana McCutchen
Matthew McCutchen
Deborah Mcdermott
Nancy McDonald
Paul McDonald
Sidney McDuff
Kelly Mcfarland
Thomas McGann
Ann McGrath
Sean McGrath
Joseph McKenzie
Carole McLean

James McLean
Patrick Mcnamara
Matt McWenie
Nancy Meech
Margo Messick
Alyssa Meyer
Keith Meyer

Martina Mickelberg
Matthew Mikucki
Cynthia Miller
Gregory Miller
Hayley Miller-Moore
George Milman
Lloyd Milne

Mary Milne
Allison Minarcik
Carol Mingus
Michael Mingus
Brett Mittelstaedt
Christine Mittelstaedt

Jane Moen
Kennon Moen
Scott Molos
David Monheit

Melissa Monheit
Deonte Moore
Andrew More

Keith More
Robin More
Margaret Moreno
Lindsay Morris

Michael Morris
David Morthland
Virginia Morthland
Dorothy Moses
Meredith Mullins
Jeannette Munoz
Francis Murphy

Katherine Murphy
Jaysen Mutha
Maria Nahmias
Camillo Napolitano
John Napolitano
Kristen Nedoba
Nicole Nehrbas

Keith Nelsen
Kim Nelson
Janet Neuenschwander
Paul Neuenschwander

Margaret Newell
Jamie Newell
Leslie Newell
William Newell
Nhan Nguyen
Brad Niese
Melody Niese
Jean-Luc Nikiema
Constance Nine
Matthew Noble
Risa Noble
Mark Nordbrock
Rosemarie Norine
David North
Penny North
Ana Nunez
Gabriel Nunez

Shelly Nuss
Briana Nute
Tim O’neill
Emily Oceretko
Andrea O’Connor
Charles O’Connor
Daniel Odell
Nancy Oder Vincent

Janet O’Hare
John O’Hare
Eiji Okuyama
Yewande Olabumuyi
John Olson
Cameron Omoto

Gina O’neill
Alicia Orabuena
Jason Orabuena
Kevin Orduno
Gloria Ornelas
Daniel Oseran
Samuel Owen
Rowdy Oxford

Katherine Palmer
Steven Palmer
Dante Paluselli

Eileen Paluselli
Brent Papek
Richard Paradiso
Carol Parks

Harry Parks
Roger Parks
Leila Parmee
David Parmenter

Marianne Parmenter
John Paul
Judith Peecook
Paul Peecook
Michael Penn
David Perez
Maria Perez
Chad Perham
William Perius
Amanda Perkins
Garth Perry
Todd Perry
Christopher Pershing
Rakesh Peter
Jessica Peters
Michael Petrarca
Yar Petryszyn

Cathy Pham
Huong-Tra Pham
Martin Philpot
Allen Pierce

Amy Schulstad
Kristen Pierson
Nicolas Pierson

Carlos Pineda
Nancy Pinkerton
Michael Pintek
Amy Pitman

Barbara Platt
David Platt
Henry Platt
James Pohl
Jean Polhamus

John Polhamus
Bernice Poloniak
Vera Porter
Lois Postil
Steven Postil
Morgan Prettyman
Robert Putman
Margaret Raihl

Jose Ramirez
Michael Randall
Rafael Rascon
Kevin Rasmussen

Benjamen Rathsack
David Rau
Afsaneh Razavi
Matt Rea
Scott Remington
Justin Replogle

Barbara Reuter
David Reuter
John Reynolds
Gary Richards
Bracken Richardson
Natalie Richardson
Rebecca Richmond
Linda Rickabaugh
Ronnie Rickabaugh
Jeffrey Ries
Alfred Riggs

Carole Riggs
Elke Riley
Robert Riley
Edward Rivera
Josie Rivera
Lawrence Robbins
John Roberts
William Rodes
Theodore Rodgers
Aaron Roeschley
Rachel Rogowski
Darren Rohde

Laura Rosa
Melissa Rose
Mark Ross
Samuel Ross

Mirta Rothacher
Ronnie Rothacher
Robert Rubendall
Randy Rubin
Derek Ruckman

Cynthia Rupp Valdez
Mitchell Rusbarsky

Daniel Russomanno
Shelly Rustagi
Quinn Rydberg
Dora Saikhon
John Salcido
Ann Salutz
Kelly Santar
Scott Sargent
Sujata Sarkar
Ashley Sauciuc
Vlad Sauciuc
Jane Schatzberg
Jeffrey Schatzberg
Douglas Scherer
Teresa Scherer
Harry Schlosser
Patricia Schlosser
Hubert Schneider
Peggy Schneider
Cynthia Schofield
Yvonne Schoolcraft
Frank Schoonover
Linda Schrock
Stanley Schrock
Eric Schulze
Daniel Schuster
John Schutter

Roy Schwantner
Wendy Schwantner
Natalie Scibilia
Ashley Scorsatto

Stefan Scotzniovsky
Yumi Scotzniovsky
Ryan Seeton
Pamela Seiler
Steven Seiler

Darlene Seufert
Neil Seufert
Steven Seyller
Teresa Shaft
Melissa Shanahan
Mark Sharfman

Dayna Shay
John Shea
Patrick Shearer
Michael Shoemaker

Richard Sias
Lise Sieber
Edward Silverberg
Sherri Silverberg
Jesse Simpson
Lawrence Singer
Richa Singh

Jerel Slaughter
Michelle Slentz
Sean Slentz
Alexandria Sloan
Lauren Sloan
Georgina Smith

Jalynn Smith
Jason Smith
Lena Smith
Mark Smith
Ray Smith
Thomas Sonnleitner
Richard Spencer
G. Peter Spiess

Stacey Spink
Eric Splaver
Jennifer Splaver

Bridget Standring
Thomas Standring
Kathryn Starling

Terry Staten
Desiree Steele-Zinger
Joshua Stein
Lisa Stein

Alan Steinberg
Aubrey Steinberg
Valerie Steinberg
Gayla Stewart
Jack Stewart
Jacob Stone

Cami Stosic
Nicholas Stosic
Eugene Stout

Heather Strasser
Eric Strauss
Victoria Strauss
Cristiane Street
William Street
John Stringer
Khuyen Stroud
Brenda Strutz
Eric Strutz
Hua Su
Stephanie Swann

Donna Tannatt
Gustavo Tavera
Rebecca Tavera
Blake Tawney
Christian Tawney
Erin Tawney
Mark Taylor
Wesley Taylor
Lauren Tennenbaum

Mario Teran
Trisha Tetreault

Gregory Thalmann
Lori Thalmann
Daniel Thatcher
Kristin Thayer

Jeffrey Thomas
Mary Thomas
Caitlin Thorn
Philip Thornton
David Thorson

Katherine Thull
Todd Thull
Michael Tobin
Stacy Tobin
Gloria Tomlin
Adrienne Torre

Eva Torre
Gabriel Torre
David Townley

Phyllis Townley
John Tracey
Mark Tracht
Richard Tritchel
Michelle Tucker
Katherine Tunsky
John Ungvary

Mary Jane Ungvary
Armando Urias
Michele Valliere
Robert Valliere
Andrew Vallone
Jennifer Van Egmond
Momo Vasilic
Vivi-Ann Vasilic
Edward Vichich
Duane Vincent
John Vincent
Richard Vogelheim
Elroy Voss

Julia Voss
Julia Wada
Susan Wadman
Phoebe Chalk

Earl Wadsworth
Clark Wager
Jacob Walker

Jimmy Walker
Nancy Walker
Tiffany Walker
Daniel Walsh
Greg Watson
Patricia Wawrzynek
Tamara Weiner
Todd Weiner
Dina Weiss
Peter Wentis
Brian Wentzel
Peter West

Edward Whitcher
Lynn Whitcher
Mark Wickham
Barbara Wiess
William Wiess

Anne Williams
Frederick Williams
Janet Williams
Mary Williams
Mel Williams
Rachael Williams
Scott Williams
Thomas Williams
Andrea Williamson
Robert Wilson
Kristina Winkler

Judy Wisansky
Ronald Wisansky
Peggy Withers

Robert Withers
Matthew Wolf
Kim Wolfson

Mary Anne Wolfson
Tyler Worden
Tiemen Woutersen
Mckay Wright
Dave Writz
Julie Writz
Yang Xiang
Mo Xiao
Mark Yampolsky
Erica Yngve
Richard Yngve
Edward Young

Nicole Yuan
Beichuan Zhang
Tian Zhang
Quanhua Zhou
Alan Ziblat
Jay Zickerman
Stacey Zickerman
Daniel Zinger
Timothy Zingraf
William Zukerman
Diane Zuspann
Eugene Zuspann

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


ADP TotalSource
Alliance Bank of Arizona
Altria Group, Inc.
Amazon Web Services, Inc
American Endowment Foundation
American Express Foundation
The American Online Giving Foundation
Amgen Foundation
Arizona Community Foundation
Arizona Public Service
Arthur and Joan Funk Charitable Foundation
Aslan Foundation
AT&T Corporate Office Headquarters
Atlantic Demolition Inc
Autodesk, Inc.
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Baldwin & Baldwin PLLC
Bank of America Foundation
BD Matching Gifts Program -- Matching Gifts
BeachFleischman PC
Bergen County United Way
Boeing Company - Matching Gifts
Bourn Companies, LLC

Brittenham Family Foundation
Brookfield Asset Management
Bud Kuhl Wood Bat Foundation, Inc.
Business Software Consulting LLC
Caterpillar Inc.
Charles Schwab
The Coleman Foundation
Comcast Corporation
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Coretech Leasing, Inc.
CSAA Insurance Group
Cushman & Wakefield
Dave North Roofing Corp.
Deloitte Foundation
Delta Sigma Pi
Diversified Property Management
Eide Bailly, LLP
Eller Accounting Student Association (ASA)
Eller College Student Council (ECSC)
Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
FactSet Research Systems
Frank, Rimerman & CO. LLP
GEICO Direct
Goldman Sachs & Co
Grant Thornton Foundation - Matching Gifts
Groupon Inc
H.N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation
Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc.
Heineken USA
Heinfeld, Meech & Co, P.C.
Henry & Horne LLP
Honeywell Hometown Solutions
Honeywell International Charity Matching
Honeywell International Inc
House of Broadcasting, Inc.
Hyland Software
IBM International Foundation
Illegal Petes Inc
Intel Corporation
Intel Foundation
Jewish Community Foundation

John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Foundation
JPMorgan Chase
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Ludwig Klewer & Rudner, PLLC
LuLu's at the Pruneyard, Inc.
LuLu's at Town and Country Village, Inc.
LuLu's on Laurel, Inc.
LuLu's on Main Street, Inc.
LuLu's on the Alameda, Inc.
M.A.S. Real Estate Services
Macy's / Bloomingdale's
McDonald's Corporation - Matching Gifts
Meritage Homes Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Mister Car Wash
Oracle Capital Advisors
Oracle NetSuite
Pima Association of Governments
PIMCO Foundation

Qualcomm Charitable Foundation
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
Raytheon Company
Raytheon Missiles And Defense 
Red River Resources
Regier, Carr & Monroe LLP
Riehm Family Foundation
Robbins Investment Company
Robert Half International Inc
Ross Capital, LLC
Sargent Metalworks
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sempra Energy
Sentinel Pass Foundation
Shamrock Foods Company
Shell Oil Co. Foundation
Sherwin-Williams Company
Sierra Mining and Crushing LLC
Smith Family Foundation
Southern Arizona Leadership Council
Southern Arizona Roof Associates LLC
Sun Corridor, Inc.
Texas Instruments Inc

Thomas R. Brown Foundation
TIAA Charitable
Toyota Motor Sales USA - Matching Gifts
Tucson Electric Power Co.
Tucson Orthopaedic Institute
U.S. Chess Federation
UBS Foundation USA
United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona
US Foods
Valley of the Sun United Way
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Vanguard Group Foundation
Vanguard Group, Inc
Voya - Matching Gifts and Employee Giving
Weingart Foundation
Zfi Holdings, Llc

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.

Planned Gift Donors

A special thank you to all those who have left the Eller College in their estate giving plans.

  • Catherine and Ronald Butler
  • Ruth Ann and Steven Pollyea
  • John and Nancy Hambacher
  • Barbara and William Wiess

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.

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In Memoriam

Sheila Crowe
Karl Eller

Margaret Feinsinger
Chester Goldberg

Ralph Henig
Merlene Keller

Joan Renken
Pamela Russo

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