Externship Spotlight – Helen Matz, PepsiCo


Helen Matz is a Pre-Business student graduating in 2020. This winter break, Helen had an externship with PepsiCo in San Fernando, CA.

Why did you want to do this externship? I wanted to do this Externship because I have always wished to gain exposure to the ins and outs of how a company like PepsiCo, market and present their products digitally and in stores. Growing up playing sports, I always drank the drinks PepsiCo distributes, like Gatorade and Propel, and therefore I have always been curious about the business side the company. More specifically I wanted to learn how PepsiCo uses their digital platform to connect with clients and the different opportunities the company offers employers.

What did you do during this job shadow experience? I shadowed the Propel Rep from PepsiCo. Took part in conference calls, connected with Unit Manager and Warehouse Manager, learned how they run their website, and went on the field to see clients at several gyms and CrossFit training centers.

What did you learn from the externship? I learned how the Propel brand and PepsiCo in general work together with several different employers to implement new ideas, as well as how they organize events to issue their products to gyms, CrossFit training centers, and general markets. From the Propel website, I learned how new products are entered in their system and how they can see who buys what product and where it will be going to. I also learned that there is a lot of on-the-field work, by going into workout centers and visiting the several different office locations. PepsiCo also offers opportunities for employers to have jobs created for them. For example, the Propel Rep recently had her position created for her because PepsiCo saw that she could be a great lead on the individual brand Propel within PepsiCo.

Anything else you’d like to share about your job shadow experience? Whether or not you want to work with the company you shadowed at your Externship, I believe that you learn what you want to have valued when going into your career. I encourage all students from Freshmen to Seniors to apply for an Externship because whether or not you have a good or bad experience, you will gain insight into what you are looking for when starting your journey into your career.