Ten Days of TENWEST: Local First Roadshow

Oct. 3, 2019

There are only days left until the TENWEST Impact Festival! To help kick off this exciting event, we are going to be highlighting the #TenDaysofTENWEST with different topics surrounding each day of the festival. 

TENWEST Day Three: Local First Roadshow; TENWEST Addition at Tucson Meet Yourself

As part of the TENWEST Pavilion at Tucson Meet Yourself, Local First Arizona in collaboration with TENWEST is presenting an interactive experience showcasing a variety of Tucson local placemaking gems! 

To help celebrate this event, the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship is highlighting the Start in Tucson Prize Package at the 2019 New Venture Competition

The Start in Tucson Prize Package was given to three teams: Exakt Technology, Vivify Tea Co., and Guided. The prize package, valued at over $15,000 was assembled by the Tucson Startup Ecosystem to help support team's decision to launch and call Tucson home. The package included various types of support and featured some of the many resources in Tucson. Some highlights of the package included lunch with Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, $3,000 Start-in-Tucson cash prize, and exclusive membership into various groups and mentoring around Tucson. 

Learn more about the Local First Roadshow here

mayor rothschild