New Venture Competition

New Venture Competition
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18 new student ventures will compete for over $30,000 in cash and prizes at the 2023 New Venture Competition on April 14. 

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2023 Teams  


Filtra: High-fidelity earplugs to protect the hearing of individuals in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Gesund Me

Gesund Me: Health measuring devices that empower people to understand and take charge of their health.


RevoLens: A biomedical contact lens that monitors blood glucose levels using advanced optical metasurfaces.


Zephyr: A B2B Software that connects premium airline passengers affected by delays, cancellations, and overbookings with empty leg charter flights.

Betsee Popbook

Betsee Popbook: A betting app that provides users the ability to place bets on pop culture and entertainment topics.

 Inclusive Ingredients

Inclusive Ingredients: An international spice subscription box for those who want to upgrade their way of cooking. 

Lukla Devices

Lukla Devices: A safety charm that will allow users to discretely send SOS signals to authorities with their location.

Susulu Wellness

Susulu Wellness: An all-natural anti-depressant/anti-anxiety supplement that incorporates saffron and l-theanine.

Common Code

Common Code: A menswear brand that offers quality capsule collections and an app that provides personal style guidance.

Good Game Gambling

Good Game Gambling: A gambling software used in multiplayer lobbies of pre-existing video games.

Interlude Sleep Co.

Interlude Sleep Co.: A sleep app that provides personalized recommendations to improve sleep quality using a smart sleep mask.


FarmWay: A B2B logistics solution connecting unsold produce at farms with local restaurants.


Mutuals: A social networking app that allows young professionals to connect through events and mutual interests.


Spark: A monthly subscription box that helps improve relationships with new and unique experiences.


NexoTerra: Repurposing organic waste to create products that support the market.


Courseer: A software that plans semester schedules and tracks completion progress automatically.

Taste Bubs

Taste Bubs: A food social media platform that creates community through food recommendations and experiences.


VYZ: Providing trendy and affordable eyewear. Eventually using a vending machine for added convenience.

Past New Venture Competitions

2022 Teams  

Caddie Pro

Caddie Pro is a green reading mobile application that scans the green in real-time using lidar technology to give golfers the perfect read.

Elevate Branding

Elevate Branding is providing lucrative opportunities for collegiate athletes through blockchain technology and Web 3. Our methods will redefine the way sports are celebrated for generations.

FeelSpace Realities

FeelSpace Realities aims to revolutionize the luxury home-buying experience by introducing virtual reality to instill certainty and confidence for agents and homebuyers.

Flix Finder

Flix Finder is a personalized recommendation app connecting users to more independent and international movies.


GRAV is an innovative mouse concept that aims to deliver more intuitive ways of interacting with technology while increasing control and efficiency.

HealthMe Snacks

HealthMe Snacks provides nutritious, wholesome, and practical frozen snacks to those that live a healthy and active lifestyle.


HIBERN8 is creating an all-natural liquid sleep aid which will maximize our consumer’s full night of sleep and optimize their performance the next day.


INVENTURE is an online platform that connects aspiring entrepreneurs to the education materials, business experts, and service providers needed to launch their venture.

Local Tastes

Local Tastes is a craft beer and wine subscription box bringing locally-sourced beverages right to your doorstep.


Lynk'd is a dating app devoted to fostering relationships through mutual connections with users' social media and recommendations provided by friends.


Palaui is a sustainable clothing brand made from banana fibre 


ProTec is a wallet that can be tracked and has a fingerprint enabled locking mechanism


Restore is researching the business practices of consumer-product companies, and reporting what we find to inform consumers' purchase decisions.


Revamp is an application that promotes individuality through fashion and encourages sustainability by providing users with tailored styling recommendations.


Silo is producing the first shaker bottle with lid storage capabilities. Make protein shakes on the go with just a turn of the silo!


Xcursion is a swipe-based itinerary service that uses personal preferences to match individuals with unique adventure recommendations while eliminating stressful and tedious planning.

XTRACT Optimized Ingredients

XTRACT Optimized Ingredients is a nutraceutical startup aiming to extend the health and longevity of all ages through quality superfood additives.

2020 Teams

Aura: Aura provides healthy alternatives to existing sports drinks by creating beverages with sustained energy and clinically proven endurance benefits empowering everyone to Go for Gold.
Cultura: We are an online platform that combines travel planning and content creation to share experiences and inspire a global community to connect through adventure. 
Hush: We are a centralized messaging platform that controls the noise in your life.
Kapara: Provides consumers with the ability to inventory, archive their current cosmetic inventory, while immersing our cosmetic lovers in an environment solely focused on cosmetics, beauty and you.
Paradise: Our company utilizes modern green light technology to mitigate migraines and headaches using an optical mask that is comfortable and effective. 
Hydro-Band: Hydro-Band provides individuals with wearable sensing technology and state-of-the-art analytics to track hydration levels, equipping users with enhanced health and safety monitoring capabilities. 
LoveLadies: Loveladies is a quarterly subscription box that provides a sustainable solution for feminine care with organic tampons, pads and comfort items shipped in reusable packaging.
PLEY: PLEY is a swipe-based app that matches hungry people with places to eat considering the user's feelings in a fun, fast and easy way. 
(Re)ceipto: (Re)ceipto provides an efficient, eco-friendly and budget-conscious solution for small businesses that must expense often by digitizing receipt management from payment to reimbursement. 
PULSE Fitness: The reward app for fitness, PULSE fitness incentivizes people to exercise by awarding them with shopping points to spend at local businesses. 
Sentry: Sentry car security is equipped with many features to ensure vehicle safety and enable a simple approach to deter theft through self-monitored surveillance. 
Syzygy: Just as syzygy is the alignment of three celestial bodies, we align you with the community and environment through locally sourced fresh food. 
Cap & Gown: We're a non-profit online platform that connects students who need funding for college with individual sponsors who want to donate directly to students in need. 
TalkToo: TalkToo minimizes the time wasted on clerical and administrative tasks by transcribing spoken words into text to generate reports and visualize data. 
Stride: Providing a safe, efficient and affordable option for college students seeking an alternative rideshare experience. 
You&U: You&U creates a navigation interface with augmented reality that connects individuals to surrounding resources and information. Individuals can use this tool to assimilate into new environments. 

 2020 Judges

  • Joann MacMaster — CEO of Desert Angels, one of the country’s leading angel investor groups. MacMaster served as the sr. director of venture development for the University of Arizona’s Tech Launch Arizona team, focused on the commercialization of university research through the development of startup companies. She’s served as a startup founder, mentor, investor and educator, and is a recipient of the Larry Hecker and Sherry Hoskinson Lasting Community Builder Award. She is an AUTM board member and University of Arizona Academic Leadership Institute Fellow, and previously served as president of the Arizona Business Incubation Association. She returned home to Tucson in 2000 after living and working in Europe for over a decade and holds an MBA from Edinburgh University Scotland.

  • Tawn Albright — Tawn Albright has over twenty-five years of experience managing growth, M&A and new venture opportunities for companies such as Ticketmaster, Leaf Group, IAC, The Coca-Cola Company and Cox Communications. Albright currently is as an executive coach and advisor for leaders that are managing growth, change and M&A transition. Prior to launching his coaching and advisory business, he was Executive Vice President, General Manager and Head of Middle Market for Live Nation’s Ticketmaster where he operated two portfolio companies; TicketWeb and Universe. Albright lives between Sedona, Arizona and Nashville, Tennessee with his French wife Christele and two children Owen and Alix. He’s a graduate from the University of Arizona with a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship and earned his MBA from Thunderbird.  He’s trilingual (English, Spanish, French) and enjoys back packing, ultimate frisbee, fishing, playing guitar, gardening and reading the Wall Street Journal.


Grand Prize ($10,000): PLEY

Second Place ($5,000): Aura

Third Place ($2,500): Sentry

Check out the video below for highlights from the 2017 New Venture Competition. 

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