Third Year Paper Conference


3:30 to 5 p.m., April 10, 2023



Monday, April 10

(McClelland 134)

3:30: Robert Baluja, Migration in a Warming World: A Dynamic Discrete Choice Model of Climate-Induced Mobility in Mexico

Readers: Ashley Langer, Derek Lemoine

4:30: Austin Smith, ‘Who You Gonna Call?’: 911 Call Takers and Police Discretion

Readers: Evan Taylor, Dan Herbst


Tuesday, April 11

(McClelland Hall 127)

3:30: Lance Gui, Anatomy of Opioid Diversion: Examining Supply-Side Curtailment

Readers: Mo Xiao, Matthijs Wildenbeest

4:20: Ami Ichikawa, De-Penalizing Abstention: How Does It Affect Electoral Participation?

Readers: Juan Pantano, Evan Taylor


Wednesday, April 12

(McClelland Hall 134)

3:30: Chengcheng Wang, Market Segmentation Under Privacy Regulations

Readers: Andreas Blume, Inga Deimen

4:20: Nicolas Rodriguez Gonzalez, The Geometry of Thought in Common-Interest Cheap-Talk Games

Readers: Inga Deimen, Andreas Blume