The Eller Way

Eller College Dean's Report 2018-19

Eller students

As a member at the Eller College community, you embrace a long and sustained culture of excellence.

Our college is nationally recognized, and your contribution is critical to our continued elevation. Our standards are high and call you to:

  • Do the right thing 100 percent of the time: INTEGRITY
  • Consistently surpass ordinary standards: EXCELLENCE
  • Create a community where everybody thrives: INCLUSION
  • Creatively anticipate and leverage change: INNOVATION 
  • See challenges as opportunities: DETERMINATION

This is The Eller Way

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From the Dean

Now entering my fourth year as Dean of the Eller College of Management, I am struck by the accomplishments and milestones we’ve achieved toward our goal of being a top public business school.

The foundation of our recent success rests on the implementation of our strategic plan, which helped clarify our identity and path forward and gave us a compelling vision and orientation. Coming together around the strategic plan helps enhance the strong quality of our undergraduate program and has led to increased interest in our MBA and specialized master’s programs. In fact, at the MBA level, we have risen in national rankings conducted by Bloomberg Businessweek and U.S. NewsWorld Report, and in part due to the launch of our Technology Leadership Program, we saw a 17 percent increase in MBA applications. Additionally, we have launched online, hybrid and dual degree programs that appeal to a growing population of working professionals. Our forward-looking portfolio of programs is helping position Eller as the business school for the fourth industrial revolution.

Additionally, the prominence and productivity of our outstanding research faculty is something we can all take pride in. Seeing junior, tenure-track and senior professors alike make relevant connections makes our efforts to fund their research worthwhile. The hard work, creativity and dedication they take into the classroom to shape and advance the minds of tomorrow is inspirational.

Nothing we’ve accomplished these past three years would have been possible without tremendous support from members of the Eller National Board of Advisors as well as donors like you. The Eller College flourishes and is enriched because of your support. We are grateful that you give to our college and to our students in innumerable ways. With your continued support, we have all the ingredients needed to address the challenges of business education in the innovation economy, priming the Eller College for even greater progress.

Please explore our accomplishments in this annual report. We will continue to keep you informed about our initiatives during the coming year, and we look forward to hearing from you.

On behalf of the entire Eller College of Management community, thank you for your continued support.

Paulo B. Goes
Dean and Halle Chair in Leadership
Eller College of Management
The University of Arizona

New Faculty and Staff

The Eller Way  |  Consistently surpass ordinary standards: EXCELLENCE

Associate Professor of Economics
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

labor economics, health economics, applied microeconomics

Assistant Professor of Economics
PhD, University of Michigan

labor economics, economics of migration, applied microeconomics, applied econometrics

Assistant Professor of Marketing
PhD, University of Texas at Austin

digital marketing, mobile advertisement, marketing analytics and machine learning/artificial intelligence

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
PhD, University of California, Los Angeles

systems security and reliability, Internet of Things, mobile 4G/5G, cloud computing

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
PhD, Texas A&M University

healthcare operations and payment models, food safety logistics

Interim Associate Dean, MBA Programs

Assistant Dean of Finance and Administration


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2018-19 Enrollment

The Eller Way  |  See challenges as opportunities: DETERMINATION



New ON-GROUND Pre-business and Pre-economics freshmen


New ONLINE Pre-business freshmen


juniors started the upper
division cohort in BRAZIL


juniors started the ON-GROUND upper division cohort



Full-time MBA

Evening MBA

Executive MBA

Online MBA


Where Our Alumni Go

The Eller Way  |  Create a community where everybody thrives: INCLUSION

Total alumni as of June 30, 2019.

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Investing in the Future of Eller

The Eller Way  |  Creatively anticipate and leverage change: INNOVATION


million raised


first time major gift donors
gifts ranging from $25-$900K


increase in donations


personal development visits

Donor Funding by Campaign Priority

Academic Programs


Faculty Research and Development


Learning Spaces


Student Support


Total Funding by Type

Endowment Gifts


Expandable Gifts


Endowment Interest


Total Funding for Sponsored Research


Significant Gift Areas

New Eller College National Board of Advisors Members

The Eller Way  |  Do the right thing 100 percent of the time: INTEGRITY

Brian Gentile
Managing Director, CEO Coach

Vicki Panhuise

VePoint Consulting Group

John Hambacher
Director, Print and Digital Operations

Laura Shaw

Senior Vice President

Tom LaMantia
Co-founder, Managing Director
Magenium Solutions

Cristie Street


Raj Menon
Chief Marketing Officer

Deron Webb

Managing Principal
WWP-State and Local Tax Consultants

Mike Myers
Managing Director and Founder, Cross and Wild
Founding Partner, CrowdPharm

Anthony Wingate
Senior Sales Executive


Meet the National Board of Advisors

Thank You to Our Donors

Nothing we've accomplished would have been possible without tremendous support from donors like you.


Lisa Bongiovanni
Robert Eckert
Mary Bernal

Raymond Bernal
Ayco Charitable FoundationThomas R. Brown Foundation

Shamrock Foods Company
H.N. & Frances C. Berger Foundation

Philip Hagenah
Susan Hagenah

Chicago Community Foundation

Walter Zipperman
Gina Neder
Lacy Stagner
Susanne Stagner

Karl Eller
Stevie Eller

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Alan Dennis
Laurie Fusco
Thomas Fusco
Bucky Hazan
David Hazan

Steven Hilton
Suzanne Hilton
Catherine Jenkins
William Jenkins
Carol Lee

Olden Lee
George Livermore
Laura Livermore
Raynolde Pereira
David Spinelli

Anthony Wingate
Pima Association of Governments
Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation

Red River Resources Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Adobe Systems
Altria Group

Ernst & Young Foundation
Tucson Electric Power
Southern Arizona Leadership Council

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Susan Allen
William Allen
Deborah Barrie
Michael Barrie
Bruce Beach
Julie Beach
Leonard Bower
Marcia Bower
Teresa Briggs
Catherine Butler
Ronald Butler

Amarjeet Dhaliwal
Anne Dupont
Christine Fapp
Daniel Fapp
Brian Franke

Clara Franke
Lane Gaddy
Bruce Gissing
Edythe Gissing
Allison Glass
Jay Jennings
Stuart Kasdin

Sue-Ann Kasdin
Carol Lomicka
William Lomicka
Carol McGuire
Christopher McGuire
Jeffrey McKeever

Tahnia McKeever
Amanda Messina
James Messina
Michelle Myers
Michael Myers

Laura Ospanik

John Panhuise
Vicki Panhuise
Charles Pettis
Patricia Pettis
Stephen Robbins
Robert Ross
Melanie Ross
Lisa Rulney
Ross Rulney

Nancy Salter
Peter Salter
John Slosser

John Switzer
Johnna Switzer
Andrea Weiss
Scott Weiss

Sun Corridor
Merchants Information
Meritage Homes
American Endowment

Jewish Community
Foundation Of Greater
Riehm Family
The Coleman Foundation
Fisher Investments
Raytheon Company

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Venkat Badinehal

Kate Bello
Lawrence Bello
Alison Bratcher
Kevin Bratcher
Scott Brittenham
Hsinchun Chen
Hsiao-Hui Chow
Daniel Collins
Andreas Coumides
Mary Coumides
Ralph DeCesare

Sari DeCesare
Kirk Drummond
Yvette Drummond
Patricia Engels
Lauren Gross
Sheldon Gross
Linda Johnson
Ray Johnson
Carla Keegan

E. Kendrick
Randy Kendrick
Becky McHolland
Kevin McHolland

Richard Medland
Elizabeth Mittelstaedt
Reed Mittelstaedt

Chris Pedersen
Lisa Pedersen
Keith Renken
Margaret Schneider
Michael Schneider
William Sheoris
Jay Stein
Kevin Stombaugh

Teresa Stombaugh
Jon Underwood

Tamsinn Underwood
Deron and Heather
David Weitzenfeld

Melanie Weitzenfeld
Jianghong Zhao
Datatel Scholars
GEICO Direct
Rob and Melani Walton

Servicios Administrativos
Fresnillo S.A. de C.V.
Smith Family Foundation
Tucson Foundations
Schwab Charitable Fund
International Council
of Shopping Centers

Eller College Student
Zanes Law
Copper & Gold
Goldman, Sachs
Sempra Energy
Sundt Construction
Jewish Community
Arizona Public Service

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Andrew Acedo
Christopher Ackerley
Diana Ackerley
Yean Ananto
David Baggs

Leigh Baggs
Joelle and Chris Benson
Kevin Burnett

Lois Burnett
Christopher Campisano
Lezlie Campisano
Kim Cleworth
Robert Davis

Anthony Della Salla
Debbie Donahue
Hugh Donahue
Darlene Felix
William Felix
Cynthia Fielding-Singh
Brian Gentile
Sarah Gentile

Paulo Goes
Ronald Grodsky
Susan Grodsky
John Hamilton
Peter Harrison

Maxine Henig
Ralph Henig
Stanley Hilkemeyer

Susan Hilkemeyer
Kevin Kennedy
Sandra Kennedy
Dennis Kuhl
Julie Kyte
William Kyte
Emilio Lacal
Maria Lacal
Colleen LaMantia
Thomas LaMantia
Eric Lewis
Nicole Lewis
Matthew and Diana
Peggy McKennon

Robert McKennon

Amanda Muir
Mary Ann Murray
James Reidy
Virginia Reidy

Donald Riegger
Mallory Riegger
Sarah Shaikh
Jay Shepard

Pamela Shepard
Arvind Singh
William Waller
Cale Whittington
Brad Wolk
Linda Wolk
Clark Woolston
Ronelle Woolston

Ned Zolman
Bank of America
Ernst & Young
Sundt Companies
Wal-Mart Stores
Enterprise Holdings
Enterprise Leasing
Company of Phoenix
Frank, Rimerman & Co.
Ginger and Barry
Ackerley Foundation
Graesser Foundation
Heinfeld, Meech & Co.
Lucille E. Williams

Metropolitan Tucson
Convention and
Visitors Bureau
R & A CPAs
Tom James Company
Delta Sigma Pi
BBVA Compass
Compass Bancshares
Grant Thornton
CFA Society of Tucson
Harry Grodsky & Co.
Arizona Community

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Michael Arko

Nichole Arko
Barbara Barrett
Craig Barrett
Gary Beauchamp
Allyson Beckham
David Beckham
Maria Cagnina
Scott Cannon
Brian Christensen
Donna Christensen
Ashley Dembowski
Joel Dembowski
Amy Doherty

Katharine Drake
Laurie Eccard-Ellerman
Brian Ellerman
Beverely Elliott
Robert Elliott
Matthew Erickson

Michelle Erickson
Ye Fang

George Figueroa
Carlos Fimbres

Gautam Gowrisankaran
Audrey Gramling
Karen Greenlow
Marty Greenlow
Daniel Grubb
Michael Hald
Andrew Harris

Stephanie Harris
Angela Heitzman
Shane Heitzman
Nancy Hernandez
Julie Hughes
Edith Hund
Grant Isakson

Beth and I. Michael
Candy Katich Poels
Hyo Jung Kim
Lyric Kite
Steven Kite
Yiming Li

Deborah Maddox
John Maddox
Edward Maxwell

Kathryn Maxwell
Paul Mayfield
Susan Mayfield
Philip McKenzie
Tracy McKenzie
Joan Merryman
Richard Merryman
Chad Montgomery
Leonard Mott

Nancy Mott
Frank Murphy
Bruce Nelson
Ellen Nelson
Timothy Olson
Barbara O’Rielly
Richard O’Rielly
Jacobus Oschmann

Michelle Oschmann
Tyler Page
Amy Patel

John Payne
Stacia Payne
Brian Pittluck
Robyn Pittluck

Julia Preston-Olson
Michael Reilly
Melissa Rose
Dee Ann Sakrison
James Sakrison
Joseph Schofield

Nancy Schofield
Bradley Smith
Kristen Smith
John Taylor
Julie Taylor

Katherine Thull
Todd Thull
Christopher Todaro
Katie Todaro
Mary Turner
Michael Turner
Jean Vock

Richard Vock

Marian Wilfert
Glenn Williams

Sandra Williams
Kimberly Yin
Steven Yin
Erica Yngve
Richard Yngve
Joseph Yob

Joyce Yob
Arthur and Joan Funk
Charitable Foundation
Better Business Bureau
of Tucson
California State Outdoor
Advertising Association
Eller Accounting Student
Eller Advocates Club
Sage and Silver

The Richard M. Schulze
Family Foundation
Phoenix Thunderbirds
TCI Wealth Advisors
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Ernst & Young
Deloitte & Touche
Ludwig Klewer & Rudner
Nelson & Kennedy
Financial Services
Regier, Carr & Monroe
Salt River Project
Silverado Technologies
UA Luna Venture
Honeywell International
Charity Matching

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Deborah Abrutz
Joseph Abrutz
Stacy Adams
Amy Aflatooni
Susan Albring

Elizabeth Aldrich
Thomas Aldrich
Alison Althof
Heather Altman
Jeffrey Altman
Frederic Amberg
Holly Amici
Jason Amici
Mindy Amster Beechen

Meredith Ann Andrews
Michael Andrews
Lynda Applegate

Marie Archibald
Renee Aro
Thomas Aro
Susan Athey

Bindu Ayyappan
Rajesh Ayyappan Menon
Matthew Bailey
Lauren Bailey

Doris Baker
Patricia Ballew
Roger Bamberger
Nicholas Bambury
Marla Barefield
Craig Barker
Christine Barnes

Nicholas Barnes
Betsey Bayless
Christopher Beadles
Jerri Beatty
Robert Beatty

Adam Beechen
Robert Beeks
Travis Beeman
April Beltran
Juan Beltran
Barbara Bendalin
Marshall Bendalin
Brian Benesch

Julie Benesch
Edward Bennett
Kaitlin Bennett
Nancy Berge
Donald Bernheisel
Devon Bilsing
Ilamin Bitoka
Joshua Blumenthal
John Bolinger

Patricia Bolinger
Stanley Bosich
Alan Bramoweth
Ellen Bramoweth
Martha Braun

Stephen Braun
Makoto Braxton
Derek Briese
Andrew Brown

Susan Brown
James Brushwood
Robert Bulla
Joel Burstein
Scott Butterfield
Barry Byers
Nonilyn Camargo

Christopher Camargo
Angela Campbell
Loran Candlish

Joan Capen
Richard Capen
Constance Carroll
John Casadei
Lori Casadei
Carol Catherall
Michael Catherall
Anthony Chandler

Shannon Chen
Martha Churchill
Thomas Churchill
James Chyz
Somer Chyz
Monte Cinnamon
Robert Clarke

F. Wesley Clelland
Julie Clelland
Virginia Clements
Bradley Cochran
Starr Cochran

Leslie Cohen
Michael Cohen
David Cohen
Louis Cohn
Jerry Colangelo
Joan Colangelo
James Collini
Karilyn Collini
Christine Conway
Kevin Conway
Janet Corson
Rodney Corson
Michael Coumides
David Cowen
George Glover

Holly Glover
Betty Golden
Doyle Golden
Lindsay Goldman
Nathan Goldman
Richard Goldman
Terri Goldman

Jean Gordon
Michael Gordon

George Graves
Shawn Green
Matthew Greenlund

Kari Greenwalt
R. Todd Greenwalt
Colleen Greenway
Hubert Greenway
Lori Cowen
Jennifer Cox
Richard Cox
Ronald Crowe
Sheila Crowe
Patricia Crowell
Hunter Curtis
Michael Daly
Nicollette Daly
David Damron
Kelly Damron
Michael Danies
Melissa D’Auria
David Deaustin
Michael DeBell
Robyn DeBell

Ann Denk
Gregory Denk
Trevor Derrett
Valerie Derryberry
Roman DeSanctis
David DeValk

Kathleen DeValk
Owen Devlin
Donald Diamond
Deo Diaz
Sarah Diaz
Holly Dolgaard
Kimberlyn Drew

Mary Durham-Pflibsen
Geoffrey Edmunds
Jane Edmunds
Nadia El Murib
Aleksander Ellis
David Engelman
Sherry Engelman
Roman Eskue
Tanya Eskue
Shirley Estes

Gina Ezratty
Ilona Fague
Joseph Fague
Linda Fahey
Karen Farrell
Patrick Farrell

Jerry Felmley
Robin Fern
Irene Fernandez
Ruben Fernandez
Andrew Finley
Olivia Fleck

Jeanne Flower
David Foard
Donna Foard
Say Kin Foo
Karen Ford

Tom Ford
Bradley Fox
Robin Fox
Alan Frankle
Patricia Frankle
Joseph Friend

Laura Friend
Stephen Fung
Mark Fusler
Samantha Gallegos
Julie Gal-or
Justo Garcia

Ramon Garcia
Andrew Gasparro
Jennifer Gaver
Rebekah Gebing
Steven Gebing

Christa Gentile
Robert Gentile
Tara Gentry
Elizabeth George

Mrinal Ghosh
Christine Gilmore
Patrick Gilmore
Ann Grissom

Douglas Grissom
Donald Grissom
Kim Grusenmeyer
Robert Grusenmeyer
Eric Gumbs
Sharon Gumbs
Cinde Haines
John Hambacher
Nancy Hambacher
Laura Hamill
Richard Hamill

Catherine Hamilton
Norma Hamilton
Richard Hamilton
Sarah Hamre Sheppard
Scott Handler
Estelle Handy
John Handy

Derek Hansen
Allyson Hanson
Ann Harris
Christopher Harris
Charlotte Harris

Tammy Harrison
Clinton Harrold
Gary Harwin

Lucinda Harwin
Anne Haskins
Donna Hasselmo
Nils Hasselmo
Grant Hawgood

Nancy Hawgood
Deborah Helms
Patricia Herbold
Robert Herbold
Jason Hernandez
Paul Herrera
Jaryd Hickman

James Holtgrieve
Kristine Holtgrieve
Thomas Hood
Leonard Huck
Suzanne Huck
Sharon Huie
Molly Hummel
Darrel Hund
Harold Hunt

James Hunter
Janette Hunter
Aaron Iffrig

George Isbell
George Jackson
Laurie Jackson
Arockiam Jeyaseelan
Bradley Johns
Jacqueline Johns
Everett Johnson
Janee Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Richard Johnson
Shauna Johnston
Gabrielle Johnston
Paula Johnston Kelso

Brandon Kaehr
Katie Kahler
Ahmed Kamel
Mary Ellen Kane
Eugene Kansas
Steven Karbal
Kristi Kawamoto
Hillary Kay
Theodore Kay
John Keeler
Bryce Keffeler
Jamie Kelley
William Kelley
Theron Kelso

Meron Kidane
Monica King
Ronald King
Michael King

Travys King
Michael Kinney
Michele Kinney
Perry Klauber
Julie Klewer
Scott Klewer

Kathy Knudson
William Koenig
Prabhudev Konana
Suchetha Konana
Ryan Kramer
K. Andrew Kroese

Coleen Krogen
Bert Landau
Charles Langford
Traci Langford
Morgan Larson
William Lavidge
Cynthia Lazarz
Michael Lazarz

Marie Lee
Margaret Leitner
Mark Leitner
Alan Leiwant
Andrew Leiwant
Joseph Lessard
Christine Levin

Michael Levin
Bryan Levy
Stephen Lew
Orme Lewis
Nathaniel Lewis
Chienting Lin
Eric Lituchy
Disen Liu
Ana Lopez
Gabriel Lopez
Virginia Lusch
Thomas Mahler
Luke Mansingh
John Marietti
La Donna Marietti
Matthew Martinez

Luzel Martinez
Burc Maruflu
Matthew Masters
John Mather

Roberta Mather
Carla Matteucci
Robert Matteucci
Landon Mauler
Barbara McClelland
Virginia McCoy
Patricia McCoy

Scott McCune
Caitlin McDavid
Paul McDonald
Sidney McDuff
Thomas McFarren
Ann McGrath
Sean McGrath
Maria Mcguffie

Mary McKee
Robert McKee
Paticia McTernan
Ronald Medinger

Carolyn Metzger
Donald Metzger
Marisa Michaels

Ralph Miller
Cynthia Miller
Jennifer Miller
Thomas Miller
Lloyd Milne

Mary Milne
Allison Minarcik
Fabio Mire
Brett and Christine Mittelstaedt
Scott Molos

Maria Monges
Reed Monges
Cheryl Morley

David Morley
Lindsay Morris
Michael Morris
Suzanne Morsfield
David Morthland
Virginia Morthland
Dorothy Moses
John Mueller
Lois Mueller
Senad Mustafic
Kristin Mykleseth
Cezary Nadecki
David Newark

David Newberg
Pauline Newberg
Leslie Newell
William Newell
Briana Nute
Yewande Olabumuyi
John Olson
Cameron Omoto

Gloria Ornelas
Theresa Ortez
Timothy Ortez
James OShea
John Otto
Karen Otto
Rowdy Oxford
David Packer
Susan Packer
Barbara Palmer
David Palmer

Brent Papek
John Parker
Lucille Parker
Cutter Parsons
Leigh Pattalochi
Judith Peecook
Paul Peecook

Carolyn Pendergast
Garth Perry
Earl Petznick
Patricia Petznick
Kent Pflibsen
Allen Pierce
Kristen Pierson
Nicolas Pierson
Gabrielle Pina
Amy Pitman
James Pohl

Francesco Polese
Lois Postil
Steven Postil
Fletcher Preuninger
Victor Puchi
Peter Punzmann
William Purcell
Jose Quintero

Brigid Ragland
John Ragland
Afsaneh Razavi
Karen Ream
Cheryl Redfern
Kenneth Redfern
Amy Reidhead
Jarrett Reidhead
Scott Remington

Barbara Reuter
David Reuter
Stanley Reynolds
Bracken Richardson
Natalie Richardson
Linda Rickabaugh
Ronnie Rickabaugh
Henry Rillos

Kara Rillos
Lawrence Robbins
Frederick Robertshaw
Niki Robertshaw
Kenneth Robin
Linda Robin
Christine Roczniak
John-Paul Roczniak
Theodore Rodgers
Thomas Rogers
Morgan Ross
Mark Ross

Connie Rosso
John Rosso
Mirta Rothacher
Ronnie Rothacher
Tirthankar Roy
Daniel Russomanno
Steven Rutti
Family Trust Saikhon
Charles Sands
Jennifer Sands
Sujata Sarkar
Jane Schatzberg
Jeffrey Schatzberg
June Schorr
Paul Schorr
Judith Schubert
William Schubert
Amy Schulstad

Daniel Schuster
Bernadine Schwing
Natalie Scibilia
David Seeger

Michelle Seeger
Darlene Seufert
Neil Seufert
Michael Severson
Teresa Shaft
Sherry Shalhout
Lawrence Shane

Stella Shanovich
Mark Sharfman
John Shea
Hsi-Ping Shen
Barbara Sherman
James Sherman
Elizabeth Shlapack
Michael Shoemaker

Joe Shurance
Diane Simmons
Paul Simmons
Christy Sizer

Elizabeth Skirven
James Skirven
Jerel Slaughter
Lauren Sloan
Alexandria Sloan

Albert Small
Leslie Small
Susannah Small
Jason Smith
Lena Smith
Millard Smith
Georgina Smith
Zachary Snickles
Madison Sniezek
Thomas Sonnleitner
Bonny Soreck
John Stambaugh III

Bridget Standring
Thomas Standring
Rebecca Stanger
Kathryn Starling
James Stoller
Jocelyn Stoller
Christopher Stoltz
Thomas Stoner
Sylba Storm-Perez
Heather Strasser
Cristiane Street
William Street
Weiyuan Sun
Dorothy Sundt
William Swain
Cheryl Sweigard

Douglas Sweigard
Adam Tank
Mark Taylor
Wesley Taylor

Alice Templeton
Gayle Terry
L. Thompson
Caitlin Thorn
Philip Thornton

Eva Torre
Gabriel Torre
John Tracey
Chad Travis
Howard Tuller

Patricia Tuller
Dorothy Turley
Todd Turley
John Ungvary
Mary Jane Ungvary
Renae Urie
Steven Urie
Cheryl Valdez

Betty Van Denburgh
Ben Van Landuyt
Pete Ventres
Ann Von Hoff
Daniel Von Hoff
Elroy Voss
Julia Voss
William Wallace
Amber Warrick-Smith
Greg Watson
Cynthia Watts
Michael Watts
Maxwell Wheeler
Mark Wickham
Frederick Williams
Janet Williams
Mary Williams
Thomas Williams
Shawn Williamson
Lynne Williamson
Laura Winkler
Jan Winston
Stephen Winston
Peggy Withers

Robert Withers
Melinda Witmer
Joseph Wittmann

MaryAnn Wittmann
Michael Wood
Heather Wood
Barbara Woods
Theodore Woods
Jeffrey Wright
Riley Wustner

Melinda Xanthos
Jennifer Yong
Tina Young
Nicole Yuan
Ellen Ziegler
Michael Ziegler
Bank of America

C. R. Bard
Castellini Foundation
Dick and Betsy DeVos
Family Foundation
E. & J. Gallo Winery
Ellen Glazer Ziegler
Henry & Horne
House of Broadcasting
James H Johnson &
Brenda L Johnson
Family Foundation
Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s
Northwest Restoration
O’Herron Family
Perfect Parking
Sands Financial
Techtronic Industries
Texas Instruments
The Reiss Family
United Rentals
Walker & Armstrong
Watermark Retirement
J.P. Morgan Private Bank
Rincon Research
JPMorgan Chase
Pima County Public
UA Luna UA Sol Venture
Hexagon Mining
John L Torrez, CPA
Saykin Foo Certified
Public Accountant
City of Tucson
Beta Phi Educational
Foundation Corp.
Cushman & Wakefield
Gartner Group
AXA Equitable Life
Insurance Company
Charles Schwab
CyraCom International
Diamond Foundation
Equity Methods
Heller Foundation
Moss Adams
Outdoor Advertising
Association of America
US Foods
Wallace, Plese + Dreher
Wiley CPAexcel
First Financial Equity
Rancho Sahuarita
Pima Community College
Pima Community
College Workforce
Diamond Ventures
John Wesley Miller
National Bank of Arizona
Northwest Fire District
One Stop Career Center
Pima Federal Credit Union
Sunstreet Mortgage
Tucson Airport Authority
University of Arizona
Vantage West Credit
Boeing Company
City of Tucson
Novartis Corporation
Schroder Inventment
Management North
Raymond James
Charitable Endowment
Robbins Investment
Robert H. Mckee & M.
E. Mckee Charitable
Family Foundation
Todd Turley Construction
The American Online
Giving Foundation
Holualoa Educational
Fitness & Wellness
Arizona Daily Star
Atlantic Demolition
Barrow Neurological
Fly Big DBA Heart & Soul
Kids Activity Center
Patrick K Interprises
The Redhair Law Group

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.


Traci Abedrabbo
Paul Abraham
Edward Ackerley

Susan Ackerley
Dania Acosta
Crystal Adams
Kayln Adams McClure
Adegboyega Adekoya

Margie Adler
Jonathan Alden
Dale Alimena
Erica Alloy

Carlos Alsua
Natalie Amine
Aaron Anaya

Kenneth Anderson
Debra Andrews
Alexandra Andrino
Ryan Appel
Danielle Arnold

Harold Ashton
Dawn Avenida
Ron Avenida
William Baffert
John Bail
David Bailey
Kay Baker
Geoffrey Baker

Christina Baker
John Baker
Charles Baldwin
Brian Banner
Adrienne Barela

Barbara Baume
Ernest Baume
Bryan Bayardi
Donald Behnke
Dorothy Bejarano

Melissa Belasco
James Belfiore
Karen Bellinghausen
Lise Belton
Kay Benedict
Louis Benedict
Wendy Benes
Pamela Benitez

Rosemary Bent
Akweta Bereal
Rosemary Berg
Jane Bergamo
Albert Bergesen
Susan Bergesen
Leif Bergquist
Carmen Bermudez
Brett Berry
Ellen Beshaler

Jaclyn Bible
Peter Bidstrup
Regina Bidstrup
Marcin Bill
Gerald Billerbeck

Raylene Billerbeck
Laura Birkholz
David Bitner

Judy Black
Kevin Black
Roman Black
Dustin Blasius
Robert Blough

Roslyn Blumberg
Allison Boden
Thomas Bodenlos
David Boggie

Vivian Boggie
Douglas Bollermann
Laura Bollermann
Brandon Bolling
Doris Bollinger
Judith Bologna
Rafael Bologna
Maria Bonitz
Mark Bonitz
Danielle Border
David Bottomley

Jule Bottomley
M. Denise Bowdish
Sara Boyd
Dorothy Braddock
John Braddock
Maria Bradley
Neil Bradley
Donna Brammer
J. William Brammer
Lauren Braner
Tamarra Breiner

Christine Bright
Lauren Bringhurst
James Brintnall
Marilyn Brintnall
Dee Ann Brower
Anita Brown
Christopher Brown
Kevin Brown

Jamison Brown
Ronald Brown
Robert Brown
Adrienne Bruckman

Bonnie Brunsman
Robert Brunsman

Gary Bryson
Victoria Bryson
Peyton Burger

Jennifer Burgess
Shane Burgess
Karen Burns
Britt Burridge
Elvira Burruel
Kaylie Burton
Lee Burton

Marianne Burton
Bryndon Bush
Thomas Busick
Melissa Butsback
James Byrne

Marcia Byrne
Angela Caballero
Salvatore Cabibo

Jimmy Camacho
Maria de Lourdes Camacho
Cyrus Cameron
Silvia Campos-McDaniel
Ngoc Can
Eric Carlson
Matthew Carr
Kyle Carstens
Phoebe Chalk Wadsworth

William Chally
Andy Chan
Meghan Chan

Lin Cheng
Mikel Chertudi
Brad Chi
Wayne Chin-duncan
Gina Chirico
Dohn Cho

Preeti Choudhary
Dana Christ
Wendy Cirello
Jill Clark

Ryan Clark
James Coder
Jonnie Cohen
Maxim Cohen
Jule Cole
Amanda Colletti
Carla Collignon

Phillip Collignon
Curt Conkling
Claudine Conover

Duane Conover
Robert Conover
Scott Conway

Carol Copeland
Lindsay Copeland
B.J. Cordova
Steve Costner
Joseph Crawford
James Critchley
Karen Critchley
Graham Crouse
Luis Cuellar
Karina Cuevas
Kelly Cummings
Glenn Cunningham
Melissa Cunningham
Joel Curry
Jennifer Dahlgren

Ronnie Dalesandro
Glenn Daluz
Nancy Damon

Philip Damon
Isaac Daum
Zachary Davin
Clinton Davis
Jill Davis
Daniel Dawson
Michael De Garmo
Rachael De La Rosa
Hannah DeAlto

Michael DeAlto
Alyse Dehn
Kelly Del Monte
Timothy Del Monte
Brian DelGhiaccio

Rebecca DelGhiaccio
Nico Demaio
Beverly Dempsey

Cedric Dempsey
Carolyn Diamond
Ralph Diamond
George Diaz
Ronald Diaz

Oscar Diaz
Alexis Diaz
Margaret DiMaggio
Shawn Doherty

Bertha Dominguez
Remijio Dominguez
James Donegan
Maddison Donnelly

Kathleen D’Onofrio
Vincent D’Onofrio
John Donoghue

Anne Dower
Charles Dower
Deidre Downey
Charlotte Driggers
Craig Driver
Kelly Driver
Allison Duffy
R. Kirk Dunbar
Rebecca Duque
Annelise Dutcher
Phillip Earles
Hannelore Eckert
Courtney Ek
Agustin Elias
Cathy Ellington
Amy England

Andy England
Matthew Enssle
Charles Ervin

Derrick Espadas
Hugo Espinoza
Scott Ewing
Francis Fahey
Sydney Falco
Cheng Fang
Chet Farnsworth
Tamara Farris
Alexis Favis
David Federhar

Kristin Federhar
Thomas Feeney
Frederick Feinsinger
Margaret Feinsinger
Denise Feliciano
Sonia Felix
Joseph Ference
Lori Ference
Virginia Fess
Donna Fessenden
Gary Fessenden
Alexandra Fiandaca
Paulina Fife
Terry Fife
Mark Finelli

Joan Fisher
Michael Fisher
Craig Fleischer
Vicki Fleischer
Rachelle Fleischman
Cecilia Fleming
Stephen Fleming
Thomas Flynn
Kyle Fontaine
Joseph Fortunato
Ted Fotinos
John Fournier
Barbara Franklin
Christian Fredericks
William Freitag
Susan French
Kelli Frias
Martha Fry
Madeline Fuhrman

Leroy Gaintner
Nancy Gaintner
David Galindo
Catherine Gallagher
Theresa Garcia
Mark Garcia
Russell Garner
Anthony Garvey
Charles Gatwood

Karen Gatwood
Loren Geesey
Susan Geesey
Richard Genova
Christopher George
Sally Gestautas
Julie Giachetti
Tim Gibbons
Dalton Gilgor
Gary Gitlitz

Sandra Gitlitz
Erin Glockner
Lauren Gohlke
Eduard Gomberg
Wendy Gomez
Chelsea Goodacre
Daniel Goodman

Theodore Goodyear
Jeanne Goryeb
Joseph Goryeb
Marissa Gruenwald
Jiahui Gu
Martha Hafen

Richard Hafen
Laurence Hall
Patricia Hall
Andrew Hall
Christina Hall

Kathleen Hamilton
AnneMarie Hamilton-Brehm
Alan Hanaoka
Jay Hanaoka
Myrna Hanaoka
Alexandra Handley
Linda Hannen
Kyle Harder
Sean Harding

Andrea Harper
Gary Harper
Sondra Harrington

Adriane Harris
Christopher Harris
Marilyn Harris
Jeffrey Harris
Sarah Harris
Dustin Harshman
Harriet Harshman

Carol Hausler
George Hausler
Michael Hausler
Tricia Hausler
Jessica Hayes
Janet Hayes
Adolph Helgeson
Edna Helgeson
Grant Henning
David Henrich
Marjorie Henrich

Michelle Hensley
Trevor Henson
Bruce Herdrich
Patricia Herdrich
Ricardo Hernandez

Vanessa Hernandez
Andrew Hertzfeld
Karen Hertzfeld
Marchelle Heslep
John Heydt
Cynthia Hicks
Neil Hicks
Dale Higgs
Karen Higgs
Matthew High
Marci Hill

Scott Hill
Lin Hines
Brooke Hinkel
Brian Hirsch
Robert Hite
Kenneth Holbert

Merrilee Holmes
Timothy Hooker
Patricia Hooper
Deryle House
Louise Houseworth
Catherine Howe
Nelson Howe
Jean Howie
Lindsey Hunter
Eric Hunter
Leslie Hunter

Mary Hunter
Perry Hutchison
Peggy Hutton
Rick Hutton
Khuyen Huynh
Bradley Isbell
Jack Ittel

Joyce Jones Ivey
Patricia Jackson
Richard Jackson
Susan Jackson
Mary Jacobs
Kalpit Jain

Kavita Jain
Camryn James
Matthew Janke
David Jenkins

Linda Jernigan
Ruchika Jhaveri
Julia Joens
Mitchell Joffe

Vicki Joffe
Blanca Johnson
Cade Johnson
Thomas Judge

Peggy Kankababian
Tessa Kapp
Bryan Karas

Richard Kauffman
Sandra Kauffman
Donald Keller
Merlene Keller
Timothy Kelly
Robert Kerns
Mitchell Kessler
McRae Kirmse
Matina Kleiner
Matthew Kleiner
Eric Kloc
Daniel Knee

Brenda Koedyker
Kriste Kolasa
Dennis Kong
Wiran Korala

Carolyn Kramer
Larry Kramer
Edward Kramer
Ranjit Kulangaroth

Renee Kurtz
Steven Kurtz
Carol Ladigo
Peter Ladigo
Kenneth Lake

Robert Lamb
William Lamb
Lee Lambert
Laura Lancaster
Raymond Lancaster
Linda Langer
William Langer
Timothy Laos
Bridgette Larsen
Roger Later
Karina Latimer

W. Randolph Leathers
Cameron LeBlanc
Lawrence L’Ecuyer

Retha L’Ecuyer
Carol Lee
Jenna Lefkowits
Cameron Leipart
Tara Leipart
James Leko

Victoria Lem
Barbara Levine
Adriana Lim
Jan Lindsey
Lance Linn

Allan Lipman
Jeff L’Italien
Shi Liu
Leonard Lizardi
Rachelle Lizardi
Michael Loeschen
Patrick Loftus
Stacy Loftus
Donnie Long
Frank Lopez
Deborah Loss

Arlana Lucas
Elena Luevano
Elaine Lufkin
Roland Lufkin
Sandra Lusky
David Lussier
Dustin Luu
Shane Madden

David Madden
Judith Madden
Timothy Maghoney

Cherie Malkoff
Scott Malkoff
Courtney Maloney
Patrick Maloney
Megan Maltos

Sandra Manfrin
Debra Manley
Peter Mantas
James Mardian
Marshall Marik
Jennifer Marshall

Keith Marshall
Sharon Martin
Joseph Martin
Charles Martindill

Diane Marzonie
Megan Masters
Anthony Matz
Brandon Matzuk
Brian Mayhew
Rebecca Mayhew

Jennifer McCasland
Donna McClary
Robert McCollister
Nancy McDonald
Kelly McFarland
Brenna McGill
Heather McGraw
Khendamae McIntee

Donna McKee
Ronald McKee
Deborah McLaughlin

James McLaughlin
Carole McLean
James McLean
Nancy Meech
Sergio Mejia

Angela Melczer
Joseph Melczer
Michael Mendelsohn
Claire Mendenhall
Earl Mendenhall
German Mendoza
Christina Mendoza

Omar Mendoza
Lyell Metcalf
Sandra Metcalf
Clarence Mette
Keith Meyer
Joseph Mikelaitis

Josh Miller
Caley Miller
George Milman
Jason Mingus
Jennifer Mingus
George Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
Tanya Mitchell
Jeffrey Mitchell

Sarita Mitchell
Matthew Mittelstaedt
Jane Moen
Kennon Moen
Parnian Mohajerin
Ashwin Mohan
Deonte Moore
Albert Morales
Linda Morales
Ann Morell

Rene Moreno
Heather Morton
Margaret Moseley
David Mottola

Will Moyer
Deborah Moynihan
Paul Mueller
Munerra Muhammad
Michael Mulcahy

John Mullens
Lori Mullens
George Munger
Michele Muskat
Shaima Namazifard
Austin Nash
Anne Neal
Alisa Neave
Allen Nedoba

Helene Nedoba
Kristen Nedoba
Matthew Neely
Jeffrey Neff
Janet Neuenschwander
Paul Neuenschwander

Jacquelien Newbrey
Jamie Newell
Margaret Newell
Marthe Ngo Oum
Jeannie Nguyen

Josh Nicolson
Nathan Norris
Virginia North
Cynthia Norton
Charles Novotny
Ana Nunez
Gabriel Nunez

Shelly Nuss
M. Long Nygaard
Claire O’Connor

Janet O’Hare
John O’Hare
Lauren Olson
Russell Olson

Carolyn O’Malley
Mark O’Malley
Susan Ong
Christina Orosco
Joshua Orosco
Andy Orta

Angelica Orta
Michael Ortega
Ricardo Ortiz
Eduardo Othon

Kathy Ottelien
Elaine Overlund
Scott Overlund

Katherine Palmer
Rebecca Palmer
Steven Palmer
Nicholas Palomares

Richard Paradiso
Sandra Parker
Kelly Paschall
James Pate
Derek Patla

Thomas Paulus
George Peabody
Rohan Pease
Lauren Peccolo
J. William Peck
Alexander Peckron
Cynthia Pelayo
Lucette Peralta
William Perius

Mark Peterson
James Petrie
Dien Phan

Kristel Phillips
Morgan Phillips
Rhonda Pina
Lesli Pintor
Joseph Platt
Brianne Powers

Claire Prager
Benjamin Preston
Morgan Prettyman
Lauren Radin
Sarala Rajagopalan

Jose Ramirez
Quelly Mae Ramos
James Rashan

Patricia Raskob
David Rau
Deborah Rauen
June Rector
Patrick Redmann
Blake Reeves
Ryan Reilly
Javier Reyes
Jesus Reyes Burboa
Leo Richard
Rebecca Richmond
Jeffrey Rightnowar

Elke Riley
Robert Riley
Kathryn Riley
Diana Rios
Theodore Risen

Camille Rivas-Rutherford
Edward Rivera
Josie Rivera
Michael Rivers
Patricia Robinson
William Robinson
Lorri Robinson
William Rodes
Cori Rodriguez

Ernesto Rodriguez
Andrue Rodriguez
Aaron Roeschley
Darren Rohde

Erin Rohde
Jane Rojas
Martin Rojas
Olivia Romano
Christopher Rose

Layla Rose
Rebecca Rosenberg
Steven Rosenberg
Samuel Ross
Aneta Rowe
Christopher Rowley
Robert Rubendall
Adam Rubenstein
Bernard Ruhl
Sandra Ruhl

Shelly Rustagi
Benjamin Rutherford
Cody Rutschman
Jenna Rutschman

Mark Ryne
Eduardo Saavedra
Vicky Saavedra
Kendall Saba
Talia Sabbath
Isabel Saez
Stephanie Samar

Robert Samuelsen
Nazita Sanders
Donovan Sandoval
Elena Sanwick

Jeffrey Sanwick
Douglas Scherer
Teresa Scherer
Dean Schmidt
Mark Schmitt
Amy Schmitz
Ann Schmitz
Morgan Schmitz
Linda Schrock
Stanley Schrock
Freddie Schutten
Terry Schutten
John Schutter

Tina Schwartz
Ashley Scorsatto
Shannon Scott
Monna Sebring
Christopher Sedor

Karen Sedor
Jack Seeger
Pamela Seiler
Steven Seiler

Wesley Seng
Grant Senner
Michelle Senner
Darshil Shah

Kay Shannon
Michael Shannon
Isadora Shapiro

Laura Shaw
Lee Shaw
Dayna Shay
Lisa Sherard
Melvin Shilling
Mikel Shilling
Linshan Shu
Lise Sieber

Christopher Siek
Spencer Silberman
Joel Silverman
Patricia Simmons
Lelan Simpson
Namrata Singh
Mark Sirianni

Basel Skeif
Arianna Smaldino
Patrick Smallwood
Tyler Smith
Daniel Smith-Mathews
Olivia Smith-Patla
Lori Smokoski
Robert Smokoski
Nancy Snowden
Jake Snyder
Matthew Spicer
Kathleen Sproul

Terry Staten
Tyler Stein
Jessica Stelmach
Tyrah Stenftenagel

Gayla Stewart
Jack Stewart
Michael Stilb
Nancy Stilb
Matthew Stonich
Herbert Stratford
Kerry Stratford
Robert Stussie

Brantley Sudderth
Jeanne Sudderth
Cynthia Swanson
Meaghan Sweet
Hector Swidzinski
Carol Swingle
Patrick Swingle
Mischa Szymanski
Derrick Taft

Angela Talbot
Michael Tang
Arthur Tanner
Patricia Tanner

Oscar Tena
Sarah Tennyson
Kellie Terhune Neely
Jacquelyn Teza
Karyl Thomas
Carol Thompson
Daniel Thrall

Diane Thurman
Pam Tims
Stanley Tims
David Tischler
Melissa Tomlinson
Adrienne Torre
Mitcheel Torres Marrujo
David Townley

Phyllis Townley
Diana Trejo
Carol Trejo
Kevin Trejo
Heather Tretschok
Tully Tretschok
Cynthia Turner
Richmond Turner

Stephen Uhrich
Armando Urias
Rian Valenti
Manuel Valenzuela
Sandra Valenzuela
Michele Valliere
Robert Valliere
Jennifer Van Egmond
Ann Vargas
Andre Veres

Heath Vescovi-Chiordi
Orlando Viera
Zalina Visentin

Gus Vlahakes
Brian Vorndam
Arthur Wadlund
Susan Wadman
Earl Wadsworth
Clark Wager
Christine Wagner
Adam Wain
Tracie Wain
Jacob Walker

Tiffany Walker
Trent Waller
Daniel Walsh
Richard Walters
Leah Ward
William Wehrs

Elaine Weiss
Jerold Weiss
Hunter Weiss
Brian Wentzel
Stuart Werner
Kristy Westphal
Savannah Wheeler
Briana White
Jeremeiah Whiteside

Jane Wienke
Robert Wienke
Amy Wilcox
Chase Wilkinson
Roussell Williams
Scott Williams

Sue Williams
Tereld Williams
Amy Windley

Jana Windsor
Robert Windsor
Donald Winter

Judy Wisansky
Ronald Wisansky
Tory Witt
Catherine Wolfson
Taylor Wolpe
Shira Wood

Bruce Woods
Jennifer Woods
Jeri Worthington

Eleanor Wrenn
Kevin Wrenn
Shuping Wu
Christopher Wurm
Mark Yampolsky
David Yee
Sidhardha Yepuri
Jiao Yu

Jiewei Yu
Kathleen Zalkin
Steven Zalkin
Helen Zemaitis
Haobo Zhang
Xingxuan Zhang

Huddle Up Group
M Design Creative Group
Papp Family Foundation
Ross Commercial
Real Estate
The Banner Firm
L.A. Medler & Associates
Cushman & Wakefield |
Semico Research
Tucson Water
Dunbar Company
John Fournier Appraisals
Bergen County United Way
Beacon Group
College of Agriculture &
Life Sciences
Mountain West Credit
Union Association
Tucson Old Pueblo Credit
United Way of Bergen
Eller College Deans
Cochise Jewelry

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. The individuals with bold names represent BPA/Eller alumni. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.

Matching Gift Companies

Ernst & Young Foundation
Deloitte Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation

The American Online Giving Foundation
Amgen Foundation
Goldman Sachs

Bank of America Foundation
FactSet Research Systems

The PIMCO Foundation
AXA Foundation
Willis Towers Watson

Shell Oil Co. Foundation
Driehaus Capital Management
Sherwin-Williams Foundation

Driehaus Capital Management
Sherwin-Williams Foundation
The Vanguard Group Foundation

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.

Planned Gift Donors

A special thank you to all those who have left the Eller College in their estate giving plans.

  • David and Mariane Parmenter
  • Owen Devlin
  • John and Nancy Hambacher
  • Ronald Askew
  • Kathryn Maxwell and Edward Maxwell
  • Charles Pettis
  • Paul Lindsey and Kathy Alexander

Every effort has been made to accurately acknowledge those individuals, corporations and foundations who have so generously supported the Eller College of Management during fiscal year July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019. If you have concerns, contact the Eller Development Office at 520-621-0053. We thank you again for your generosity.

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In Memoriam

Hilde S. Clark
Donald R. Diamond

Karl Eller
David J. Gemelli

Schuyler W. Lininger
Patricia O. Pettis

James L. Peyton
J. Burgess Winter

Ways to Engage and Give

There are many opportunities to get involved at the Eller College and have a major impact on our students.








Find an engagement opportunity or contact Phoebe Chalk-Wadsworth, senior director of development, at 520-621-0053:

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