International Connections

Nov. 20, 2015
Students from Mexico

Eller Hispanic Honorary had the honor to invite and coordinate a presentation for BECALOs, a group of driven students from Mexico who are currently attending Pima Community College (PCC) on a full scholarship.

SEP – Bécalos – Santander Universidades International Program was designed with the contribution of several universities all over Mexico. The universities worked together with Televisa, a Mexican multimedia mass media company, to bring 58 students to further their education in the United States. Many BECALO participants have never traveled outside of Mexico. This program granted all 58 students the opportunity to travel to another country, experience another culture, and continue their post-secondary education in Tucson for a whole semester.

PCC is one of six community colleges in the nation to support this program, which gives students the opportunity to learn more about themselves, assimilate to another culture, and also interact with people from a different culture.

Eller Hispanic Honorary members connected with BECALO participants this semester. Similar to our members, the students are planning to pursue careers in business and have experienced many challenges throughout their college career. During our event, our guest speaker Edna Osuna, who graduated from the Eller College with a finance degree and is currently working on her master’s, shared her inspiring journey. Our event was personal; we share our own histories, the importance of being a contributing member to our community, and the value in helping one another.

During the presentation students also shared their experiences, as well as their short term and long term goals. All students shared a common experience—the impact that participating in BECALO has had on each one of them. They expressed gratitude for program and spoke about the positive influence it had in their professional and personal growth.

SEP—Bécalos- Santander Universidades International Program has given its participating students, as well as Eller Hispanic Honorary, the opportunity to meet each other, share, and connect with each other’s personal experiences. Our event allowed us to see the impact of motivation, as these students come from all over Mexico including Aguascalientes, Durango, Coahuila, San Luis Rio Colorado, Chihuahua, Nuevo León, and Hidalgo.

It teaches us that no matter where you’re from, if you dream about something, you can make it happen through hard work and dedication.