Bear Down & Pitch

front of McClelland hall


5 to 9 p.m., April 20, 2023


This year, Bear Down & Pitch will have 6 student new venture teams going to Scottsdale, Arizona to showcase their business ventures in front of the Phoenix entrepreneurship community. These “launch-ready” teams have been diligently working on their ventures for the past year, and they are ready to compete for thousands of dollars! Join us on Thursday April 20 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Museum of the West.

Teams of highly motivated students master the conceptual and practical skills needed to turn ideas into ventures, solve real-world problems and serve the needs of real people in society. Thanks to active Phoenix investors and venture capitalists for coming together to get a glimpse of McGuire’s new, innovative business ventures. 

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Meet the Teams from Last Year!



XTRACT Inc. is a plant/fungi-based ingredients producer and distributor focused on providing innovative ingredients to companies that manufacture foods and beverages for the health and wellness market. Our novel extraction process allows us to produce quality ingredients quickly and inexpensively.

Local Tastes


Local Tastes is a craft beer and wine subscription service delivering local beverages and a taste of the brewers history right to consumer's door. We aim to facilitate a connection between our creative consumers and the local small-scale producers in their area through curated boxes tailored to consumer's taste and geographic preferences.



An all-natural, melatonin free sleep and relaxation beverage that you drink an hour before bed to help mellow you out after a long day.



GRAV, is an innovative mouse concept targeted towards PC gamers with the desire to improve their efficiency and accuracy within the esports arena. Our product utilizes a proprietary design that, unlike other mice on the market, reduces movement drastically and allows for more precise, fine-tuned motor control while playing your favorite games or simply interacting with your computer.

Elevate Branding


Elevate Branding creates luxurious and customized NIL brands for student-athletes which emphasizes their individuality and uniqueness while they focus on their passion for sports.

Caddie Pro


Caddie Pro is a golf green reading mobile application using lidar technology in real time that is the new standard of how to learn to putt.