Principles of Entrepreneurship Open to All UA Students

March 7, 2017

Do you want to learn to identify your passions and use them to create opportunities for innovation? Would you like to develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will aid you in your career, regardless of whether you launch a new venture or work for a company, nonprofit, or governmental organization?


If you answered yes, consider registering for ENTR 406 Principles of Entrepreneurship this Fall. 

Taught by Carlos Alsua, Senior Lecturer of International Management and Global Entrepreneurship, ENTR 406 Principles of Entrepreneurship will introduce students to the entrepreneurial concepts used in identification and assessment of economically viable business opportunities.  

"Principles of Entrepreneurship will provide basic tools and theories in entrepreneurship, such as design thinking, lean business models, and the entrepreneurial mindset," said Dr. Alsua. "This course is suitable not only for students interested in launching a startup, but also for those who want to become agile problem solvers and gain a competitive advantage in the workplace."

ENTR 406 is a three-unit course open to all UA students. Register now!