Bear Down and Pitch

Museum of the West


5 to 9 p.m., April 24, 2024


Bear Down & Pitch will have 7 student new venture teams going to Scottsdale, Arizona to showcase their business ventures in front of the Phoenix entrepreneurship community. These “launch-ready” teams have been diligently working on their ventures for the past year, and they are ready to compete for thousands of dollars!

Teams of highly motivated students master the conceptual and practical skills needed to turn ideas into ventures, solve real-world problems and serve the needs of real people in society. Thanks to active Phoenix investors and venture capitalists for coming together to get a glimpse of McGuire’s new, innovative business ventures.

Admission to this event is free, but spots are limited. Please RSVP by 12pm noon, April 23, 2024 to secure your spot at Bear Down & Pitch. 



Revosense - CGM health sensor for diabetics and athletes.

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Pepcorp - Sustainable and Eco-friendly product supplier.

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FloataOn - Increase the awareness of the mental and physical benefits of regularly floating by developing an easy to use, all-in-one float tank that anyone can use in the comfort of their own residence.


Bullseye - Fast-acting caffeinated gum designed to give people the boost of energy they need to hit their mark.

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Hestia Collective - Hestia Collective partners with companies to offer community based affordable housing solutions to young professionals moving to new cities.

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DriveOn - Mobile app to help consumers maintain their vehicle as well as provide resources for easy resell.

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FutureFit - Health and Wellness hype lessons, afterschool, and summer program for kids K-12.

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