Love Your Boss Raffle Rewards Interns and Their Supervisors

Nov. 6, 2014

Love Your Boss Raffle

Most Eller students spent the summer working at internships or summer jobs. The undergraduate Professional Development Center challenged them to think about what they learned from their supervisors in the Love Your Boss Challenge, which ran September 2-12. Students submitted nominations describing their experience with an exemplary boss, and were entered in a raffle to win an iPad Mini for themselves and their summer supervisor.

Each employer who was nominated received a certificate, demonstrating how much students appreciate the opportunity to test their skills in the real world, and keeping relationships strong for future employment.

Gannon Thute (Eller Business Management ’16) worked at the London Marriott Maida Vale Hotel as an HR intern throughout summer. “I felt throughout the summer that I gained a greater sense of confidence and comfort in my work due to his teaching,” Gannon said about his boss Paul Dutton.

Dutton reciprocated with equally positive feedback. “Gannon had an amazing attitude towards his work…always rising to the challenge whilst still asking for more work. He was a great asset to my team and made a lasting impression within my hotel.”

Another nomination came from Jenifer Wong (Eller Marketing & MIS ’15), who worked for R&R Partners in Los Angeles. “Because of [Preston], I gained a lot of knowledge in many different aspects of advertising, rather than being limited to my role as an account management intern,” she said. Her supervisor, Preston McFarland, said his first impression of Wong was of a well-spoken professional. “As expected, throughout her internship, Jenifer always over performed and took great pride in her work,” he said.

Kristen Lane (Eller Marketing’15) worked as the marketing director for Laura Tanzer LLC over summer, and had nothing but good things to say about the experience. “I was given the responsibility of expanding her brand…and was in charge of everything from outreach to potential buyers to creation of a ‘look book’ for her fashion line.”

“Kristen is fearless and socially adept…there is a lot of brainstorming, and hashing through those ideas to create a good marketing strategy, which Kristen mostly implements,” Tanzer said.

Working at the Nike WHQ campus in Beaverton, Oregon, gave Mykaylin Rosenquist (Eller Business Management ’15) an opportunity to work with a manager of “intelligence, experience, patience, and passion. Chris Susen was dedicated to helping me succeed…his tasks weren’t simple, but I learned a lot and came to really appreciate the hard work and skill that it takes to work in that position.”

In turn, Susen said of Rosenquist that “she was bound and determined to show that she deserved the coveted internship and was going to make the most of it.” By the end of the internship he noted that Rosenquist had accomplished all of her assignments, presenting projects to highly critical operations directors, correcting creative designs on Nike tights, and helping plan a 200 person global offsite in London, where she was a key contributor in a cross-functional team project.