Eller Department of Management and Organizations Receives High Ranking for Research Productivity

Sept. 17, 2015
Jerel Slaughter

The results are out for the prestigious Texas A&M 2010-2014 Aggregated Management Department Productivity Rankings, and the spotlight is on Eller’s Department of Management and Organizations, which ranked No. 14 among public schools and No. 20 overall among U.S. and Canadian universities.

The study was conducted by Ph.D. students and faculty at Texas A&M University, who analyzed and ranked the research productivity of management departments in the top management journals. During the five-year period, Eller’s M&O faculty published 33 articles ranging in subject matter from work engagement and its relation to task and contextual performance, the effects of sleep deprivation on workplace deviance and many other research topics, including managerial exits, the role of female managers, peer justice and teamwork process and more.

“This high ranking is a tribute to the productivity and dedication that we have among the faculty and graduate students in our department, and it also means great things for our ability to attract talented faculty and students in the future,” said Jerel Slaughter, Robbins Professor of Management and Department Head of Management and Organizations.

While the M&O department hired five assistant professors in the past three years, it is still considered to be relatively small, with just 11 to 14 research-active faculty members during the study period. “The rankings are not adjusted for faculty size, and many of the departments that ranked ahead of us are much larger, so for us to rank so highly is a significant achievement,” Slaughter said.

The top-tier journals that were analyzed included Journal of Applied Psychology, in which 12 Eller faculty articles were published over the five-year period; Academy of Management Journal; Strategic Management Journal; Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes; Personnel Psychology; Organization Science; Administrative Science Quarterly; and Academy of Management Review.

The Department of Management and Organizations is s recognized as a hub of world-class research.  The 15 tenure-track faculty members are known for their expertise and innovative thinking in the areas of judgment and decision-making, human resource management, organizational behavior, organizational theory, and strategy.  Tenure-track faculty members include Lehman Benson, Joseph Broschak, Terry Connolly, Aleksander Ellis, Allison Gabriel, Stephen Gilliland, Barry Goldman, Songcui Hu, Han Jiang, Tamar Kugler, Elizabeth McClean, Lisa Ordóñez, Nathan Podsakoff, Oliver Schilke, and Department Head Jerel Slaughter. The department is home to the Center for Leadership Ethics and Decision Behavior Laboratory. To learn more about the department, please visit the website at management.eller.arizona.edu.