March 21, 2013


U-mark-it.com is the solution to the overwhelming amount of notifications that today’s average student deals with on a daily basis. It is a centralized hub that integrates all resources from the university and the local community to provide university personnel with a “one-stop shop” for everything that they need. The site has many features ranging from a student-specific marketplace to university information and even provides student discounts to local businesses. By creating a personalized site that caters to the needs of students across campuses, we’ll attract companies to advertise on our site and will generate revenue in this manner.

About Us

Samuel Inman is a Finance Major scheduled to graduate in May 2013. As a founder of U-mark-it.com, Sam is the Financial Manager for the venture team. He has worked with the team to identify target markets for U-mark-it to expand to and analyzed these markets to determine demand for our venture. Using these demand hypotheses, he developed financial projections and key metrics for the venture.


Mary Myles is a Marketing, Management and Entrepreneurship major within the honors college at the University of Arizona. She is the general manager of u-mark-it.com and her roles include outside correspondence, managing group tasks and direct communication with project mentors and affiliates. Her key contributions include her involvement and leadership within the college. She has a vast knowledge of the education system and university policies that will contribute to the success of u-mark-it.com. She also has had prior experience with managing a team and communicating with administration, as she is the President of an on-campus organization.


Austin Nash is a Marketing and Entrepreneurship senior graduating in May 2013 from the University of Arizona. He is the Marketing Manager of the team and his roles include website development and direct market research conducted through depth interviews and surveys. He has had prior experience with Internet start-ups, social media marketing and management in his job and internship fields.


Austin Sutliff is a Finance and Entrepreneurship major at The University of Arizona. He possesses analytical and organizational skills that allow him to hold a rather overarching role as the team’s Operations Manager. Some of his key contributions to the team thus far include identification and analysis of cost and revenue streams and collaboration with marketing agencies and companies regarding interest in our advertising opportunities. As the Operations Manager, he also lends help wherever is needed, mostly to the Finance Manager and the Marketing Manager.