Why We Love Entrepreneurship

Feb. 13, 2018

In honor of Valentine's Day, the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship faculty and staff shared just some of the reasons why we love entrepreneurship! 


"I love teaching entrepreneurship because it helps me be a better parent. Working with my university students has showed me how to teach my 9-year-old and my 11-year-old that everything can be understood by looking at the problem/customer/solution triad. By asking, 'what's the problem, who has it, and how can I solve it,' my children have learned self-reliance, community engagement, and the ability to make positive change rather than simply complain about things."

-- Randolph Accetta, Communication Mentor in Residence


“I became entrepreneurial out of purpose. Because I felt that I could make a difference in my life, in my organization, in the community, and in the lives of others… because innovating is all about making things better.”

-- Carlos J. Alsua, Senior Lecturer International Management and Global Entrepreneurship


"The freedom and the impact were my biggest drivers for wanting to be an entrepreneur."

-- Remy Arteaga, Director


"I love being involved in entrepreneurship education because it is amazing to see our students grow and develop their own ventures. Being able to incorporate innovation in higher education is inspiring!"

-- Casey Carrillo, Program Coordinator


"I love entrepreneurship because it enables people to collaborate in filling the gaps and turn their ideas into action."

-- David R. Dillon, Program Manager


"I love being involved in entrepreneurship education because I’m inspired by the potential in each student to solve real problems. I feel honored to play a role in delivering the educational experiences that prepare them to go out into the world and create positive impact."

-- Sarah Mauet, Assistant Director


"I love entrepreneurship because it is so dynamic. As an entrepreneur I enjoy wearing many hats. It is always changing and the uncertainty creates excitement and enthusiasm."

-- Ted McGuire, Community Relations Coordinator


"Entrepreneurship is far more practical and real-world than theoretical. It is ever changing and to maintain relevance as an instructor, I have to stay current which is challenging but also fun."

-- Mark Peterson, Entrepreneurship Lecturer


"I love seeing the students every day and how excited and involved they are in their entrepreneurial projects and how some of those projects will one day be on the market, creating solutions to healthcare issues, or a new tech gadget that we can purchase, knowing it was thought of and created here at McGuire is amazing!"

-- Jacquelien Newbrey, Administrative Assistant


"One of the reasons that I love entrepreneurship is that I get to work with incredible people that are trying to solve real problems in the world. It is fulfilling to be able to work with smart, passionate people that want to make positive and sustainable impact."

-- Rick Yngve, Entrepreneurship Lecturer