Joe Carella Quoted in Business Insider on Retraining and Employee Satisfaction

July 10, 2019

In the Headlines
Joe Carella

Joe Carella, assistant dean for Executive Education in the Eller College of Management, is quoted in a July 9 Business Insider article on employee satisfaction and retraining programs.

The article discusses a survey of 510 full-time employees and their attitudes towards career development. The findings show that 70 percent of employees would participate in job retraining programs if offered. Furthermore, 19 percent stated their interest in tuition-assistance for classes outside of work in addition to intracompany classes and skill workshops.

Carella says that this is because a happy employee will be more motivated. “Companies have not been able to say why people stay, why people go, what makes them succeed,” Carella says in the article. Employees often wish to make active improvements in their jobs, otherwise they may feel stagnant. Providing retraining allows for this crucial growth.