Arizona's Top Trading Partners Span Five Continents

June 12, 2019

Arizona's Economy
Arizona's top trading partners span five continents

Interactive maps explore trade patterns with Mexico and the world.

Despite sharing a border with Mexico, Arizona is not one of the top five states in either imports from or exports to Mexico. Imports from Mexico to the U.S. in 2018 totaled $346.5 billion with these top five importing states: Texas, Michigan, California, Illinois, and Ohio. Arizona was sixth with imports of $9.04 billion.

Arizona receives 40.3% of its imports from Mexico, with 83.9% of the state's $22.5 billion total imports coming from the ten countries shown in the chart below.

The 50 United States (and the District of Columbia) exported $22.2 billion to Mexico in 2018 with these top five exporting states: Texas, California, Michigan, Louisiana, and Illinois. Again, Arizona was sixth with exports of $685.2 million.

However, like most U.S. states, Arizona sends exports all over the world. While Mexico is Arizona’s top trading partner, only 34.2% of goods originating in the state went to Mexico in 2018 (down from 40.4% of Arizona exports in 2015). Rounding out the top five in Arizona export destinations are #2 Canada, then China, United Kingdom, and Japan.

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