22nd Annual Collegiate Ethics Case Competition

Center for Leadership Ethics

Competition Winners Being Announced


All Day, Oct. 10 to 11, 2024

The annual International Collegiate Ethics Case Competition CECC serves as a platform for students to engage in rigorous ethical analysis within a competitive setting. Participants are presented with complex, real-world business ethics cases that require them to apply moral reasoning, ethical theories, and practical considerations to navigate ethical dilemmas effectively.

Teams are tasked with thoroughly analyzing the case, identifying key ethical issues, considering various stakeholders' perspectives, and proposing well-reasoned solutions or courses of action. Presentations are often expected to be comprehensive, coherent, and persuasive, as they are delivered to a panel of judges who assess teams' understanding of ethical principles, their ability to apply them to practical situations, and the clarity and persuasiveness of their arguments.

The competition not only tests participants' understanding of ethical theories and frameworks but also their ability to communicate effectively, work collaboratively within a team, and think critically under pressure. 

25 teams compete. Prizes are awarded.

If you would like to be a judge, participate as a team or find out more, email ContactCLE@eller.arizona.edu


Center for Leadership Ethics