Joe Carella Quoted in Forbes on Leadership

March 12, 2019

In the Headlines
Joe Carella

According to an article published on March 8 by Forbessaying “sorry” reflexively and automatically for every little thing could be detrimental to your success. It suggests that if women kick this overly apologetic habit it could earn them more money and respect.

Joe Carella, assistant dean of Eller Executive Education in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona was quoted in the article citing research that supports the idea that the results aren’t only beneficial for the women, but also for the companies they work for. 

 "We did our own analysis of Fortune 500 companies and found that companies that have women in top management roles experience what we call 'innovation intensity' and produce more patents—by an average of 20 percent more than teams with male leaders,” says Carella. 

By refraining from being apologetic both in speech and ways of being, in person and via email, women can amplify their opinions and ideas, have more influence and their companies could even experience a higher rate of innovation. 

Carella is an expert on helping executives and corporations in talent development, managing change, strategy formulation and execution. He earned his MIBS from Warwick University in the United Kingdom.